“When we drop our dreary stories…we are provided for in every way.”    Alberto Villoldo

“By believing passionately in something that does not yet exist, we create it.”    Nikos Kazantzakis

“All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind is a part of ourselves.”    Anatole France

We are at the stage now where we are ready to stop saying or feeling, “well, that’s just the story of my life.”  We have identified our patterns and our default behaviours which were compensating responses to past traumas and have worked-through our psychological life themes which psychotherapist Daphne Rose Kingma says, while varying and unique, usually fall into six categories: neglect, abandonment, abuse, rejection, emotional suffocation, and deprivation. However, if you are currently at the dark night of the soul (descent stage) phase of the journey to wholeness then I can recommend no better book to help you than Kingma’s award winning THE TEN THINGS TO DO WHEN YOUR LIFE FALLS APART. This book will be a comfort to you as well as helping you to cope and heal on practical, emotional and spiritual levels so that you can begin anew.

Most of us, when we begin anew, become interested in living a simple life. Living a simple life can mean different things for each of us; however, we begin to let go of a lot of our ‘stuff’ including beliefs, expectations, and people. We pare down and Feng Shui our lives. Although when life is difficult it is imperative to live simply – we have discovered that even when things are really good – simplicity remains attractive and allows us to focus on our priorities. Having dis-covered that attachment to ‘stuff’ is not the answer when we create our new life we are very careful, discerning and mindful about whom and what we invite into our world and what we wish to create.

Now that we are whole and serene and have found out the truth, that things are always in transition – we find that uncertainty or “nothing to hold on to” is actually the root/route to happiness because this is where the path of fearlessness is. We can choose our future life from a foundation of harmony and peace and begin to live our becoming.


Live your new self on the inside until the outside reflects it back to you. Live your life as if you have what you desire; every day make sure you think the thoughts, feel the feelings, and speak the words of the person who has the life that you want. Think like the new you, not the old you. Be the person you want and choose to be right now, and embrace your identity with all of yourself.

What would you do if one day, while sitting in meditation as a part of your daily routine, an angel or ascended master came to you and asked you to paint? Christine Page, M.D., a leader in energy medicine tells us the story of a woman who had this exact experience.  An audience member, listening to one of Dr. Page’s lectures, asked her this question: “Jesus came to me five years ago in a meditation, gave me a brush, and said I should paint. What should I do?”  Dr. Page says “if the masters take the time to visit, please do not wait …years to manifest your destiny.”  (2012 AND THE GALACTIC CENTER) As you are aware, our guides in the spirit world cannot override or judge our free will choices; however, they will do everything that is within their power to attract our attention and nudge us into our next adventure.

So why do you keep waiting when you receive such a message? Perhaps it is because you feel that you must be so successful that you are the next Rembrandt? You feel pressured to create a masterpiece? Or you are worried that you will create a masterpiece and are afraid of success?  Or afraid of joy? Jesus loves you beyond what you can comprehend and knows that picking up that brush will lead you to a higher good! Does it have anything to do with the actual painting?  Maybe, maybe not.  We expect children to keep trying new things and to continue to fall flat on their faces and maybe not make a success (whatever success may be) of it; however, we know that isn’t the point! The point is that they are learning and exploring their world. If we are to reinvent ourselves we need to adopt the spiritual reality that proclaims us as unlimited and abundant and write our ‘new’ story.

At some stage/s of this journey you find yourself grieving the loss of the person that you used to be.  This is not only normal but important to allow yourself to feel. This is part of the journey to the ‘new’ you. It catches some of us unaware – sometimes shedding tears not knowing why, sometimes sobbing, sometimes filled with almost over-whelming nostalgia and euphoric recall, and all of this is normal – get it out of your system so you can move forward at your own pace.  My psychotherapist told me in the 80’s that at one stage he just got into bed and sobbed for days, his body wracked and heaving.  My thoughts at the time were ones of great admiration because I realized that was healthy and many men of his generation would not allow themselves that expression.  However, I also thought how many women, raising young children  (my daughter was 6 months at the time) – do not have the luxury of doing that – and how sad that is that they are not able to have the time to devote to themselves for the so-called ‘luxury’ of transformation.

