“The present moment is where life can be found, and if you don’t arrive there, you miss your appointment with life.”  Thich Nhat Hanh

The point of attraction is always the present moment.  Because it is the only moment.  When we are both grounded and energized in the NOW we can keep our appointment with life and manifest our dreams.  Blocks in our abundance can be caused by places where our energy isn’t flowing, such as in our physical body, emotions or our relationships with other people.


Lightworkers going through difficult times often want to escape the harsh energies of earth.  Therefore, it is important that we ground ourselves by imagining roots like those of a tree coming from our feet and firmly implanting themselves into the ground.  Sit and maintain this visualization for as long as you need in order to feel grounded to the earth.  Every morning when you wake up, plant your feet firmly on the ground and visualize your roots going deeply into the earth.  This grounds and centers you making you feel more empowered.

Smoky quartz is known to be great at helping you during your meditation to ground and center yourself and also aids in the elimination of fears and enhances your dream awareness.


Fill yourself with vital energy.  Eat energizing foods, read inspiring material, watch enlightening programming and spend lots of time in nature and with animals and enjoying the things you love.

Keeping our energy high is important for manifestation.  If our physical, mental and spiritual energies are not functioning at their optimum level, then our manifesting is less likely to work.  If our mental energy is low, then we often lack ideas or motivation or perhaps both.  If our physical energy is low, then we often lack the ability to put our ideas into practice and to manifest them; therefore, our dreams remain dreams.  And, if our spiritual energy is low, we may manifest for selfish reasons in a spirit of aggressive competition  – which is unlikely to work.  However, if we are energized and in balance – we have a reservoir of fuel in our Dantien (Qi Gong’s word for the body’s creative energy storehouse) and we are able to manifest with ease.

A number of years ago now my sister and I took a week-end retreat with the astounding Qi Gong Master, Robert Peng, the founder of Elixer Light Qi Gong and a small number of participants – so we were fortunate to spend some quality time with this Master.  Master Peng taught us that our physical energy is stored in the Dantien but is depleted by excessive stress.  He showed us that the Dantien is not only the body’s energy store but is also the body’s center of gravity.  A constantly revolving sphere it sits on the top of the sacral chakra and acts as what Judy Hall calls a “kind of higher octave of that chakra,” to “refine and stimulate creativity and fertilize new ideas.”  To be empowered and dynamic, this store house needs replenishing.  This can be done in a number of ways – one of which is the practice of Qi Gong.

High energy and staying grounded is part of the manifestation process as I learned from one of my teachers, Dr. Doreen Virtue.  Doreen also taught us that “trying too hard” is counter-productive.  Whether we are manifesting our dreams or communicating with our angels we need to let go of the belief that it is “difficult” as we also let go of old beliefs in struggle and suffering.  Trust, believe and let go.  Easy does it!

In order to keep your mental energy high, your mind needs to be active.  Active, yet not overactive.  Because, if you are too busy to hear your inner guidance, then you are self-sabotaging your manifesting, whether conscious of this or not.  In order to manifest we must also take care to avoid depression while simultaneously remembering that some form of action, however small (a phone call, email, telepathic communication supporting someone etc.) needs to be taken as and when guided and appropriate.  We often waste our mental energy through worry, guilt and other low energies.  Hand these to your angels so they can take them to the Light for purification and transmutation and substitute prayer and meditation.

I believe that two of the best ways to raise your energy is to call in the angels and to see your life as an expression of divine love.  Making the daily conscious choice to emanate unconditional love from your heart chakra to yourself and to all of creation, raises your vibration.  I was guided, by St. Germain (not a saint in the Catholic sense, but Comte de Saint-Germain, Annie Besant – one of the original Theosophists is said to have met him in 1896) to do this daily.  So, I do.  I felt an immediate ‘shift.’  The more frequently that you do this, emanating love to yourself and outward to all sentient beings, the higher you will rise.

Worthwhile reading at this point in your Law of Attraction journey with me and the angels would be my piece on this web-site called the Law of Purification.  It will help guide you as to the importance of detoxing from low and negative energies .  Proper hydration is also important so you may be guided to review my piece entitled the Elixer of Life.

Judy Hall, U.K. expert on crystals  (THE CRYSTAL BIBLE, THE CRYSTAL BIBLE 2 ) recommends that we keep our energy high with carnelian.  Carnelian is a favourite stone of the ancient Egyptians who used it for energizing.  (I wrote a general piece on crystals you may wish to read)  Other people’s jealousy can block our progress and carnelian releases this.  Also, if you yourself are suffering from resentment  – it banishes emotional negativity, replacing it with a love of life that will empower you to manifest your dreams.  The more research that I did for this piece, with regard to carnelian, the more I am in awe of its power.  It is said to lift depression, especially of the elderly.  Although traditionally worn as a pendant, bracelet, or belt buckle, you can keep it in your pocket to combat sluggishness and to raise your energy levels.   (My buddy gave me carnelian a number of years ago and it is on my altar)  Carnelian near your front door provides protection and invites abundance into your home.

One of my recent clients was guided by the angels to sing and dance as a way to keep her energy high and also to awaken her psychic senses.  What a fun way to express herself and simultaneously ‘open up’ her already greatly increasing psychic powers.

No matter what you are manifesting, remember that a dispassionate detachment from outcome is a gift you give to yourself.  Emotional involvement is definitely necessary for manifestation; however, emotional investment in the outcome is a block.  That is one of the reasons why ‘letting go’ is so important.  The universe gives us what is for our Highest Good .  Hence, we often thank God/Source  & Higher Self down the road, with hindsight, for our unanswered prayers.  They were answered.  The answer was no.  Or, not now.  That being said, often the ingenuity of Heaven can devise a plan that is beyond the scope of human imagination.  So, when you send forth your desires into the universe always remember to add the phrase. “this or something better manifests for me NOW. ”

Love & Light,    Monica




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  1. Gillian October 1, 2015 at 7:10 pm Reply

    I need this right now as I’m manifesting something but tempted to “micromanage the universe”. A friend yesterday actually said to me, “Gillian, you’ve got to stop thinking about the way things usually happen”. He’s right! Thanks, Monica. PS And I’m thinking a lot about Robert Peng these days, too, and have started to “nourish my chi” as I lie in bed at night. For your readers: Put one hand about 3 finger widths below your belly button. Put the other hand on top. Repeat in your head or aloud, “I am in chi. Chi is in me.”

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