“Do you have a daily spiritual practice, and what is it? If not, when do you engage the life of the spirit?  Walking by the ocean or watching the sunset? Running? Doing Yoga? Listening to music or dancing? Meditating? Having precious exchanges with your children? Would you be willing to make any of these a daily practice?  Can you feel the spiritual strength this might give you? When would you like to begin? ”   Daphne Rose Kingma  (from The Ten Things to Do When Your Life Falls Apart)

Today my blog is inspired by the Angels and Ann Mortifee and Daphne Rose Kingma. I played with the title of Three Poems & Three Cards – since I am going to give you three poems and three cards to ponder. However, instead I was guided to the title of one of Ann Mortifee’s books.

My feeling today is that this piece is being written to encourage new seekers on the path who will be drawn to it by the Angels and to reignite the spiritual fires within those of us who have been on the path a long time and are starting to feel a tad weary! We are reminded that if we knew everything that lies ahead, where would be the lessons?

Here are three poems,  I call them poems, some call them “passages from the heart.” I chose these for you from Ann Mortifee’s book:

In Love with the Mystery

“It is never too late to begin anew. We must allow our self to be forever recreated. In fact, this is the only way

to live the spiritual life. Every day, every moment is a doorway into a new possibility.  A deeper communion with the

Divine unfolds when we choose to open that door. It is one thing to know this to be true, it is quite another to

experience that ever-deepening communion. Fall in love with the Mystery. Let it speak from every created thing

in every created moment.”

A World of Wonder

“Like a rolling wheel, our days move on.

The time that passes is gone forever.

We too often grow complacent, living as

if what we see is a commonplace occurrence.

It is not commonplace. Life is a fantastic

phenomenon of awe-inspiring diversity.

Pay attention to the minutiae – the fingernails

of a baby, the sound of the rain at twilight.

Marvel at these small things and gratitude

will come and unfold a pathway into

a world of wonder.”

Wield It Well

“Power is amoral. It is dangerous in the

hands of the immature. Those with positive

as well as those with negative intentions can

use power with equal force. Be aware then.

What you intend for others, you unwittingly

intend for yourself. Contain your power.

Allow it to energize and mature you. A day

will come when you will be required to wield

it well.”

I asked the Universe today for three cards for the readers of Awakening Spirit and picked one from each of three decks chosen by the Angels & guides:

(1) LASER BEAM  (card number 39 for you numerologists out there!). “Bring your attention back to center, back to your intention. You’ve been wavering a bit, but all it takes to achieve your desires is a little bit of concentration. Focus on what you want, then focus again for extra laser-like precision and clarity. Relish the sweet feeling of zeroing in on that finish line.”  ( The Oracle of E by Pam Grout & Colette Baron-Reid)



So these messages are quite clear. In looking at how these messages speak to me, personally, I was struck by the third message because I only learned last night, while reading Sonia Choquette’s book Ask Your Guides about a group of spirit guides known as “runners.” I was fascinated of course and fell asleep thinking about them. So, while this message might literally mean your running buddies who may or may not be in the physical, perhaps like me – this is a message about the runners? What is your first thought or feeling or vision or words after reading this? Go with it!

In Chapter thirteen of Sonia’s book she described telling a friend how much easier life is with her runners  help.  He scoffed, of course, although this was pre-2012! Sonia tells us the runners are handy for a variety of situations. “Runners are spirits who are very close to the earth and the natural world, and are usually indigenous souls who once inhabited the area where you reside today. For example, people living in America will often have Native American runners, since they’re connected to the territory where you are (not to your ancestral roots.) Similarly, you can be African American living in England or Scotland and have a Celtic runner, or you can be a Chinese Australian living in New Zealand and have a Maori runner. A runner’s loyalties are to the land, not with you.”  Sonia tells us that these runners “sprinkle magic on your life.” The more magic we all feel the more we open our hearts, we know this.

Since runners rarely communicate with words  and rather nudge you without you knowing necessarily why, you must be able (and I know you are!) to follow your instincts without hesitation and to be flexible, flexible, flexible. Did I mention flexible?

I hope you reflect on Ann Mortifee’s words. I still have memories of a concert of hers that I attended in Toronto about 35 years ago. She has the power to wake us up with her songs and words.

Love & Light,   Monica/Aurora




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  1. Gillian October 2, 2021 at 5:39 pm Reply

    I got back to running in 2019 after a 7 year break owing to plantar fasciitis. I’ve never again experienced the euphoria known as “runner’s high” in fact, I feel quite ploddy the whole time now. But I’m loyal to it because it has been such a great part of my life. I must try imagining a spiritual runner alongside me 🙂

    • Monica October 2, 2021 at 6:40 pm Reply


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