We dis-cover that we can be grieving the ‘old’ self and be creating and birthing the ‘new’ self simultaneously.  Our journey is not linear but multi-sensory and multi-dimensional.  I know because I have been assisting people to receive their angelic messages and to transform into their authentic selves for the past ten years since an Angel arrived in my room at 3 a.m one November night in 2006, waking me up –  and ‘called’ me to this work. I think of myself, sometimes, as a midwife.

“One day, when Merlin and Arthur were both in a drowsy, summer mood lying beside a stream, Merlin said, “I read a poem as a boy, a long time in the future. I wonder if you will like it?”  Arthur pretended he was asleep, covering his face with his hand to ward off the July sun.  Whenever Merlin talked about the future as his past, the boy needed a good deal of concentration to follow him.

“You needn’t try to ignore me,” Merlin went on, “for this poem is too beautiful to neglect:

“What if you slept,

And what if,

in your sleep

you dreamed?

And what if,

in your dream,

you went to heaven

and there plucked

a strange and beautiful flower?

And what if,

when you awoke,

you had the flower

in your hand?

What then?”         (THE WAY OF THE WIZARD, Deepak Chopra)

What if you came to me for an Angel reading and some Angel Therapy(R) and some spiritual counseling and before your session I tuned into the fact that you are undergoing a full blown transformation?  And, what would you say if I told you that just before you arrived on the door step of my cottage I had a vision of Mother Mary and that She was here with you to help you to let go of the past, heal your present and to love yourself NOW and into your future?  If you are indeed a client of mine – this does not surprise you very much. Because this is why you came – to see which heavenly beings are assisting you on this sacred journey.  All I do is confirm what you already suspect is happening.

What if I told you during our session that your past (and also your past lives, particularly that life in Asia) is affecting your present? And, I then inform you that a healing is occurring right NOW as I call in the top healing angel Archangel Raphael to help you to heal on all levels and to realize that beneath the surface, there are forces at work dissolving blockages and limitations and I told you that this has a positive effect on every aspect of your life – including your health, relationships and creativity?  And what if I then reminded you to meditate regularly and take time to reflect in your journal and to examine your current situation, calling in your angels for support and also a group of ascended masters and told you that, right NOW, as you are grieving your ‘old’ life and wandering like Christ in the wilderness that your ‘new’ life was brewing?  Beneath the pain and fears – your new life has been growing for the past 2-5 years, a foundation that is invisible to the naked eye. You might then ask me, how can this be?  And, I would say to you that it is very much like bamboo!  Bamboo grows its roots under the surface for 2-5 years, creating a foundation invisible to the naked eye – then – suddenly – within one year grows to ninety feet!!

What if you then asked me to pull a Rune for you because you tell me you resonate so strongly with Middle Earth and stones and gnomes and I reach into the pouch I usually use only for my own personal guidance and pull out, after calling the Angels of the Runes, “Othila, Reversed.”  I open my BOOK OF RUNES  (Blume edition) and say to you, does this resonate and/or make sense to you?

“This is not a time to be bound by old conditioning, old authority.  Consider not only what will benefit you but will benefit others, and act according to the light you possess now in your life.  Because you may be called upon to take a radical departure from your old ways, total honesty is required.  Otherwise, through negligence or refusal to see clearly, you may cause pain to others and damage to yourself.  Adaptability and skillful means are the methods to cultivate at this time.  And still you must wait for the universe to act.  Receiving this Rune, remember: We do without doing & everything gets done.”  I remind you that “Othila” is a time of separating paths as old skins are shed and outmoded relationships discarded and remind you a peeling away is called for as part of the Cycle of Initiation.  This separation will cause you to become more of who you truly are.  More of who you are becoming.

