“On August 11,2018, collective humanity jumped to an elevated timeline and began accessing an elevated consciousness on an individuated basis.”.   Nora Herold

“In February 2019 the collective consciousness fully synced up with the elevated timeline offering new access to the multidimensional self and multidimensional operating systems.”   Nora Herold 

We have been experiencing upgrades for quite sometime as Nora, a Pleiadian channeler, points out in the quotes above. We are learning to live from our own higher dimensional selves and to identify landmarks on our own independent spiritual paths.

I have now identified and integrated my visit from the Arcturian, Eularia, as being yet another landmark on my path. If you are a regular reader you will remember me talking about Eularia a few years or so ago. She came into my life in much the same way as Archangel Raphael did on November 15,2005, and like Raphael radiated love and compassion as she gently woke me up. While Raphael (the top healing Angel) woke me up to the Angelic Realm, Eularia woke me up to the reality of ETs and my multidimensional self and Arcturian lineage.

Since dis-covering that my ancestral lineage goes back to the star Arcturus I have been slowly integrating the Arcturian frequencies from Eularia directly as well as from teacher and energy healer Gene Ang. Gene received his doctorate in science at Yale before going into the field of energy healing and says he is “one of millions” now connected to Arturian energies. I now also recognize myself as one of these millions.

I have been receiving Arturian frequencies as approved by my main guide Archangel Michael (top protectorate Angel) since Eularia began transmitting them to me and I have been also receiving them from Gene Ang in quantum time for a number of years. You do not need to wait for an Arcturian to seek you out though – you can intend to work with them and then open to receive.

It was only last week that I received four advanced frequencies through Gene Ang plus a “super immune booster” Arcturian frequency. One of the frequencies Gene transmitted was a “super immune booster” and another was the Arcturian Awakening Frequency. Even before I received the awakening frequency into my conscious mind came the words ‘I am a Star Being’. Hence the title of this blog. These frequencies are very powerful. I could feel myself expanding energetically during the short session. The frequencies work quickly and as Gene says “more is not necessarily better.” they work within seconds and minutes. The Arcturian Sun Hero initiation that I received oriented me to receive messages from my “I am Presence”. This frequency activates within our own tradition and therefore Eularia says we “do not need to be concerned about cross-polinization.” If you want to receive Arcturian healing frequencies from Eularia I am back to work at Awakening Spirit as of February 1st and ready to transmit Arcturian frequencies as well as continuing with my other healing services. Eularia will transmit the super immune booster frequency if you so desire to fortify your immune system against current and coming viruses although, as you know, various crystals, Reiki, homeopathy and other alternative methods do this as well. The Arcturians are here to help and will never violate your Free Will.

As I continue my work at Awakening Spirit my treatments through the Angels during sessions and/or courses offer you a felt direct experience that then becomes reflected in the way that you live your life. Once you have consciously connected with the Angelic Realm you realize that you are never alone and that you are always loved and supported and then your journey begins to be one of greater grace and ease which is a characteristic of fith dimensional living.

Many teachers and healers are working with the Pleiadians as is Pleiadian channel Nora Herold. Nora teaches people to operate from joy which is a Pleiadian perspective. I listened to Nora channel recently and was impressed by how she reminds us that it is the 3D belief in separation that results in fear, hate, sexism and racism. She identifies the fact that so many people on Earth are being run “by their untransmuted traumas” and “are like damaged five year old children.” Yes, she did mention Trump as an example. Nora says that those of us who have not healed our “ego distortions” find comfort in “Trump’s stuff – which they see as truth.” Seeing people as divine, whether or not they are aware of it, helps to reflect a higher perspective to them on an energetic level. Beam love lightworkers.

Our untransmuted trauma, as we lightworkers know, is likely to move into our physical body in the form of a disease if we do not pay attention to our emotional bodies. Take a moment now to sit quietly and take a few deep breaths. Are you holding any anxiety? Where is it showing up in your body? If it is not showing up in your body it may be showing up in your manifestation projects. While we do not need to remember the story lodged in our body – we do need to release it without judgment to remain healthy.

Nora and Lauren Galey always remind us of the “foal prescription” for recognizing and releasing emotions. Feel it fully without judgment. Observe it and let it be what it is. Accept it and yourself as you are. Love yourself unconditionally. Doing this process allows you to be in the moment (the only point of power) and to shift into a higher frequency. If we want to accelerate the process – sometimes we can see it all as the ‘illusion’ it actually is on levels beyond 3D and enjoy a “cosmic laugh” like Nora does often when fighting with her husband and they simultaneously realize they are not fighting about… and break into a cosmic laugh. Do not rush the process of getting to the cosmic laugh but rather use it to anchor your 5D consciousness after clearing traumas. Also, remember the cosmic laugh would amount to cruelty if used as a weapon to deny another’s pain rather than as a healing tool among those on the same bandwidth. Clearing traumas is so important because they take up space. In the beginning of our journey clearing and transmuting can take a long time, however, eventually you discover that transmuting trauma will become a daily practice like brushing your teeth.

I recently had a client who reminded me how far we have come on our journey and how quickly we can now manifest due to our upgrades. Each time I gave her a message as to how the Angels were suggesting she use her energy in order to manifest a certain outcome she would say, “can that happen immediately?” During a ninety minute Angel session she asked that three times and that is the magic number for signs! So, our message is – yes – you can manifest very quickly now that we have moved beyond the ‘plodding type of energy’ of 3D. When we drop into our hearts and activate the vibration of joy and hold it we can accelerate our manifesting.

Manifestation capabilities, like everything else, are accelerating. Dropping into our hearts with pure intention and continuing to hold an unwavering vibration of joy means that we are able to move away from the “old 3D thing of needing to identify what is going to bring you joy” says Nora. The vibration of joy naturally attracts to you everything of a high and similar vibration. Obviously, we still need to take some form of physical action toward the reality we desire but things happen faster and with ease and grace.

We still need to attend to our pain when/if it occurs. Nora does not condone “spiritual bypassing” and neither do I. We are human and we need to feel what we feel. When we fully move into 5D our emotions such as grief are still there – however – they are not as overwhelming.

As I move forward on my spiritual journey my bandwidth continues to expand. As does yours. Working consciously now with Eularia is a lovely way to begin 2020. The feeling she radiates I would describe as “Christ Consciousness.” She is an advanced being from Arcturus. I was not aware until Eularia arrived in my life that Edgar Cayce purportedly announced in his channeling that the Arcturian race is one of the most highly advanced in terms of our own galaxy. The love she radiates is beyond words to describe. If I had any doubts at all about the ‘reality’ of ETs before Eularia woke me up by stroking my arm and beaming me love and compassion from those beautiful huge eyes – I have them no longer. A new reality has emerged.

Love & Light,   Monica



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  1. Gillian February 6, 2020 at 3:29 pm Reply

    So much to take in here! Never heard (that I can remember) of Nora, Lauren or Gene. I’m asking in my daily meditation that Donald Trump and Doug Ford be “well, happy, and peaceful.” Always happy to hear about Eularia 🙂

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