“As you might imagine, an Initiate of the Light is brave, accepting and curious about life, willing to go where the Soul leads with trust and a sense of spiritual adventure (and a lot of optimism and belief in his or her ability to grow).  What you might not have yet realised, is that this is you! As an Initiate you are a precious jewel on the spiritual path and very needed on the planet at this time, for your spiritual growth brings you deeper into awakening and helps others on this planet to grow too, light a lighthouse showing the way for those still finding direction in dark light and rough seas. ”   Alana Fairchild

Let Isis help you pass the test of intense growth as you thrive with new life.”   Alana Fairchild

As an initiate of goddess Isis in a past life, I continue to receive divine guidance and healing from her in this one.  I often see her  clairvoyantly when I am giving Reiki or another form of healing to a family member or client. Jesus and Isis are two ascended masters that I work with frequently.

Initiates of the Light are those Souls that are learning not to let darkness consume them. The darkness could be in the form of fears or jealousy from others, obstacles, or negativity within or without. We are learning that darkness is an opportunity to embody the truth that Love conquers all.

I contacted Isis today not through channeling, which is my usual way, but rather through a lovely oracle deck I bought a few years ago, as you know I love to use decks – they also become my friends. So, today I asked what my readers needed to know right now from Isis. The card is Initiation: Spiritual Testing of Ra and the Lady Isis. (Isis Oracle by Alana Fairchild). As I write this I feel the energy of Ra coming into me. It is so powerful, it makes me feel a bit dizzy. I have never consciously channeled Ra’s energy (in this lifetime) and my body is not used to it. While, Isis has been with me a long time. I sense that without the ascension upgrades it may not have been safe for me to channel Ra. For those of you unfamiliar with Ra and Isis, please do a little research to familiarize yourself with them – most of you are fairly advanced on the spiritual path and are either familiar with them or more than discerning enough to find the correct information.

The sun god is often depicted with a human body and a falcon head.  On the oracle card I picked today for you, Ra has the falcon head and Isis is depicted with an Egyptian headdress she often wears. I will pause now and go downstairs to get a card I picked for you this morning  (from my teacher, Steven Farmer’s oracle deck, Messages From Your Animal Spirit Guides) and knew it was an important message but had not tuned into its significance.  It seemed random this morning – however, since it was a falcon, I will go and get it so I can indicate the significance for you my dear readers.

Okay, so I just retrieved it! I am once again feeling Ra’s energy – this is an important message from Ra to you. You know who you are. There is more than one of you.  “Act on the opportunity that’s before you, and commit to it without equivocation.”  Providence is on your side and and this opportunity is congruent with your soul’s purpose. Ra will help you to act! I have not consciously connected to Ra’s energy like this in this current lifetime, it is not energy to be ignored. I am assimilating it as I write.

I just asked if I have been initiated by Ra? Archangel Michael says I have. Fascinating because I had no idea what this blog was going to be about today, although when I thought of Isis – I knew it was about your initiation on the path of Isis, dear ones, but I did not realize I would be accepted as an initiate of Ra’s today, in fact, the thought had not crossed my mind. Maybe it originated in my heart – so long ago in Egypt? It is starting to feel like coming Home.

So, back to you and Isis. Her message to you at this time is that you are not going through needless suffering. Not at all. If you are able to find the light within your tests and struggles, you will actually experience “breakthrough healing.”  Breakthrough healing during the time of Covid? Yes!! An Initiate of Isis understands that every aspect of life is a growth opportunity frequently disguised as a challenge. “There are such sweet fruits waiting for you at the top of the tree you are currently climbing. It may seem as though you are in barren land at times with little hope, nourishment or encouragement, yet your spiritual oasis is not far away!”  Stay focused on Isis and her love for you and you will pass your initiation test unharmed and deeply transformed.

This is not a time for retreat says Falcon. It is a time to act. Respond to opportunity and then you can make your adjustments and fine tuning as you receive more info both worldly and spiritual.

Alana Fairchild offers you an Incantation of initiation to assist you during intense times when you need help to stay on the path. Sometimes it is difficult to believe that everything is actually going right!

Winged Mother protects me from the Fiercest Light

Shelters me in cool sanctuary of Her wings in flight

Wraps me in safety of Her compassion and peace

As with trust, the portal of Initiation I reach

I pass through the portal with trust complete

I now successfully attain this feat”      

I can tell you from a well of deep experience – you can trust Isis!  She loves you unconditionally and with genuine compassion. Like Christ.

Love & Light,     Aurora   (I was just in this moment instructed to sign off with the name of my Higher Self … I always follow my Divine guidance… as I suggest you do)




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