“We can never obtain peace in the world if we forget the inner world and don’t make peace with ourselves.”   The Dalai Lama

Everything in the future will improve if you are making a spiritual effort now.”   Yogananda


To experience the divine and to recognize yourself as an heir of Heaven you need to attune yourself to the Angels constantly, not just when you feel desperate. Angels are waiting for an invitation into your life. All you need do is say,”Angels, I am ready to know you.” When we communicate with the Angels we are speaking directly to the heart of God/Source. Creating a relationship with God can be challenging. Angels are the intermediary step to reconnect with the Divine.

Angels are God’s thoughts of Love and are just waiting for the call into your life. Part of my work at Awakening Spirit is to assist my clients to have their own connection with the Angels. A big part of my work is teaching my clients to engage their soul senses rather than their human senses when connecting to Angels. I teach people how to open up their “clairs” so they can receive divine guidance and claim their divine inheritance of spiritual abundance. The Angels remind us that we are not separate from Love, we are love. Working hand-in-wing with the Angels we dis-cover how important it is for us to learn to receive and how this restores the balance of the Universe. Can you imagine how much the Angels love you? You may be unaware, as I used to be, that we have a part to play in the lives of the Angels too. The Angels feel the same awe and love when they look at you as you do when you perceive them! When you allow yourself to open up to Their love, which is God’s Love, then you raise your vibrations and open the gateway to spiritual abundance.

If you have been living your life up until now feeling ‘boxed in’ and/or separate – when you commune with Angels – the walls begin to come down. The barriers that you have created to resist your divinity, as an heir of Heaven, begin to dissolve as you remember your divine origins. You are the divine, expressing itself in human form. Of course, it is one thing to understand this as a concept on an intellectual level and quite another to know it with every fiber of your being. For most of us, this is an odyssey rather than a short journey. An odyssey worth all the ‘inner work’ releasing layer upon layer from this current life and past lives. You see we are not here merely to get something from the divine but to express our divinity. This gives divine love, the Love from our Creator and the Angels, a purpose. We have our part to play in the Angels’ existence just as the Angels have a part to play in ours. The Angels are part of the grand picture and so are we. Therefore, when we are willing to do what we call ‘the work’ in order to dis-cover our divine origins – the Angels will give us signs and symbols but will also make sure we do not rely on them. Why you ask? Because the Angels wish to empower us. They help us to move back into our own power as heirs of Heaven.

Angels are for everyone. We are equally loved and equally valued by God’s Angels. The Angels love us unconditionally as God Loves us. God’s Love is not a reward for good behavior nor is it a reward for being part of a specific religion or spiritual group. Working with Angels is a miracle available to all those who sincerely wish for this miracle. I have found that it requires a lifetime commitment to spiritual growth and a willingness to receive spiritual abundance.

How can you attune to your Angels? You can thank the Angels for their support using the present tense and remember that the words are not the miracle – the feeling is. Ask. You must always ask due to the third dimensional Law of Free Will.  Say “thank you” knowing it is already given. Do not let prayer be your last resort option. Ask NOW. Sometimes in our lives the greatest service we can give is to receive a miracle. Think about how you will spread that miracle around into the lives of others. When the Angel landed in my room (November 15, 2005) and called my name, I had been reading, for the fourth time, Deepak Chopra’s book HOW TO KNOW GOD  – I was given my answer. I know God through God’s Angels. This was a miracle! I knew this was not just for me but that I was to spread this miracle wherever & whenever I can. My blogs are one way. Receive your miracles on behalf of yourself and all of us because we are all ONE and these miracles come from All-That-Is to all of us. We are inheritors. Help to restore the balance of the Universe. The Angels just asked me to say to you here “stop playing small.” The Universe wants to provide and the cup is overflowing – it behooves us to cultivate an open receptivity to miracles so that we can spread love and joy.

Angels ‘take on’ many different forms in Their service to God. To experience celestial Angels is to become more like an angel. Leverage the Law of Attraction to call more Angels into your life. Begin to think of people in a more loving way. Why not follow the advice of Scotland’s amazing Angel Communicator, Kyle Gray, and “imagine an Angel (cherub) kissing their forehead.” (I know Gillian will be doing this for me right now – so – thank you!) You know, one of the many revelations that we learn from A Course in Miracles and also from communing with Angels is that the part of us that asks feels separate and the part of us that receives feels Oneness. In spiritual truth, we are One.

Angels are willing to assist you with anything that would give you peace. If helping you to find a parking space (give them a heads-up please!) or to locate lost keys or eye glasses  (Archangel Chamuel specializes in things that are lost – nothing is lost in the Mind of God) then the Angels are on standby and willing to help. We sometimes forget when we get caught up in life’s ‘busyness’ that Angels are part of God’s plan for peace and therefore whatever would help you to become peaceful helps you to remember your divinity and is God’s wish for you.

Just as Angels are thoughts of God’s, so too are we. We are not celestial Angels; however, we are sparks/aspects of God in human form. We exist, forever, in the Mind of God. We are not now, nor have we ever been, separate. The odyssey is the journey Home. (That sentence just sent shivers down my spine – which is confirmation for me due to the fact that my predominant clair is clairsentience). And, yes, we can reach Home/Heaven while still on Earth. We can make earth a heaven or a hell. Choose heaven.

In the same way that we must be open to receiving our manifestations in unusual and surprising ways so too do we need to stretch our minds so that we can recognize and receive our divine guidance in different and surprising ways. If you look for guidance in a particular way – you may miss it! Do not worry, the Angels have infinite patience and will keep sending you signs and symbols as long as you are engaging. You will have many more opportunities to receive your guidance and to act upon it. Ask the Angels to help you to become more available to divine guidance. Meditation and stillness is key. No one is blocked from communicating with Angels who is truly and sincerely desirous of this communication. Not one of us is ‘broken.’ There is nothing we need to add to ourselves as everything we need is within. We merely need to let go of our fears and let go of what no longer serves us to melt away all obstacles seemingly in our path. Forgive everyone everything in all directions of time. God does not forgive, because God has never condemned.

Claim your Self.  Own your power.  You, dear one, are a divine being.   An heir of Heaven.

Love & Light,   Monica    www.monicahemstock.ca

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  1. Gillian January 11, 2018 at 2:33 pm Reply

    You’re welcome, Monica!:) Great blog…and you’ve put the “forgiveness” quote in for us again. I now have it typed and taped above my dresser.

  2. Hayley January 11, 2018 at 4:31 pm Reply

    Woah! How amazing to consider ‘God has never condemned’! Thanks for an eye opening blog

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