Love is not a mere sentiment of emotion, but the ultimate truth at the heart of creation.”  Dr. Deepak Chopra

I am reflecting today on the fact that today is the final day of the course on the Law of Attraction that I created around the tips given to me by one of my teachers, Grace. Last I heard, Grace was back in her country of birth (the United States – N.Y.C.) and offering her amazing variety of gifts at the U.N.  Wherever she is, she spreads her love and light.  I am thinking of her today, along with my many other teachers in the physical and otherwise who continue to educate, enlighten  and inspire me.  I feel incredibly blessed by their sharing.   They are beacons of love and light.


Allow yourself to be the living example of infinite joy, love, prosperity, and abundance.  Show others that anything is possible and that they can attract and create whatever they desire .  Share the wisdom, power, and keys to manifestation and creation.  Joy attracts.

Relax into the flow of expressing your divine essence and joy and remember that envy, jealousy and resentment are repulsive energies.  We are magnificent and divine beings of light who chose an earthly incarnation (for most of us many!) in order to see, feel and know ourselves and to create and co-create whatever we choose to experience.  We allow others to choose what they wish to create and it may be very different from our choices.  We seek to express our essence and identity through the clothes we wear, the work we do, the car we drive or do not drive, the homes we have, and the friends we choose. Sometimes we make these expressions of ourselves into attachments and start to believe that these things are who we are rather than simply a reflection of who we are choosing to be and what we are choosing to experience in this moment. None of these things actually mean anything to anyone but our own selves because we are really the only person who counts in our world.  Our life is about what we choose to create and experience ourselves. The only problem that arises is when we forget that we are writing our own play and that we are also casting it, directing it, acting it and producing every aspect of it.  It can be very helpful to take a step back and become an observer of your play from another perspective and see if you are really enjoying it or not.  If not – it is time to re-write the script!

If you are a regular reader – then you are definitely a lightworker or I would not have been able to attract your attention through 100 tips and hold it.  As a lightworker you are a beacon for others.  You are the light in the lighthouse that flickers for others to see and find their way home to themselves.  Everything we need is within and we lightworkers are aware of this.  That does not mean that we do not have issues.  But we are aware of our issues and therefore do not project them onto others but rather bring them to the light.

Unlike human beings, Angels do not have egos – so that is why you can rely on them completely for their help and service.  I became aware recently that some of us are still unaware that celestial angels are pure love.  God’s Love.  A friend had read a book that portrayed Archangel Uriel as depressed and tired and discouraged &  exhausted from trying to get His messages across.  Um, NO!!  We human beings are often exhausted, depressed, tired and joyless.  Archangel Uriel  does not see or respond to our egos and lacks one of His own.  He sees our Higher Selves in all our glory!  As guardian angel to many (we all have 2-3) and as an Archangel that is at many  sessions of mine and whom I am very familiar with, I can tell you that He is not sleeping in bed all day!!   That is us!!  With my life ( and yours?) what would I do if when I invoked Archangel Uriel or any of the other Archangels for help for me and my clients and He responded with the fact He was tired and taking a day off!  God’s angels do not take a day off or a moment off and they do not require it.  Their frequency is of the Highest and they are there for us 24/7.  They are not limited by time or space and can assist all of us simultaneously and still have an individual communication with each of us.  And not a day goes by that I do not see angel trails.  I offer an introductory course called “Messages From The Angels” anytime a client wants to get 4 women together to learn about celestial angels and how to communicate with them. There seems to be some confusion regarding angels.

Remember that angels are different from masters and guides.  If you want the guides and masters to teach and guide you – you can call on them but BE PREPARED as they are very serious and demanding and expect a committed pupil so do not do this lightly.  There are masters (like university!) of time, healing, regeneration, nature, philosophy, science and math etc.

What I often ask of the angels is “I want to know what I want?”  That is a great place from which to co-create with Source.  It also means you get the guidance you need to create in alignment with your soul’s path.

Do what you love and love what you do.  As Marianne Williamson says “joy has no cost.”  She advises that we don’t go to work to make money but rather go to work to spread joy.  Grace always said that “love and joy is the food of the gods.”  Marianne would agree I believe.  She writes: “God doesn’t have a poverty consciousness.  He doesn’t want you to have a boring life or a boring career.  He doesn’t have anything against the things of this world. ‘Money isn’t evil. It’s just nothing.’ Like anything else, it can be used for holy or unholy purposes.”  (A RETURN TO LOVE)

We need to be aware of our projections.  We tend to project onto others the parts of ourselves that we do not like or accept (our shadow selves). We project these onto other humans, God, celestial angels, masters and guides.  This is from the ego.  When we spend more time in our Higher Self and communicate more frequently from Higher Self to Higher Self then we realize there is only love and a call for love.  Or, love and a fear of Love.

In order to be a beacon – we need to love and accept ourselves just as we are and then we are able to love and accept others just as they are.  Now, remember – that does not mean accepting abuse of any kind – we can let people go from our lives and offer forgiveness, love and light as we say good-bye and bless their journey.

When we hug, we exchange DNA.  Separation is an illusion and Love knows this.  We understand from the Butterfly effect that we are part of ONE continuum.

Hate cannot exist in a space filled with Love and Love is all there really is and is also the most powerful force in the Universe.


Our friend, Emmanuel, (channeled by Pat Rodegast) gives us some thoughts from his perspective beyond the veil:

Whether temporal or infinite,

all things are beautiful.


Some of you want to see

only what is already lighted,

hoping to avoid

what is still in darkness in your world.


Life does not have to be whitewashed

in order to be beautiful.


If you were to dissect a human being

and break him up into all his components

there would be no need to apologize

for any of the parts.”



Sometimes we are afraid to open our heart to God’s Love because we think it will break us apart.  It does.  It brings us to our knees.  We are broken open and ready to receive infinite love and light.  I have been honoured to witness my clients burst into a mixture of sobbing and simultaneous laughter as they realize how complex we make it and yet, once we decide to let go, how simple it is.

There is no room for hatred in a space occupied by Love.    And in spiritual truth, Love is what you are.

Namaste, Monica









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  1. Gillian July 21, 2016 at 1:15 pm Reply

    Thank you for these 100 gems, Monica! Namaste.

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