“Strange footage shows unusual lights spinning over the capital city with a strange blue glow shining from the middle, as Londoners speculate over a possible UFO sighting.”   Katie Weston, Jan 14, 2019.

A change in consciousness restructures the brain and reawakens the heart.”   P.M.H. Atwater, 2012.

Many among us are saying that 2019 is a pivotal year in the awakening process because so many of us will be called to step away from the old earth 3D matrix completely. That automatically makes everything seem strange. “The party is getting stranger” says scientist and seer Elizabeth Wood. I could have called this blog Spiritual Preparedness because we do need to prepare for stranger things to come.

As Wood reminds us the “divide and conquer” programme is deeply embedded in the 3D collective. The New Earth depends upon those of us willing to forgive and our willingness to walk through the 5D Gateway. Wood says that forgiveness is a tool to enter 5D and gives us a very strong example of it. Forgiveness can change society from the bottom up. For example, says Wood, we look to Rwanda where it was mostly men who did the mass killings. Over a million people were killed in 2 days and it was mostly women and kids left. Women came together, regardless of tribe, and raised all the children and fully rebuilt the government and businesses  – the thriving Parliament is mostly female.

Can you forgive personal and historical trauma? Forgiveness is incredibly liberating. It opens vast amounts of space and allows us the freedom to live and create from the present moment – our point of power.

Since the earth is going 5D, so are we, and that is why we are preparing for stranger things ahead. Strange. What is the definition of strange? According to the Oxford Dictionary, “unusual or surprising; difficult to understand or explain, not previously visited, seen , or encountered, unfamiliar or alien.”

How are you embodying the ascension? Are you forgiving yourself and others and moving forward? What are you feeding yourself? What are you eating? Drinking? What are you watching? Music? Our bodies are changing and our needs may be strangers to us. We are building the New Earth and our new bodies in a new way.

Are you aware that there are types of languages? I mentioned light language in my last blog if I remember correctly, a recent blog anyway. Wood is aware of 3: frequency & sound, light language (can also be sound), and the language of orbits. Wood says she learned this during a surprising visitation from an Andromedan. She says Andromedans aren’t “cookie-cutter like the Milky Wayers.” Wood says she had many limbs ( funny how I was guided to write Octopus’s Garden last week in light of  the fact I was not aware of Wood’s visitation at the time).

More of us are having strange sightings and visitations and strange occurrences. I have written about my alien visitor Eularia a number of times. One of my clients met 2 aliens on a beach last year. They gave him messages and then disappeared into thin air. What we once called paranormal is happening so often in so many places around the world that it has become obvious to most of us that the veil that separates various dimensions of reality is thinning. Most of us have heard about the “butterfly people of Joplin.” If you haven’t it was an interesting and strange story that came out of Missouri in December of 2011, when children spoke of the butterfly people who protected them during a tornado that almost wiped out their city.

So, how do we prepare for and simultaneously co-create New Earth? Wood says that we need to develop our third eye to an advanced state. I am always reminding you, and so does Wood, that psychic development is largely about discernment. And, though the ‘new kids’ arrive with their ‘powers’ seemingly full-blown – Atwater says not to let this fool you into thinking they have discernment. “Discernment skills take years to develop. Even for them. Behind closed doors, depression and loneliness can become an issue. Kids who stand out as different are still branded crazy and ostracized. But the opposite also applies… the child can be the perpetrator.”  (Children of the Fifth World) Atwater reveals that she had to counsel her own daughter about the inappropriate use of levitation that posed a potential danger to others.

Third eye development is an important part of spiritual preparedness for today’s world. Using our third eye efficiently involves knowing that we have 3 brains. Our actual brain, our heart and our gut. They all work together. We want full body discernment. As Wood acknowledges, “seeing isn’t the same as embodying.”

I can tell you right now, whoever is reading this, that you are already using your third eye. Can you read a book and imagine what’s in that book? If the answer is yes – then you are using your third eye. Imagination is a third eye function. If I ask you right now to imagine a tree – you will have no trouble doing that because you have seen a tree in the ‘real world.’ But if I ask you to close your eyes and take yourself to a country road in Spain and then I ask you to turn a corner and describe what you see – and you do – you might tell me that what you saw was “just my imagination.” What a dismissal!  Imagination is the bridge to multidimensional reality. We actually cannot imagine something that has not already been created somewhere – in the field of Source.

In order to develop your third eye you need to be completely free of worrying if what you see is ‘real.’ Does a young child care whether or not what they see is ‘real.’ No.  There are so many ways to develop your third eye. I learned from Doreen Virtue who called in Angels to help us before we began any work.  Elizabeth Wood’s process is similar, and very basic, so, I will describe it to you.

Begin taking what some call “mind vacations.” This is the same as basic remote viewing. First of all, start off with a place from a picture in a magazine. You are going to imagine being there so look at the picture before you go into meditation. Then, close your eyes, call in Archangel Michael so you feel safe, and imagine being there. The smells, the sights, the sounds, the textures. Wander around just having fun. Then …let it unfold. Maybe you turn a corner and… what do you see, feel, hear, touch etc. Just let what happens happen. Don’t judge it. Observe it. Use all of your senses. Practice this till your brain no longer wants to fight it.

Then, in meditation create your own place in the fourth dimension. Take elements that you really like and then put them on a beach, or in the country, a castle, a forest… Make sure you know exactly what flowers are going to be around, temperature, smells, textures, details, changes, food, embroidered pillows… These are ALL elements that exist in 3D so your brain will not fight you about them!  Next, add the elements that do not exist in 3D. In Atlantis we each had a dragon and a unicorn. This is your own magical place – you can have what you want. If it is a dragon, what does it feel like? how does it smell to you? What colour is it? … and more details. PLAY!!  These are all real things created with our spiritual will on other dimensions and are very real and have measurable effects on your life – so – be clear about what you are creating and why.

When we are in 3D creating a castle takes a fair amount of time. But, not in 4D. Always be wise about the energy and choices in both.

Now, invite your guides into your own place (this avoids opening doors that should remain closed!) You can invite Angels, faeries, animal guides. Imagine them there. They will come into the form you imagine – and then that form will change into what they truly are. You are welcoming, not controlling (big difference!). Imagine it (the bridge) and it will change into a different form – its ‘real’ form. This is the beautiful thing about 4D. Here you can spend time co-creating. You can visit with deceased pets, and have visits from non-3D friends. This will be visual, not just feeling. Allow.

Wood says that doing this prepares you for 5D. Fifth dimension can seem strange enough to perhaps cause you to freak out if you are not ready for it. Think about the stories we have been told of ancient earth. Someone disappears for a year and when they return they tell you they were only gone a minute. Truth is stranger than fiction.

Love & Light,   Monica  ps. I am off now on tour for a few weeks with Galaxy Psychic Fairs. This week-end I am in Barrie @ the Legion on the 25th, 26th and 27th. If you wish to know where I am the following week-end please email me as we only advertise our plans one week ahead. Please practice your “mind vacations” while I am away. Be prepared was my motto as a Brownie!


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  1. Gillian January 23, 2019 at 12:38 pm Reply

    Excellent! Last night with closed eyes I “saw” lots of sepia images but they went by so fast I couldn’t hold them. I know one was a sketchbook but couldn’t make the scene slow down to really look at the sketches. Have a super fair in Barrie and I look forward to finding out where you’re going next.

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