“I would ask that you keep an open mind and tune in to your own resonance.”   Ariella Indigo

“We are birthing the new human consciousness.”   Ariella Indigo

As you know if you regularly read my blogs, I take the occasional free master class (this past week it was Human 6.0) from Ariella Indigo a U.K. Ascension Wayshower and embodied channel for multidimensional consciousness. I was guided to Ariella’s work after my own ET Eularia’s visit. Ariella too had experienced waking up to a galactic visitation and activation. In my own case it was one visitor. In Ariella’s it was two and her visitation resulted in “a two year inner alchemic transformation whereby her soul consciousness merged with over 1000 beings in her spiritual lineage” and obviously changed her life forever. Last week I wrote about Twin Flames and Ariella lives with her Twin Flame, Aeythen, just outside the well-known and ancient sacred site of Glastonbury. Ariella is known for many things – but – one of them is her very down to earth energy having worked for “16 years as a high flying Business Manager in Corporate, working for some very well known Blue Chip global brands. ”

Ariella spoke briefly about what we at Awakening Spirit know. Covid-19 is helping to break down old systems and usher in a shift of consciousness. In her class Human 6.0 she spoke about the New Human Blueprint, the next big movement in self-identification and Unity Consciousness. She credited the pioneers among us from the 1950s and 60s – the lightworkers who were and are part of the racial movement, gay movement and transgender movement and reiterated what we know  – that we are literally evolving into superhumans – the quantum human. She talked about the current blueprint which she says is faulty. “Violent and shocking.” One theory Ariella discussed was that our human DNA was hijacked and genetically modified – resulting in us being dominated by our emotional body and yielding our capacity to be capable of gross crimes and atrocities over centuries.

We are currently ascending into the 6th root race of 7 root races. Many are writing about this. One of my favourite authors who writes about this is P.M.H Atwater, I have mentioned her many times over the years. Her near-death experience led to some amazing work. Chances are that there will be disagreements over some of the research results regarding root races; however, Ariella gave us a brief rundown on them.

First Root Race: (Polarians) Very civilized, giants, androgynous, asexual, dark coloured, high frequency.

Second Root Race: (Hyperborean) were like gods, untouched by human affliction, converted themselves into monkeys.

Third Root Race: (Lemurian) 5th dimensional, half god/half human,.  (4, 500, 000 BC)

Fourth Root Race: (Atlantean) 5th dimensional   (9, 600 BC)

Fifth Root Race (NOW) (Aryan) : 3rd dimensional human blueprint has devolved instead of evolved.

Sixth Root Race (Ascending Now) (Quantum Human)  5D. Age of Aquarius is where we are currently heading.

Seventh Root Race: (Way into the future!)  Human activity on Earth will end and we will evolve out of the physicality of being human and into a light being.

The future is built on unity, integrity, equality and unconditional love, high frequency food and abundance say prophets. We all see the new human blueprint happening on our planet as we get to know the Indigos, Crystals and Rainbows and see more psychics performing miracles. Miracles are natural.

Indigos arrived largely in the 1970s and also some in the 1980s. They have warrior personalities (think social justice warriors) and are non-conformists of high integrity. You often find them lending their creative energy to education, government, business, health care and parenting. Indigos are highly creative and super psychic and their energy needs to be channeled into positive fulfilling change or it can become destructive. They are frequently diagnosed with ADD and ADHD and are mirrors to their parents – take on their patterns to reflect them back. Indigos have access to 4D and 5D consciousness with the potential to transit to 6D and beyond.  (Ariella is an Indigo)

Crystal children were born largely during the period 1990-2010. Born into a 6D construct but potential for 9D. They are masters of energy especially light and sound. They are extremely powerful but very vulnerable. They are loving, kind, and very tactile and do not react to fear.  They are highly telepathic and therefore often don’t speak till 3 or 4 years of age. Very large communicative eyes and reflect back what doesn’t align. They are natural earth grid workers.

The Rainbows mostly arrived between 2000 and beyond. They are born as masters and are here to open us up to unconditional love. They are extremely psychic and magical and natural healers and are very connected to colour.  They can read you like a book. They are born with no karma and therefore rarely choose to be born into a dysfunctional family although they can. They are known for high energy and strong wills and personalities. Their masculine and feminine energies are perfectly balanced and they are born into 9D consciousness.  There is a lot of information about these psychic kids from highly regarded international teachers.

Most folks born on Earth prior to WW1 were born into a 3D reality and referred to as “humans.” There are always exceptions of course. Early Indigos, Crystals and Rainbows are often called ‘scouts.’ After WW11 the new humans started to be born as they answered the call to help raise the Earth’s frequency. These “new humans” are evolving into multidimensional beings and although some were here, as I said, before WW11 – they are now coming in droves. Here to participate in the rebirth of a higher dimensional world.

There are many challenges for the New Humans. Almost all my clients at Awakening Spirit since 2007 have been evolving Quantum Humans who may or may not have understood their mission/s. Ariella defines their challenges: Many do not know their missions and for Indigos – this can result in suicidal thoughts. They are profoundly sensitive and have profound sensitivities and often overwhelming sensitivity to stress. They can pick up attachments (I frequently cleared them with the Angels) and because they took on a lot of karma – they often need a lot of ancestral healing. They can have mental health issues and struggle with addictions. They are prone to insomnia, nightmares and restless sleep and are often highly rebellious and will self-sabotage in order to try and fit into archaic systems. All of this can lead them to a feeling of being ungrounded and wanting to escape. Their super powers and gifts cannot be properly used and activated due to struggles with their emotional/mental bodies. Many do not feel any connection to money and therefore live in a state of survival.

Are you a New Human? Ariella gave us 11 signs of New Humans:

(1) a leader, doesn’t discriminate based on race, gender, age, background or colour.

(2) strong-willed, fiery, non-conformist, high integrity, want to change the world.

(3) highly intuitive with gifts like clairvoyance

(4) you have had supernatural, mystical experiences

(5) always thinking about super philosophical stuff

(6) great at reading people – a great “bullshit spotter”

(7) strong connection with Nature and animals

(8) you have struggled with anxiety/ depression/addictions or existential angst.

(9) You are sensitive to everything = noises, lights, crowds, EMFs, gluten, sugar, chemicals … and on and on

(10) You are drawn to spirituality over religion.

(11) You are an old soul.

If you score 9 or over regarding these signs – you are definitely a New Human. Some New Humans may score slightly under 9 says Ariella.

So how can we help birth this new consciousness into the world so we can ascend into a 5D planet? The Angels guided me to open Awakening Spirit and gave me the name to use in 2006. All my work at Awakening Spirit since then has fallen into different sub-categories but I realize today that it was largely about helping people to birth this new consciousness although under the categories/labels of Yoga, Angel Therapy(R), Life-Writing, Reiki, Law of Attraction Coaching etc. I am also doing this in my personal life.  What are you doing?  Ariella Indigo serves the multidimensional human community “by helping fellow star seeds, sensitives and lightworkers to fulfill their divine missions and evolve on their ascension paths.” She offers many services and classes to help you regarding your new soul blueprint.

Thank you Ariella!

Love & Light,   Monica




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  1. Gillian September 26, 2020 at 11:55 pm Reply

    Unity, integrity, equality and unconditional love sound wonderful to me!

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