“Let go of whatever you are tightly holding onto.”   Teal Swan

“It is never too late to redefine yourself. You cannot be too old to redefine yourself.”   Teal Swan

2020 brings a big cycle of change. You know that. It is not only the beginning of a new year but it is also the beginning of a new decade. It is a time to keep opening doors and to walk into something new. A time to fully move into your sacred heart – which is 150,000 times more powerful than your mind. And, your mind is very, very powerful! Explore new creative outlets, this decade we will be able to grow new limbs, bones and teeth says Bracha Goldsmith who channels the Pleiadians. Our bodies are changing as is everything else.

You have already observed that the polarities of life on Earth have led to the extremes of separation among us. And our shadow aspects, personally and collectively, are now in plain sight. They have been brought to light and are no longer hidden but in plain view. Many of us have been working for years on integrating our shadow aspects and have succeeded to one degree or another. Not everyone in the world is doing that and we tend to discuss those people as still being 3D. That is not judgement – it is just a way of discussing levels of consciousness. Language becomes even more important now. We need to become even more conscious of the fact that thoughts and words can change lives. That is why we tell a new story.

Intuitive Teal Swan sees 2020 as a turning point year. She describes the conflicts: battle of the sexes, battle of creeds, battle of races, battle of politics and battle of self versus other. These battles will continue as restructuring occurs. She also sees improvements in science, technology, travel, and an increasing moving away from patriarchy. She warns us not to use our spiritual practices as escapism but rather to heal from our pasts and to build a new life. Teal knows of what she speaks as she was raised by a cruel cult leader after being handed over to him as a child and escaping at 18 to create a new life. I like the question she poses for us as we enter 2020. “What role do you want to play in the new structure?”

Personal responsibility this year, this decade, is crucial. It is expected to be a decade of intense karmic return. So be very mindful as to what you are putting out into the world regarding your thoughts, words and actions. Do not go into fear over this! There is room for mistakes, (in Reality we cannot make a mistake!) however, do your best to come from a place of love in all you think, say and do. Love in action would be a lovely motto to adopt this year. Inflammation is a theme so keep it managed through diet, exercise, sleep, rest, hydration and practices such as yoga, qi gong, tai chi and others. Redefining through examining all personal choices and acting consciously in each moment makes best use of the energies of 2020. Teal suggests asking ourselves, “What am I afraid will happen if I redefine myself?”  Be honest with yourself.

Sometimes in our lightworker desire to help the whole planet we forget that we can serve in our own small corner of the world and still make a difference. Allowing our own home to be a sanctuary for all who live with us or come as guests is also a way of practicing day to day awareness as well as a contribution to peace. This year, be available and open and receptive to whatever comes through to you from your own intuition. Your Higher Self has the answers you seek. I am being guided by the Angels to ask you to deepen your relationship to the Divine this year and to meditate. Althea Provost says to be “immaculately aware.”  I am being guided to offer Divine Light Transmissions to my clients this upcoming year. These are not from me but through me. These transmissions help with immaculate awareness – as well as healing and opening up your own psychic channels.

Lee Harris always does a New Year Energy Forecast so you can look him up on Youtube if you would like his in-depth forecast. He identifies 6 themes for the energy of 202o. “Blinding clarity, rise of love through death awareness, collaboration and teams, grounding via Nature, creativity at high speed and heart healing.”  He discusses the divided and anxious energy we are observing around us.

Now, I was guided this morning to give you a 2020 group mini-reading. They told me 5 cards as 5 is the number of change. I was told that Mother Mary has a message for us – remember – a group reading is very general. There will be at least one message that resonates with each of you reading this now or whenever you read it. Some will resonate with more than one message, and so on. If nothing resonates – ignore it! A personal reading would be best for you.

