“Love is never outside ourselves; love is within us.”   Louise Hay

Sometimes those of us who do mediumship and therefore talk to the Other Side receive a message for a family member indicating that their loved one wishes that they had loved themselves while they were alive. I have received such messages, including from my own mother. It is not that my mother or the others I have spoken with are unhappy across the veil – far from it; however, they realize how differently they would have lived their lives in the physical had they loved themselves. The messages that we receive from Heaven, whether from Angels or deceased loved ones, can help us to look around and recognize the myriad of opportunities that are knocking at our door and remind us that when we fully love ourselves we are fully true to ourselves.

People who have crossed over frequently urge us to move forward with faith and trust that the universe is friendly. They urge us to be sure to love and care for ourselves the way we cared for them.

When we love ourselves we learn how to keep ourselves protected from negative energies. We protect ourselves when we get plenty of restful sleep and pay attention to our dreams. When we eat healthy food and drink healthy beverages and get plenty of movement as well as relaxation because creating a healthy body is the best defense. Staying away from hateful, angry and fearful people does absolute wonders for maintaining a strong aura as does having a positive and loving attitude toward ourselves and others. When we love ourselves we avoid all places that contain or attract negative vibrations and we spend as much time outdoors with Nature as we are able to because we know that this has an enormous positive effect on our electromagnetic energy field. When we love ourselves we do our best to keep our home and work space reasonably organized and clean because we are aware that physical dirt attracts psychic garbage. We let go of self-criticism, self-judgment and negative self-talk and forgive ourselves as well as others and we bless everyone we think may be harming us. Nothing breaks the bonds of negativity and gloom better than laughter therefore we laugh often. We play as frequently as we can and when we love ourselves we allow the Angels to protect and shield us while we envision a protective shield of light around us.

When we love ourselves we do what we need to do to develop the mind-set that supports our God-given spiritual power to manifest the conditions of our dreams. We stop looking at the world from a place of poverty consciousness or lack and see it instead as the magic genie of the lamp that brings fulfillment and abundance. We know that the art of manifestation requires only 4 basic steps: (1) define your intent (2) be specific about your desire (3) believe it is true (4) live it as if it has already happened.

On the plane of manifestation we cannot say anything without influencing the circumstances that we will experience next. That is why aware people who love themselves leave a small space to convey thoughts of predicaments and obstacles to a coach, therapist or best friend so that they can express their feelings and move on without immersing themselves in negative daily statements such as, “yet another person ripped me off”, or “I just had a senior moment.” In fact, Mike Dooley, a master of manifestation, says of the “senior moment” statement: “It may be good for a momentary chuckle, but is it worth the price? Even self-deprecating humor should be abandoned unless you’re a paid comedian.” (LEVERAGING THE UNIVERSE)

Living our Good as if it has arrived already is a powerful way to manifest because it helps us to avoid the “law of paradoxical intent” which states that the more desperate you are to achieve a certain goal, the more your energy will push it away (like a beach ball on water) which creates the opposite (or paradox) of your intent. When desperation or need become our major motivations we filter everything in our lives through our belief that we cannot be joyful until we attain our goal/s.  Living ‘as if ‘ our Good is already here allows us to surrender our attachment to outcomes and find purpose, pleasure and fulfillment in the pursuit.

When we catch ourselves obsessing about an outcome Sandra Anne Taylor suggests that we affirm: “This or something better I am attracting to my life. I live in faith and total surrender. I am – now and always – my own source of happiness.”  (28 DAYS TO A MORE MAGNETIC LIFE) I did Sandra’s programme on a daily basis from September 2013 until February 2016 because I wanted to switch my energy consciously and slowly. It is a tiny jewel of a book.

Today in your journal, on a fresh page, fill in this sentence – If only I loved myself…

A consistently vibrant life force becomes yours when you love yourself unconditionally and then you discover that the world is the magical place you knew it to be as a child. It reveals its rosy hue as you set ego aside and live more and more frequently from your Higher Self.

Light & Love,   Monica

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  1. Gillian April 6, 2017 at 11:38 am Reply

    This was a lovely post!:)

  2. hayley April 6, 2017 at 4:49 pm Reply

    Thanks for this great blog and so true! If only girls and women were more often encouraged to love themselves! 🙂

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