“All this and more you can do.”   Jesus

Everything improves when we really trust the soul.”   Meg Benedicte

“We can grow a new type of human.”   Alberto Villoldo

This is a lifestyle learning how to live as a light being. Ascension is difficult for many of us because we start feeling many things that we have never felt before. Be ready, very ready, to relearn absolutely everything all over again. Make your ascension process the priority.

Are you willing to be your innocent self? Are you willing to take responsibility for your soul’s journey? Are you willing to ascend into the larger version of yourself?  The multidimensional human? Then pay attention to every breath and step you take.

Arcturus Ra remembers his galactic self as a Starfleet Commander and his role in this incarnation as an Arcturian starseed. He sees this time we live in as a time of compassion and an exploration and expansion in kindness. He points out to us that both the positive and the negative on Earth are now at an all time high. I have noticed this too. It is as if the planet’s peoples are dividing up (duality still operant at present in 3D) into the mean-spirited and the compassionate.

Arcturus Ra (spiritual teacher) says that we are all separated by false belief systems. We need to stand in our authenticity and ask ourselves – what is our service? Might it have changed? Become the observer. Develop the discipline for kindness and stay away from hype Arcturus recommends.

Arcturus asks us to stop validating bad behavior and to learn to create our magic from being centered in our hearts. He has a product, he says, that helps. He created a product called the Jedi key that is based on the sacred geometry within the mineral kingdom. He says some people begin resonating with this product before it even arrives at their home! It is worn over the heart chakra.

Arcturus suggests that we manage these times by turning our judgment into the evaluation of ourselves. How are we living? Are we living lightly upon the planet? He says you can build an adobe home with hempcrete for only $10,000. New inventions are going in a positive direction he says and he is creating some of them. Arcturus observes that people are beginning to help themselves and he recommends that we live in small towns of only 5-10,000 people that help each other.

Spirituality requires radical mindfulness. When we are part of the Galactic Field we move at will through time and space. There is not just one key – there are many, many keys. Find yours.

Love & Light,   Monica

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  1. Gillian May 24, 2018 at 8:55 pm Reply

    Ooh, I like the sound of a hempcrete home and I’ll be investigating that. Also Arcturus Ra who is new to me (if you’ve referenced him before it didn’t sink in). Lots to think about in this short and sweet blog post!

    • Monica May 30, 2018 at 4:23 pm Reply

      Glad you liked it. No, I haven’t mentioned Arcturus Ra before. Thanks for the continuing feedback which is very much appreciated!

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