“Language is a strong & significant key to creating more mastery at every level. Let your language be open ended, without preference or prejudice, so you can speak the language of fifth dimension.”   Maureen J. St.Germain

Using the language of 5D will open you up to change your perception of what is possible.”   Maureen J. St.Germain


When clients started coming to me for my services in 2006 they mostly spoke the language of 3D. Today, the majority of them arrive already speaking mostly the language of the fifth dimension. Perhaps that is because the clients who find me are younger these days, or if not younger in years – more youthful in their thinking and behavior. Fifth dimensional language comes from the heart.

Since Louise Hay awakened us to the concept that our thoughts create our reality – those of us awakened or awakening are cognizant of how much our language impacts our lives. Many of us, including myself, have been consciously planting positive affirmations for at least the past decade or longer that are carefully chosen to help us to wake up in a 5D world. We work with the energy behind our words because we recognize the great power that they hold. Every word can be seen as a seed that will grow into a flower in the garden of our future. In the garden of your life are you planting seeds of love or seeds of hate and fear?

Choosing positive words also applies to our self-talk. Is your internal language filled with power words? Shamans are masters of the power of words. I remember reminding you previously, dear readers, that a shaman’s use of words to create a cure is called word doctoring. In my practice at Awakening Spirit I am always conscious of choosing words that reflect the frequencies of the fifth dimension in order to help my clients move forward and create a life that is filled with joy. Sadly, some politicians, religious leaders and spiritual leaders use the power of words to manipulate their followers by instilling fear. Those of us in 5D use the power of our words to inspire and uplift by stimulating a person’s imagination in order to help them expand and recognize their capacity to open up to limitless possibilities. If you want an example of 3D language listen to President Trump. If you want an example of 5D language listen to President Obama.

Fifth dimensional language, since it comes from the heart, comes from a place of love and compassion. Therefore it is of a high vibration. It encourages us to stand in our own power. Our power to rather than our power over. Fifth dimensional language elicits the power of decrees rather than the power of petitions. A petition is begging for help (which also works, the Angels respond!), however, a decree is standing in your power with the understanding that all the help you need in your life is available to you NOW.

There are times in our lives when we feel like petitioning for help because we feel powerless. We’ve all been there! That is fine. It is just important to be aware of the difference in vibration between the energy of a petition and the energy of a decree. Take a moment right now to notice the difference. A petition might be: “Please help me be strong” or “Please make me whole.” A decree might be: “I am strong” or “I am whole.” Decrees help you to make change occur and helps you to transform energy because when we employ a decree we acknowledge that we already possess all the help and tools we need. Decrees are statements of power that shift consciousness. When we shift our consciousness we also change the quality of our presence. This changes the energies around us. For people around you who are suffering you can employ decrees to help them dis-cover their power. Send them decrees such as: “Courage be yours NOW.”

You may wish to employ a decree in your own life today and repeat it like a mantra. Repeat it throughout the day. Let us use the decree, “The Light of God surrounds me.” In Sanskrit, man means “mind” and tra means “freeing.” Therefore, when we use words of power to manifest positive energy & power in our lives we free our own mind at the same time.

As you move into 5D you will notice that you begin to choose words that move you away from polarity. In fact, when you are living fully in 5D you may find yourself actually cringing when you hear 3D polarizing words! Fifth dimensional language is open ended. It is without prejudice and without preference. When we move into the expression of non-polarity we find it easier to speak the language of the fifth dimension with ease and grace.

Fifth dimensional language never locks you in or limits you. For example, we do not use “I have to …”  as that keeps us firmly locked in 3D. We do not have to do anything! We always have choice. Yes, there are consequences, but there is always choice. We “cowboy up” as psychic Ellen Dugan always says! We take ownership of our world. We do not need to deny anything to do this and we do not need to be a phony. We can just make the decision that duality isn’t bad – it is a choice.

Spiritual teachers, such as myself, suggest that we stop employing words such as “strange” and “weird.” I still slip once in awhile and use these words; however, they have negative connotations that feel and sound destructive. These words have a strong emotional ‘charge’. These words are at home in 4D where the language seems to most of us to be all about emotions. Frequently, in 4D, the communications are polarity-based. For example, in 4D we often focus on horrible things that  happened.

So, you ask – what can we substitute for “strange” and “weird”? How about interesting? One of my spiritual teachers taught me to say – “isn’t that interesting.” Or, we could use the word fascinating. Or amazing. Those words help us to remain fifth dimensional. Also, we do not say, “this is how it is” instead we substitute “I’ve found that…” Change your words and your world changes. When we are fifth dimensional we know that our words are creating our reality.

If you are journaling, which I always recommend, then you are likely already in the habit of questioning your questions. Observing your questions you may find that you code things as “good” or “bad” in your journal. This keeps you firmly in 3D because you are compartmentalizing. In 5D nothing is either good or bad. It just is. Labeling thoughts, people or events limits them. Therefore, we learn to ask questions in ways that do not reflect polarity. Instead of “Who did this?” (which often means we are looking for someone to blame or judging it “good” or “bad”) we say, “What’s going on?”  Who, where, when and why can keep us in polarity. Just begin to start paying attention to your questions for information as to how you employ language that keeps you 3D.  Please do not chastise yourself! We are all learning a new way of speaking as we move further into 5D. Living in 5D we tend to think in terms of helpful and unhelpful or useful and not useful.

Please, at the very least, stop saying things such as “this cake is to die for.” Really? Stop dying to do things and start living to do things. “This cake is to live for!”

We live, physically, in the third dimension, a world of duality. It is not light or dark all the time as the sun rises and sets. We judge things right or wrong. However, on a spiritual level there is only the Web of Life. Oneness. One Source. One Light. There is no good or bad; there is only energy. Everything is energy.

When we stop judging everything in the world as good or bad and see it merely as the energy that it is – then it is available for us to use in our work, play, and relationships. We begin to move into 5D living. It is a journey. We go from our deep sleep to becoming aware of and responsible for our energy and our behaviour. We understand how frequently we react rather than respond, how we become victims and then blame others for everything that is not working in our lives. We do what we call ‘the work.’ The inner work that is crucial to waking up in 5D. Few if any of us get a ‘spiritual bypass’. This deep inner work initiates us into a new way of working with energy.

Our most important tool in the fifth dimension is our heart. We transform the energy around our judgments. We come from a place of compassion – it is not necessary to agree with or to love someone in order to experience them as a divine being. The language of the heart is indeed the language of the fifth dimension.

Love & Light,   Monica    www.monicahemstock.ca



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  1. Gillian December 7, 2017 at 12:45 pm Reply

    The cake comment made me think of one I just take for 3D granted–comedians saying, “I killed last night,” meaning, “They laughed and laughed I was so good.” There’s even a wonderful Panic! At the Disco song, “Let’s Kill Tonight” meaning, “Let’s be really really good.” My Alexander Technique teacher once winced at the memory of how we used to say to kids, “I could eat you with a spoon.” Thought provoking blog!

  2. Gillian December 7, 2017 at 12:47 pm Reply

    Or is “provoking” 3D? Thought inspiring blog 🙂

    • Monica December 7, 2017 at 1:53 pm Reply

      Thank you Gillian for your continuing engagement!

  3. Tenay December 7, 2017 at 1:47 pm Reply

    Lovely read 🙂

    • Monica December 7, 2017 at 1:48 pm Reply

      Thanks Tenay!

  4. Rebecca December 9, 2017 at 3:59 pm Reply

    Makes so much sense. Words, indeed, hold energy. If we can practise slowing our minds, even in a busy world, we usually choose more loving words.
    Thank you.

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