“There are only two ways to live your life.  One is as though nothing is a miracle.  The other is as though everything is a miracle.”    Albert Einstein

“Explore what you are scoffed at for wanting to explore.”    Source unknown


Desire what you desire with all of your heart, and put all of your heart into all that you do.  Half-heartedness only produces half-hearted results, because you get out of life what you put into it.  Live freely and heartfully to enjoy the greatest and most fulfilling rewards.


Passionate people attract, inspire and instill passion in others.  If you are not passionate about your life, your ideas, your work etc. – no one else will be.  Passion is meant to be shared, so pass on passion to others and light the eternal flame of love, power and vitality.

I have observed that passionate people who live wholeheartedly tend to see obstacles as opportunities for aliveness and growth.  They become resourceful and instead of enduring bad situations they look for ways to make them better.  They value their time and energy and therefore the time and energy of others.  They also, I have noticed, help others out of joy rather than obligation.  This helps them to maintain a higher frequency which is very attractive.  Helen Keller, a woman who led a very passionate and wholehearted life, is quoted as saying: “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”

Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer encourage us to live wholeheartedly and passionately.  They tell us a story about a man recently out of college who was feeling pressure from his parents to go to work.  Let’s call him Craig.  So, Craig got an office job.  However, Craig wanted to dis-cover his life’s work and he knew that it wasn’t working in an office.  He began to examine where he was putting his time and energy and he realized that after work he couldn’t wait to get to his exercise classes!  Craig decided to become an exercise physiologist, designing exercises both as therapy for people with physical problems and also to help people get fit.  Craig then enrolled in school and reduced his job to part-time.  “He is still in school and feels more alive than ever.  Even the part-time job has become fun again because he knows it is paying his school tuition.”  (CREATING MONEY: ATTRACTING ABUNDANCE)

People who live passionately and wholeheartedly value themselves and their talents and therefore they value other people and their special gifts.  We all have unique gifts and people who find ways to use them, in a career or in any other way during their lives – are expressing the self-love that is so attractive.  Here is another story from Roman & Packer for you about a man who learned to love and value himself.  Let’s call him Adam.  Adam found it easy to work for others, but hard to spend time doing things for himself.  Adam had many good ideas about what he wanted to do but was plagued by doubts.  He thought that what he loved wasn’t worth devoting time to.  Therefore it was easy for Adam to spend all of his week-ends and evenings helping others but difficult to put in any time carrying out his dreams.  Adam decided to change.  He decided to start valuing his ideas.  Adam began with small baby steps ( as I advise my clients to do) and in small ways he began asserting himself more and taking more time for himself.  Adam had always loved to teach, and he was very drawn to nature.  He was constantly taking walks and reading books about flowers and trees.  Adam loved being outdoors and enjoyed identifying plants as he walked.  Adam went to his local parks and recreation department where he lived and he found that they offered guided tours through the national parks nearby.  Adam started volunteering his time on week-ends and soon found himself spending all his spare time leading both adult and children’s groups and teaching them about nature.  Soon after Adam was asked and getting paid to lead backpacking trips through wilderness areas and was in great demand as a week-end guide.  The more Adam honored his time, energy, interests, skills and knowledge the more opportunities he attracted to support himself while also doing what he loved.  Today, Adam is the owner/operator of a children’s outdoor camp and is living his best life.

What are your heart’s desires?  What topics and activities are you interested in?  How could you share them with others?  Answer this, in detail,  in your journal.

What does one of my favourite U.K. healers, Anne Jones, say about passion?  “This can be a wonderful feeling.  It makes us move, it allows us to live life to the fullest.  It’s the passion we feel for art, music, literature, and so on that makes us feel uplifted.  It’s our passion for beliefs and rights and spiritual truths that makes us change the world.  Passionate people are full of life, they are strong-willed, they are dynamic.”  (HEALING NEGATIVE ENERGIES)

For some of us living passionately and wholeheartedly will mean transforming numerous beliefs.  Our beliefs create our reality.  Since our beliefs are our assumptions about the nature of reality and because we create what we believe in – we have many ‘proofs’ that reality operates the way we think it does.  If we wish to live wholeheartedly and passionately then we choose beliefs that bring us aliveness and growth.  We take our attention away from negative beliefs and begin activating positive ones so that we change what we experience.

Passionate people tend to desire with all of their heart.  Many of us were taught to believe that to desire anything is wrong.  However, Sanaya Roman, after working with her spirit guide, teaches us that our desires teach us many things about ourselves and the nature of reality.  If we desire things that cause us suffering, that suffering will teach us to desire things that bring us joy.  Sanaya says that even fulfilling material desires can create spiritual growth.  “Behind the desire for a new home or car is the desire to grow, expressed in a familiar form.  As you gain mastery over manifesting your material desires, you will come to realize that material objects, prestige, fame, and wealth have little value unless they serve your higher purpose.”

People who live wholeheartedly and passionately desire growth.  How much do you desire growth?  Please answer this in your journal.   Do you believe that you can grow with joy rather than struggle? Please answer this in your journal.   Are you currently living wholeheartedly and passionately?  If you are, write about it in your journal and if you are not, write about why you are not in your journal.

Sanaya says that at a certain level of evolution desire disappears and you just are.  “You don’t desire, you don’t want anything, and you are not in a state of having and not-having.  Until you reach that level, use desire as the tool it is.  You have desire for a reason – so that you can desire your spiritual growth and thus be your Higher Self.  Want your growth so much that it becomes an all-pervasive thought, for the more you desire it, the more you bring a spiritual orientation to everything you do, and the more rapidly you reach enlightenment.”  (SPIRITUAL GROWTH)

I find that when I do Angel readings for clients they frequently receive the oracle card with the words Admit Your True Feelings To Yourself on it.  Some of us are not conscious of the fact that not only are we not expressing true feelings to others but we are not even allowing ourselves to be aware of our true feelings!  It makes it more difficult to live a whole-hearted and passionate life if we do not acknowledge our true feelings to ourselves because our emotions are like a GPS – they are our EGS (emotional guidance system).  However, as a close friend and colleague and I discussed recently during one of our chats, some people are afraid of their own passion and that is why they are afraid of the passion in others.  Would you live passionately and wholeheartedly if you realized that you control your own destiny?    Please answer this in your journal.

Younger people can be encouraged to live wholeheartedly and to express their gifts by elders such as myself – who – contrary to our North American youth-obsessed culture are not ready for the scrap heap just because our prime consumer years are now over!  As shaman Eliot Cowan states: “Modern life opens a path not to the soul but to the shopping mall, and the force of growth has been diverted onto this path.  The result is the growth of what we call the “gross national product”, and unless it gets grosser every year our “economy” founders.  There is a word for out-of-control rapid growth: cancer.  Cancer continues to spread in our bodies and on earth because, like trees, we must have growth.  The only way out is to rediscover that material growth is a youthful phase that prepares the way for real growth into elderhood.”  (PLANT SPIRIT MEDICINE)

Affirmations planted deeply and consistently are very powerful.  “I release stuck energy, old habits and restrictions.  My life is opening up.  I am free to choose my reality.”  “I live passionately and wholeheartedly.”

When we choose to live our lives passionately and wholeheartedly as the Highest expression of Source, miracles flow through us as the darkness is illuminated, the body naturally heals itself and our spirits soar to new multi-sensory and multi-dimensional levels.

Love & Light,  Monica



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  1. Gillian November 5, 2015 at 3:39 pm Reply

    Two more great tips! I have started, just this week, to get back to all kinds of “little” things that are easy to drop yet add up to health for me and the result, of course, is that I’m feeling very happy. Thanks!

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