(1) Mother Mary’s message: “Integrity: I trust my ability to know what is true for me.”  Some of you at this time are asking about a situation that involves someone’s integrity. Mother Mary asks you to listen to your body’s signals. You can sense when someone is being honest. Trust your gut feelings to lead you toward those individuals who not only tell the truth but who ‘walk their talk.’ This oracle card also asks you to tell the truth to yourself – no matter how uncomfortable your reaction may be. (Mary Queen of Angels Oracle Deck, by Doreen Virtue)

(2) Archangel Michael’s Message: “Go forward fearlessly.”  There is a suggested prayer with this message: “Thank you for walking with me every step of the way, for holding my hand, giving me confidence and courage, and guiding my thoughts and actions in the direction of love and my true life’s purpose.” This card is a sign that you are on the right path but that it is important now to take some action, however small or seemingly inconsequential – toward your desired outcome. Ask to be shown the next step. (Archangel Michael Oracle Deck, by Doreen Virtue)

(3) Message from the Mermaids & Dolphins: “Waves of Prosperity: New abundance and exciting opportunities wash over you now.” This indicates that you are on a success streak. This is an excellent time to begin new ventures (naturally do research and follow your own inner guidance).  “Observe any ideas that enter your mind at this time, as they may be seeds of a profitable new venture. Also notice any out-of-the-blue phone calls or ‘chance’ meetings with people who could help you… You’ll see that doors open easily for you, and you’re filled with extra confidence and enthusiasm. Practice being a grateful recipient of good. Know that there’s an ocean of abundance, with no danger that it will dry up.”  (Magical Mermaids & Dolphins Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue)

(4) Message from the Dragons: “Sunshine Yellow Dragons: Helps you to help animals.  Serve animals. Heal, respect and understand them.” Just as we humans do, animals come from a variety of planets and star systems. They all come to Earth to experience, learn, teach and serve. They have different missions. “Our task as humans is to co-operate with, look after and learn from the animal kingdom. Fifth-dimensional sunshine yellow dragons work with Archangel Fhelyai, the angel of animals. They send bursts of sunny yellow light into the auras of those of us who love and honour animals and help us to assist and heal all creatures… They also bathe animals in their sunshine yellow light to soothe and heal them so they can fulfill their soul destiny.” Receiving this card offers you the opportunity to open your aura and allow these dragons to pour light into you so that you can understand animals at a profound level. Visualize the animals in the world being touched by these dragons. “You will accrue good karma as you assist these animals of the world.”   (Dragon Oracle Cards by Diana Copper)

(5) Message from the Universe: “I always trust the direction of the universe and know I’m being guided.” This oracle card has a dragonfly on it. The dragonfly is a powerful insect totem and the keynote is “the power of light.”   (The Universe Has Your Back deck by Gabrielle Bernstein)  I suggest you look up dragonfly as an insect totem – I would choose either Ted Andrews or Steven Farmer’s interpretations but see what resonates.

A quick look at the info above shows me the word dragon is showing up strongly. What do you make of that? Also, the title I was given for this blog was “Keep Opening Doors.”  I notice the message from the Mermaids and Dolphins is that this is a time where doors have the potential to open easily!  Divine timing is a strong factor in manifestation.

Wishing you everything you wish for yourself & the planet for 2020.

Love & Light,   Monica




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  1. Gillian January 2, 2020 at 4:32 pm Reply

    I was reading through the 5 messages and wondering if none of them were resonating or if ALL of them were slightly, when I hit number 5! Just last night I read that people used to tell children that if they lied the dragonflies would sew their lips shut while they slept. My first reaction was pity for the children, but secondly I felt how horrible that is to dragonflies! As a child I was told that earwigs might crawl in my ears and burst my eardrums while sleeping…for no particular reason, just because that’s what earwigs do! This is grossly unfair to the insect world. And terrifying to children, of course. Thanks for this 2020 message and introducing more people I’ve never heard of! 🙂

    • Monica January 9, 2020 at 10:28 am Reply

      I would recommend meditating on each separately on a different day so your Higher Self weighs in! If that doesn’t work – let me know – and I will tune in with your permission.

  2. Gillian January 12, 2020 at 3:44 pm Reply

    Yah, you have my permission to tune in!

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