As for me, I am in harmony when I am in my ‘right’ relationship to God/Source and also in my ‘right’ relationship with my Higher Self.  These relationships, I have discovered , need to be in alignment and then the keys to harmony enhance and support these two fundamental elements of alignment and balance.  I feel that this is due to the fact that our perspective changes entirely when these fundamental relationships are healthy  – due to the fact that our perspective is elevated and inner conflict drops away.  Truth and beauty are revealed.   After all, inner conflict arises from a belief in a mistaken identity, projected onto others, which dissolves when brought to the Light.

The keys to harmony are myriad and involve practices, attitudes, thoughts, beliefs and actions that are available to us all.   There is no shortage of amazing literature that helps us to attain this in our own lives;  however, as with everything, practice is the main key and is essential to success.  Pondering harmony today, I believe that the same tips that I have received from my various teachers to maintain a high vibration also help me to attain harmony.   I teach these tips @ Awakening Spirit and I also do my best to practice them daily myself:

(1) Meditate daily.  This is the most frequently mentioned key to harmony that I have heard.

(2) Give yourself permission to do what you love.

(3) Support your body with frequent exercise because movement is essential to move your blood and feed your cells with oxygen, but it also helps the lymphatic system to cleanse toxins from your body and the endorphins that are released during exercise elevate your mood.

(4) Become conscious of your thoughts.  Choose those that create harmony.  Dr. Deepak Chopra is always reminding us that “happy thoughts create happy molecules.”

(5) Choose music that reflects the energy level you wish to attain.

(6) Consider colour therapy as a way of attracting harmony & promoting healing.  I do this frequently with myself and my clients.  Avoid dark colours if you are experiencing low energy.  The energy of black is an absorbing energy while white deflects the negative energies of others.  One of my teachers only wore white while working with clients and giving lectures.

(7) Laughing, smiling, singing, walking, and playing with children and animals tends to raise your vibration.

(8) Become conscious of the energy levels in your home and environment.  Researching Feng Shui as a path to living in harmony with nature and our environment is a great idea.  (Two Feng Shui tips for enhancing congenial feelings between family members is to eat meals at a round table and to position a round rug in your dining room so that the table and all the chairs are on the rug.  Circles symbolize harmony.)

(9) Choose to avoid low energy substances such as “junk food” and foods containing chemicals and pesticides.

(10) Choose foods that truly nourish you .  Become conscious of what you put in your body (the temple of your soul) and observe how it makes you feel.

(11) Reduce or eliminate entirely the time that you spend watching violent, low level tv or films.  Take a ‘news vacation’ and see how you feel.  Unfortunately, the majority of television is a constant stream of low level energy.

(12) Become conscious of the energy fields of your friends, extended family members and acquaintances and increase your vibrations by spending time with those who are resonating closely to your own spiritual awareness.

(13) Observe your own activities and where these take place.  Choose nature, swimming, yoga, tai chi, qi gong, camping and meditation and retreat centres over chaotic, ego-clashing environments.

(14) If possible, forgive everyone EVERYTHING.  You do not need to forgive the abusive acts – just the person/s.  (I invoke angels for help with this).  Do this for YOURSELF.  Someone once said that holding thoughts of revenge is like swallowing rat poison and then waiting for the rat to die!  Hatred and anger are very low energies.

(15) Create your intentions regarding your energies.  Get clear.  Affirm in a specific way the energy you desire.  (I invoke the angels of energy for assistance).

Clear intentions are important.  What do you specifically want to be in harmony with?  If you wish to attract a healthy body, then your thoughts need to include words that enhance the way you feel.  For example, these words from Abraham ( THE LAW OF ATTRACTION pg.70)  support your alignment with the energy of health.  “I want perfect health!  I like feeling good.  I enjoy my good-feeling body.  I have many positive memories of feeling good in my body.  I see many people who are clearly in a state of good health, and it is easy to see how much they are enjoying their good feeling bodies.  When I think thoughts like these I feel good.  These thoughts are in harmony with a healthy body.”

You can see that along with the other things that you do for yourself, such as exercising and eating and drinking high vibrational foods and beverages, this example above of harmonious thoughts for health help you to employ the law of attraction for perfect health.  Focusing our attention on what we want, rather than what we don’t want, puts us into a state of ‘allowing’ .  We allow ourselves to receive what we most desire.  Harmony.


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  1. Gillian July 26, 2014 at 2:52 pm Reply

    Ah…you could have made 15 blogs out of these great suggestions. Thanks for rolling them all into this one.

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