“The Tao of nurturing life requires that one keep oneself as fluid and flexible as possible.  One should not stay still for too long, nor should one exhaust oneself by trying to perform impossible tasks.  One should learn how to exercise from nature by observing the fact that flowing water never stagnates and a busy door with active hinges never rusts or rots.  Why?  Because they exercise themselves perpetually and are almost always moving.”   SUN SSU-MO,  TANG DYNASTY PHYSICIAN

Today we have completed learning the first ten tips of one hundred tips regarding the Law of Attraction.  Every time we complete ten tips, I suggest that you do a review.  As we approach ‘back to school time’ I easily remember how appreciative I was all through my school days of those teachers who expressed their dedication and caring by preparing and leading us through a review.  Metaphysical and spiritual studies are no different from other disciplines.  Review is important because we want this knowledge to take root in our subconscious mind and bear fruit when the time is ripe.  Therefore, I recommend that you do a review of the first ten tips and then also begin to incorporate tips 11 & 12.  Also, flip through the titles of my previously posted 100 or so pieces and see if your guides draw your attention to one or more of these as being important for you to review for your readiness.  Don’t forget to keep a running notebook or journal going because you may one day be surprised at how far you have come and also it may provide fodder for some short stories, or poems or a book down the road.  You definitely will dis-cover things about yourself that are currently hidden.

As you move forward keep gently releasing the past so that you don’t put limits on the future that you are imagining for yourself and thereby keep yourself from manifesting your Good.  Keep working consciously a little bit each day with the Law of Attraction and you may wish to use the wonderful affirmation suggested to us by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer’s spirit guides: “All my experiences are opportunities to gain more power, clarity and vision.”  When we understand, and embrace and accept the lessons within whatever we lack, then we will no longer need this experience of lack because it will have served its purpose!

Do you currently measure your “net worth” in dollars?  If so and you are currently in an ‘ebb’ cycle of your flow of abundance, then that may not allow for the feeling of prosperity that amplifies these tips!  Therefore, I suggest, as do most of the metaphysical teachers that I know, that you remember that your “net worth” also incudes your education, knowledge, skills, experience, contacts and attitudes.  Everything in life is cyclical.  Look at the ocean.  The tide comes in and the tide goes out.  Remember that you create what you focus on, and down cycles are always followed by up cycles, so, don’t let the down cycles get you down!  Look at your past and how much you have already created at various times in your life and remember how much progress you have made and the forward movement that followed every ebb in the flow.

Face your fears.  Ultimately, this awakens your greatest strengths.  Fears lose their power over you when you dig them up and bring them to the light of your consciousness.  Ask your angels to help you to release and let them go.  Releasing fears opens up whole areas of growth and potential.  There is no such thing as failure – there is only feedback.  We learn something from every experience and if we do not – it is repeated until we get it!

Do the review to shed light on all that you have already learned.  The review prepares you for what you have yet to learn.  Repetition is also part of the alchemical process.  As you continue your consciousness-raising work with the Law of Attraction you are not only drawing your Good to you but are also learning more about yourself through your choices.  Some choices are very subtle; however, most of us are more than capable in solitude, nature, and meditation to choose the path of most light.  This path accelerates your growth and aliveness which leads to increased abundance.  It is crucial to work on your ability to discriminate and to choose the path of greater light.  As the late respected spiritual teacher, Wayne Dyer, says – “we don’t attract what we want, but who we are.”  As we choose the path of greater light we not only raise our own vibration but we lift others up.  Do not define yourself by what you have or what you want because everything is always changing.  You are a divine being and you have everything within you to create and then to create again!

I have found that consciously working with the Law of Attraction continuously over the last nine years has also had the added benefit of helping me to live from my Higher Self for longer and longer periods of time each day.  This is what the Christ meant when He indicated that we are to be in the world but not of it.  Our Higher Self is always connected to the angels and to Heaven.  Take one day at a time.  This ensures that you do not go into overwhelment.  Living in the future can lead some of us to a feeling of powerlessness.  Live in the NOW and enjoy everything that you can.  The Universe responds to your positive talk; therefore, continue to monitor your thoughts while simultaneously avoiding what some New Agers call “the tyranny of positivity.”  Just be sure that you are not railing against the “tyranny of positivity” because you want to give yourself permission to wallow in negativity and darkness.  Because, that lowers your vibration and held long enough can lead into a downward spiral.

We are energy.  Our universe is made up of energy.  Sometimes when money (also energy) isn’t flowing to us the lack of flow is in our bodies.  Have you been receiving any messages from your body lately?  Your body is always communicating and attempting to inform you of its needs.  Do you need more exercise?  More rest and relaxation?  More time in Nature?  More solitude?  Changes in your diet?  What change could you make today to open up that blocked area?  Sometimes the blocks are in our physical bodies  and sometimes our emotions, or our relationship with Source, ourselves, or others.  Are you allowing communication from God/Source?  Do you honour and trust your intuition?

Have any of you been seeing the Angel number 222 recently?  Doreen Virtue says this means “your newly planted ideas are beginning to grow into reality.  Keep watering and nurturing them, and soon they will push through the soil so you can see evidence of your manifestation.  In other words, don’t give up five minutes before the miracle.  Your manifestation is soon going to be evident to you, so keep up the good work!  Keep holding positive thoughts, keep affirming, and continue visualizing.”  Usually, if I see 222 three times within a few days, it is because I have begun to get discouraged regarding a lack of physical evidence of what I am manifesting!  If you see 222 three times within a few days or so then your angels are communicating with you through angel numbers.  (Doreen Virtue has a book called ANGEL NUMBERS 101)  They (your angels) are encouraging you to continue to trust.  Keep the faith.  Divine Timing is involved.


Get comfortable with receiving attention.  (Relaxed energy is very attractive)  Wear something eye-catching and bright so that others can notice you.  Let your style get you the recognition that you want and desire.


Exercise not just for the way you look, but, how you feel.  Endorphins are released and provide a feeling of strength and power.  Also, it creates a very healthy attractive glow.


Remember to celebrate your progress, no matter how small it may seem to you at present.  Much of it takes place behind the scenes and some of it happens while you sleep.

Love & Light,    Monica





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  1. Gillian September 3, 2015 at 10:38 am Reply

    I’m going to email the last few paragraphs to my teenage daughter who pointed out a “222” as were were driving yesterday. Will keep an eye out on today’s drive! (Can’t believe we’re at 11 & 12 already. Good idea to review.)Thanks.

  2. Christine September 6, 2015 at 7:30 pm Reply

    So much amazing information for us all Monica, thank you! I loved reading the quote from Wayne Dyer “You don’t attract what you WANT, but what you ARE. What a wonderful quote, and so worth remembering again and again.

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