“Imagination is the true magic carpet.”      Norman Vincent Peale

Many people falsely equate the imagination with non-reality.  The imagination is a power that the mind possesses to create and work with images.  It is this ability, when employed, that can help us to heal ourselves and others, create works of art, re-invent ourselves, and open up to numerous other realms of existence.  What we often consider to be imagination is a ‘reality’ in some form, on levels that are beyond our ‘ordinary’ senses (senses we have been taught that we have) – senses beyond what we consider the normal (hence ‘real’) world.  However, with imagination as a tool, we dis-cover that we can awaken energies in our lives of which we have been previously unaware, lifting ourselves beyond our ‘normal’ sensory level – to where we can see the spiritual energies surrounding and interplaying with our world.  This, in and of itself, triggers higher forms of intuition – which triggers higher forms of inspiration.  And, so it goes.

In Dr. Deepak Chopra’s book HOW TO KNOW GOD, imagination is the greatest strength of stage 5 (of 7 stages) called “God the Creator”).  Chopra reminds us that Jesus, born into a “world of magicians and miracles” did not invent “all the powers that can accomplish things beyond the five senses.”  Chopra tells us that an image carries a feeling with it of wanting to be born and that if there is genuine inspiration the impression never fades.  “Creator, creation, and the process of creating are fused.”  Chopra says: “I would call this the literal meaning of imagination; it is much more than having a nice idea you would like to carry out.”  Chopra says during the stage 5 level of HOW TO KNOW GOD, while the greatest strength is imagination, the greatest hurdle is self-importance. Maybe this is so because the life challenge at this stage is “to align with the Creator.”?

In order to co-create with God, we must form an image in our mind of what we want in order to manifest it, and then FEEL as though we already have it.  So, what stimulates YOUR imagination?  The reason I am asking is in order to prompt you, coach you, to ‘try on’ some possible futures.  (See my piece Future Self, August 27,2014, & Mind As A Garden, January 9, 2014)  By trying on possible futures to see what suits the person you are BECOMING, you may find that you are ready to write and manifest your ‘new’ story. (See my piece called Telling A New Story, December 12, 2013).  You need to work backwards you see.  Start with the happy ending.  How did you get there?  Besides trying on your many possible future selves, have you asked your future self how you did it?  Your journey ‘down the rabbit hole’, so to speak, is never in vain.  Not even your time at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party (ALICE IN WONDERLAND). Especially the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party!  Because – what we can imagine – we can create.  You have the power!

You deserve to have the best life that you can imagine.  Therefore, I suggest that you do some ‘testing’ and some journaling in your own lab – employing your imagination as vividly as possible.  Make sure to add a good helping of enthusiasm  (See my piece called Enthusiasm, January 2, 2015) and stir with reverence (see my piece, Reverence, March 26, 2015) .  What will you feel like when ALL your wishes come true?  FEEL it NOW!  Close your eyes with each wish that you test.  Notice how your body feels.  (Your body is the best barometer of your truth).  Do you feel happy?  excited?  peaceful?  nervous?  Or, some other feeling?  Do you feel goose bumps (angel bumps) or tingles?  Where in your body are the responses registering?  PLAY  with possible futures.  (Playing in Angel Cottage, October 13, 2013)  Which choices make you feel the happiest?  Which choices make you feel safe and loved?  Which choice makes you feel like it would not only help you, but would aid others in some way?  The power of the imagination is so frequently underestimated.  When you spend the time imagining all your dreams coming true and noticing all your thoughts, words, feelings, visions – you are actually helping to make it happen.  Journal it and check it every so often when you feel guided to.

The Universe, which is responding to the thoughts that you are thinking, does not distinguish between a thought brought about by your observation of some reality you have witnessed and a thought brought about by your imagination.  In either case, the thought equals your point of attraction –  and if you focus upon it long enough, it will become your reality.”   (THE LAW OF ATTRACTION, Esther & Jerry Hicks)

When you have decided, with your imagination, which future you wish to manifest from your field of potentiality, then you may wish to create (or re-create) a vision board.  (see The Vision Board, August 14, 2014).  Envisioning your future 10-15 minutes a day is a powerful practice.  Matching your affirmations  ( The Power of Affirmations, September 26, 2013,) to your vision board doubles the power and ‘stepping into’ the images – seeing them as the trailer of the film of your ‘new’ life –  triples the power.  Moving images become a powerful virtual experience.

With Love,   Monica


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