“You know it’s love when all you want is that person to be happy, even if you’re not part of their happiness.”   Julia Roberts

“Almost all of you misunderstand what unconditional love is.  Unconditional love is holding vibrational alignment with who you are no matter what is going on around you.”   Abraham Hicks 

We are all ONE in Truth. And the One is Love. That is what i have learned, in a nutshell, from my lifetimes on the spiritual path. So, we as a small one of the ONE might think that the path would be smooth. However, it is in maintaining the vibrational alignment of who we truly are – which is Love – that is the ultimate challenge for most of us. We are certainly finding this out right now are we not? Who among us is going to claim that we are finding it easy to stay in the state of love? It requires discipline for the majority of us – however – there are always exceptions. Jesus, in his day, was an exception. However, most us us are finding it easier than before we went 5D in consciousness.

We are learning through what people call these “end times” many many lessons – and of course – we know that is why we came at this time to this planet. We came as a collective of lightworkers to share our light, but, no one promised us a rose garden. With each lesson we gain new insights and with each obstacle we overcome we get stronger and can contribute more and from a greater depth of understanding and faith. As Sylvia Browne used to remind us – this is the darkest planet of which we are aware. We came to shine our light.

Right now we are observing in Australia what some are calling the “animal apocalypse”. A billion animals have died in the fires so far. Some people believe that animals are a lower life form than humans but we know that there is no such thing as higher and lower forms of life. Life is life. The moment to moment awareness or consciousness that exists in us also exists in plants and animals. How we treat animals is how we treat ourselves. Angels say that an animal’s ability to drop the fear and open its heart is greater at this point than a human’s  – although we are evolving.

I believe that many hearts are opening to a cosmic connection through the sacrifice of these animals. Are our hearts not opening?  That is what a heart attack actually is – an opening up of the heart – be it in a very traumatic way.  I asked for guidance as to how to soothe my own heart re this and was guided to my personal dragon who guided me to a Rose Pink Dragon who connected me to the Cosmic Heart. Remember that love flows both ways – from you to the Cosmic Heart and from the Cosmic Heart to you. If you want to today why not call in the Rose Pink Dragon and ask for the same as I did. I was introduced to dragons through the work of the U.K’s Angel lady, Diana Cooper.

Being love is not something we must strive for, it is what we are in spiritual truth. It is letting go of everything that is not love. There are two main states. Love and fear. When we are not in a state of love, we are in a state of fear. I learned this largely through my training to become an Angel Therapist(R) as well as a Usui Reiki Master.  The ego (fear) is 100% not psychic!  Intuition is involved in both of these forms of healing. So a practitioner must learn how to move away, above or integrate the ego into the Higher Self in order to receive Angel messages and relay treatments.

A friend of mine shared a story with me yesterday of visiting and having a reading with a person advertising psychic readings. She couldn’t have one from me of course because we Angel Therapists (R) don’t read professionally for friends. So, she went to a psychic in Kingston that I do not know as she was careful to not tell me the name which is ethical but she was very disappointed with the dark energy of the reading and the whole scenario. The reading was all coming from a place of fear, so I knew to tell her that there were not Angels involved with any of this guidance because even when warning us – Angels never frighten us – and they also give us the way forward that comes from a place of Love. Love is the underlying energy in the dimension where Angels reside.

Unfortunately, a reading given from a state of fear is what some 3D people are attracted to. Fear has become addictive for some people as has pain and suffering. So much of 3D life is about fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of ridicule, fear of change, fears of various dangers real &/or imagined, fear of going crazy, fear of losing control, are just some of the fears we humans experience. A person giving a reading from the place of fear, even if they have developed their intuition is not accurate because the ego (fear) is 100% not psychic. Any person going for a reading needs to be discerning. Of course, we need to be discerning about everything we digest. Do not ingest fear from another.

I am guided during a great percentage of the Angel readings that I do to cut the cords of fear and perform psychic vacumings for the majority of my clients during an Angel reading. That alone is sufficient for many people to begin to discern what is theirs to deal with and what belongs to another. My most recent experience of seeing the difference this makes is with a woman whose fears were keeping her from leaving her home. A cord-cutting and vacuuming from the Angels, through me, by phone, worked wonders for her to feel she can now leave the house. This woman felt so much better immediately and asked me, “could I do this myself?”  That lead me to be able to teach her in 5 minutes how to work with Archangel Michael so she can discern what belongs to her and what belongs to others. Most of us can handle what is ours when we dis-cover what is not ours.

Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. Unconsciously we know this but becoming conscious of this is a process. Love and light is the healing equation. Since we, as divine beings, are LOVE – we just need to strip away all that is NOT love. That is called empowerment.

Recently my brother and my sister-in-law gave me a beautiful Tree of Life necklace for Christmas.  A few days before I had dreamed of a place with a huge, beautiful tree – it must have been the Tree of Life as this gift, soon after, confirmed my dream. The Tree of Life means many things to many of us on both a personal and individual level. It represents the Source.  God’s Love.  No separation between us and the Divine. Be you.  Just be love.


Angel Blessings,   Monica

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  1. Gillian January 16, 2020 at 4:12 pm Reply

    A thoughtful and wise post.

    • Monica January 18, 2020 at 11:57 am Reply

      Thank you Gillian! xo

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