This past week-end I left my cottage in my village to participate in the Kingston Women’s Expo.  The angels had guided me to accept the invitation to rent a booth on behalf of Awakening Spirit.  Therefore, I knew that the angels intended for me to serve there.   Admission to the Expo is by donation and the money raised goes toward breast cancer research.  Every woman can relate to this cause.  I have had two breast biopsies and was fortunate with the results; however, I remember the stress this caused me – especially the first one as my daughter was two at that time.  I looked forward to participating in whatever way I was able to for this worthy cause.  I decided to bring along a flyer about my series of children’s books that I have created entitled THE MOOSE LAKE CHRONICLES hoping to find some interest among highly-conscious Moms & Grandmoms.  The first book of the series, MOOSE LAKE will be out before December (www.monicahemstock.ca)  However, I had no time whatsoever to ‘plug’ my book!  As soon as folks found out that I was offering FREE mini angel readings (10-15 minutes) at my booth (my sister tells me that carrying around 12 angel oracle decks in my arms is a dead give-away!) I was swamped with opportunities to read for so many amazing girls and women between the ages of 5-81 years.  The angels transported me, immediately, to Seventh Heaven from where I do my best work.

Thankfully, I was not phased by the rapid stream of women coming and going from the seat beside me.  Many years ago I did angel readings for Christian Dior in Kingston @ their Gala evenings.  Like every other psychic, I have ‘paid my dues’ in the world of intuitive consulting through numerous psychic fairs in churches, halls & malls.  These were not the ‘ideal’ circumstances to provide the in-depth, private sessions I prefer to give; however, they were wonderful opportunities to connect quickly with people who required only a quick ‘tune-up’ or ‘tune-in’ concerning their personal vibrations.  Sometimes a psychic fair is the only exposure a person has to a professional psychic &/or natural healer; therefore, it behooves all of us who work in these areas to maintain the highest levels of skills and integrity.  Unfortunately, there are charlatans in this field of endeavor, as there is in every field.

A small group of women dropped by my booth to ask if I come to private homes to do angel readings.  I do, provided that my transportation is handled to and fro.  I enjoy doing these fun, old-fashioned ‘parlour evenings’ where I give a short talk about angels and then do the private readings while the other guests have a party or mingle.  These evenings are quite useful for people as they are particularly suitable for clients who prefer to be read in their own homes surrounded by their friends for an evening or for women wishing to introduce other women to communicating, consciously, with angels. These women seemed very happy that I provide this type of service as they said that they had asked a male psychic to do this for them and after he left they compared their readings and he had told EVERY woman EXACTLY the same things.  I told them that karma will handle this.  They  all burst out laughing.

Joking aside, I connected again @ this Expo with one of the two women who were my Reiki/Master teachers.  We had not seen each other for about 7 years at least.  So,  it was a ‘love fest’, as one would expect.  I had been inspired by her to become a Reiki Master/Teacher & she had been inspired by me to become a Yoga teacher.  We both took Dr. Doreen Virtue’s Angel Therapy (R) Practitioner’s course the same year so we have much in common.  However, we had little time together as both our booths were very busy.  Nevertheless, in the brief time together we spoke about how relatively rare it is these days to connect with another healer/teacher who is interested in ’empowering’ their clients rather than encouraging dependence.  We both operate heart-centered practices with the intent to teach, heal and empower our clientele.

I met so many wonderful women at the Expo who were also there to provide a product or service that enhances our lives.  I didn’t get a chance to visit many booths as I was kept busy; however, the women all around me and across from me and on every side of me radiated wonderful, caring energy.  It was a pleasure to be with them and to meet them if only briefly.  I also met a lovely couple who, like me, are operating a holistic practice close to Kingston  – and now –  I will be able to recommend to my clients where to go for Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA) with Biofeedback as I am aware of the quality herbal products they use because I have taken them myself in the past.

You may or may not be surprised to know that among the fifty women who came across my path on Saturday and Sunday, there were three incarnated elementals, four incarnated angels, and one starperson.  Having trained in identifying these sub-groups from the Earth Angel Realms, with Dr. Virtue, I can ‘spot’ them quickly.  I noticed that EVERYONE who sat for an angel reading with me was (perhaps unbeknownst by them) brought to me by Archangel Michael.  There are no accidents.  These women are all in various stages of ‘awakening’ and therefore it was fun and magical to watch the light in their eyes either ‘switch on’ or increase in radiance as they communed with the angels.  It was an absolute joy to be a part of their journey toward enlightenment.

As for me, I experienced how much can be accomplished during 10 -15 minute sessions with ‘open’ people who believe in angels.  I was guided by my angels and guides and the ascended masters through back to back angel readings, angel healings, spiritual counseling, teaching, laying-on-of-hands (Reiki), and I identified, as requested, guardian angels, spirit guides, animal spirit guides and animal totems and also connected to the departed loved ones of a few people grieving.  Receiving hugs from women whose relatives I had connected with on the Other Side was one of the highlights of the week-end for me.  As I told these women.  I LOVE my work.

Angel Blessings,  Monica


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  1. Christine September 25, 2014 at 4:03 pm Reply

    Wow 50 people came for a reading ! That is amazing. Amazing that you could do it , it takes a lot of skill to tune in to peoples energy and connect with the other realms like that. And how wonderful for them to get a true taste of what can be done by a true sensitive, psychic, healer .

  2. Hayley September 25, 2014 at 4:08 pm Reply

    Great blog as usual! It was so nice to hear the way(s) in which Awakening Spirit is branching out into the broader community. The surrounding area is very lucky to have you and your terrific services 🙂

  3. Gillian September 25, 2014 at 10:28 pm Reply

    I love hearing about this Expo and marvel at your ability to connect with such a large and varied group. If there is a girl or woman reading this who attended Monica’s booth at Kingston Women’s Expo, I ask you to share some of your experience with those of us who follow her blog. Thanks!

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