Once we intentionally embrace ourselves as the immortal souls we are and commit ourselves to increasing our consciousness we realize that we grow and evolve through eternity.  Each time we arrive at the ‘void’, the space between our ‘old’ self  (not yet gone) and our ‘new’ self  (not yet born) it becomes less daunting!  We realize that for those of us committed to lifetime learning and growth, change is the only constant.  When we arrive at this point in our becoming we think of the ‘void’ the way Suzanne Braun Levine thinks of it, as a “fertile void” and a space of “unremitting unknowingness”.  We are empty of the ‘old’ and if we surrender to this space and do not numb ourselves with alcohol, drugs, food, sex, gambling, retail therapy, or busyness etc. – then it is in this space of emptiness that the tendrils of something new can begin to emerge.  Jane Fonda, an amazing woman who has reinvented herself more than once, says that the “potentials that lie within the fertile void are paralleled within the natural world… an ecologist in southern Georgia told me that it is in the zones where one ecosystem ends and another begins that one finds the richest, most exciting diversity of life.  And quantum physics says that ‘the closer a system can move to the edge of chaos, the more creativity and ‘option space’ exists.”  (PRIME TIME)  If you quiet yourself and go with the Flow, the Universe will reveal your options and opportunities and Nature will reveal her secrets.

I am assuming that if you are a regular reader that you have created your new story about yourself, created your new vision board that reflects that new story, are planting daily affirmations that support your new story, meditating and reflecting and have a gratitude practice.  I am thinking that you are generative – in other words – you give of yourself in terms of your knowledge, experience, time, resources and values.  For me, my blog is my FREE service.  And, you will have realized that it goes way beyond the Law of Attraction!  Why?  Because I want the best for you.  My intention is to help people through their soul’s journey to dis-cover their divinity and create their best life.

I will now share with you some questions you might wish to ask your future self while in the fertile void:

  • What can’t you live without?
  • What are your super powers?
  • What roles do music, art, dance and stories play in your life?
  • Describe a ‘perfect’ day from waking up till going to sleep.
  • Do you ask for what you want, future self, or do you expect folks to read your mind?
  • Are you enjoying your relationships and healthy lifestyle companions?
  • What are the non-negotiables in your daily life?
  • What is fundamentally important and what is irrelevant?
  • What do you eat and drink to maintain such glowing health and vitality?
  • What movement/exercise do you undertake to maintain that strong, fit body?
  • How many hours do you sleep to feel so alive and refreshed?
  • What forms of relaxation and recreation bring you most joy?
  • Where are you living?  What is your environment like?
  • What are your hobbies?
  • What do you do to keep your brain healthy? (hint – meditation is cardio for the brain!)
  • Have you learned something new? a language? musical instrument? a new skill?
  • Do you have a new job or career?  Do you volunteer?
  • What kinds of clothes do you wear future self?
  • How are your finances?  (hint- I am abundant in all areas of my life)

I suggest that answering these questions and others of your own are likely to help you move into becoming your future self.

If you feel so guided, I can highly recommend purchasing Dr. Doreen Virtue’s CD entitled “Manifesting with the Angels” which she recorded in 1999.  In this recording, Doreen guides you through a progression (similar to a regression, except that you see your future rather than your past).  This CD is intended to be used in your own home when you can relax and feel safe to allow the experience.  Doreen is enlightened and a loving and gentle person whose voice, alone, will raise your frequency.

Next week we begin the final quarter of this on-line course I built around the Law of Attraction.  We move on to the last 25 tips of our 100. Everything we create begins as an inspiration which means – letting spirit in!  Therefore, next week our final category is ‘the spiritual power of attraction.’

Until then,

Love & Light,   Monica


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  1. Gillian April 21, 2016 at 4:51 pm Reply

    So much to take in here! I love the “what ifs” re your tuning in to clients before a reading. Hard to believe we’re heading into the last quarter of the course. 🙂

  2. Rosie April 22, 2016 at 7:39 pm Reply

    Thank you for this inspiration! I’ve been working hard in the last couple of weeks to get my health back together through heathy food, meditation and exercise. Today i decided to try Tai Chi for the first time not really knowing what it was about and absolutely loved it! It’s grounding, relaxing and great for the body. You are right about the spontaneous releasing too… i was just doing my dishes last night and started crying out of nowhere! Just when you think you have released the last bit of build up, out comes some more!

  3. Gillian April 23, 2016 at 5:35 pm Reply

    Hello, Rosie! Good for you for putting focus on your health and for trying Tai Chi. Hope you keep us informed as to how it’s going.

    • Rosie April 28, 2016 at 9:48 pm Reply

      thank you Gillian! I went again on monday…slowly getting it but it’s like tapping your head and rubbing your stomach at the same time…there’s a lot to think about. I can’t wait until i don’t have to think and be able to meditate and work some energy 🙂

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