“Three things essential for the wise to know: their Gods, themselves, and the deceits of the world.”    CELTIC TRIAD

“The most good you can do for the world is to become a wizard.”    Dr. Deepak Chopra


If you look down, others will tend to look down on you.  Be proud of who you are and what you have achieved thus far, and be proud of the person you are choosing to be.


The higher your frequency is the more power you have to manifest what you desire quickly.  Also, because like energy attracts like energy when you vibrate at higher frequencies such as love and joy, you attract more loving and joyful experiences to you.  Doing things that you love and enjoy raises your frequency instantly, as does singing, humming, toning, meditating, dancing, whirling, drumming, some types of music, playing, laughing etc.

A wizard is not dominated by the ego.  A wizard is free.  A wizard knows that the only question worth asking is the question that Yogis ask continuously.  “Who am I?”  As Deepak Chopra states: “A wizard does not believe himself to be a local event dreaming of a larger world.  A wizard is a world dreaming of local events.”

Do you believe in magic?  I do.  What is magic?  Magic is a term we give to any phenomenon that we can’t understand.  Whatever is beyond our current knowledge and comprehension we often describe as magic.  Anne Jones gives us a simple list of definitions of what magic actually is.

* Magic is using the power of the mind.

* Magic is the use of psychic and mystical abilities.

*Magic is the art of changing the form of energy – also called alchemy.

Anne says that we are “moving towards a time when more and more people will develop psychic powers and these powers are going to be ever more readily accepted.  Eventually there will come a time when they will be commonplace and used by all in their daily lives.  Everyone will be able to learn to perform amazing acts – what we call miracles – just as so many people are now able to perform natural energy healing thanks to the introduction of Reiki.”  (HEALING NEGATIVE ENERGIES)

If we have low self-esteem we are unlikely to use our magic.  Less likely to un-cover the wizard or priestess within, because low self-esteem is a low frequency.  Therefore, it is not attractive.  As earth angels it is essential that we learn about healthy boundaries and assertiveness in order to create and maintain self-esteem.  Earth angels, due to our intuitive sense of the needs of others and our deep desire to please, tend to be too frequently the targets of narcissists and sociopaths.  Both of these – the narcissist and the sociopath – have a need to dominate and control others and will exploit others without any sense of guilt. As Dr. Doreen Virtue (a qualified counseling psychologist) writes, “A sociopath (or psychopath) also views people and animals as objects.  Like a narcissist, a sociopath has no empathy.  Both narcissists and sociopaths know that they’re unlike other people because they lack remorse or a conscience.  But they hide this fact from others and pretend to feel guilty or sad as a manipulative tool.  Their biggest manipulation, though, is that they twist other people – who do have a conscience – into feeling afraid or guilty so that they’ll do what they want.” (ASSERTIVENESS FOR EARTH ANGELS:HOW TO BE LOVING INSTEAD OF TOO NICE) If you wish to avoid having your self-esteem at rock bottom – then I suggest that you learn to identify a narcissist and a sociopath by becoming aware of their traits and tactics – because education and foresight is the insurance that you need to protect your self-esteem.  An excellent book to educate yourself regarding sociopaths is by psychologist Martha Stout and is called THE SOCIOPATH NEXT DOOR.

A way to maintain and increase our self-esteem is to surround ourselves with positive and open-hearted people.  When we raise our frequency, some of us leave co-dependent relationships.  Co-dependence is defined as being psychologically dependent on a relationship with another person for our balance, happiness, and a sense of peace.  Co-dependence can occur in romantic relationships, friendships, and parent-child relationships.  For many different reasons, one of them being a lack of self-esteem, some co-dependent individuals subject themselves to varying forms of abuse because they see little or no opportunities outside of the relationship and would rather not face the alternative fear of being alone.  As Howard Falco tells us, “Verbal abuse often tends to be used to keep oppressed partners in a low state of self-esteem.  This helps quell their continual fears and elevate the sense of control that a manipulator feels they must have.” (I AM: THE POWER OF DISCOVERING WHO YOU REALLY ARE)  Falco explains to us that “the addiction to codependence originates from a negative sense of self that most likely developed in childhood, many of these individuals often feel as if they are unlovable or incapable of surviving on their own.  When someone comes along who offers them the experience of being loved, they are instantly sent into an incredibly unbalanced positive state of mind.  They often feel a sense of bliss and personal validation that they never felt before.  The thought of losing this person and the new love the person brings can become terrifying.  Rather than connect the experience to the new understanding that being loved by another human being to this degree is possible, they believe this particular person is the only one on the planet who can offer this feeling.  Now they are “under the spell” of another and will do anything to keep this individual in their life out of the fear of going back to being unloved and living in a negative state of mind.”

Who among us has not experienced the fear of being unloved?  The fear of being alone?  These fears can unfortunately result in some of us staying in codependent relationships of one sort or another for far too long.  However, changes happen when one of the individuals is ready to grow and evolve.  Ready to increase their frequency.  If the other person is not ready to grow as well, the relationship erodes due to the increasing growth and maturity of the other who has developed more self-esteem, more self-respect and self-love.  Both parties can be helped by our understanding and compassion.  Request angels.  Send light and love.  Do not express anger or disapproval to those in a codependent relationship because those in an ‘addicted’ relationship will then feel they need the relationship even more.

I believe that in understanding ourselves and others, Falco is very helpful when he reminds us that “from the perspective of the person creating it, every act is perceived as an act of survival.”  Nevertheless, as our self-esteem rises and our self-love rises and our frequency rises – we move out of survival mode and into thriving mode and then we attract those to us who have evolved beyond their ego’s fears.  We live more frequently from our Higher Selves.  Because when we have low self-esteem we see ourselves as flawed in a way that restricts the amount of love and acceptance we allow ourselves to feel on the inside.  This results in our feeling needy and often looking to others to compensate for our own lack of self-love and self-acceptance.  This is a result of a major misconception, because we believe we can get something from the outside world that will make up for what we are missing on the inside.  However, nothing is missing on the inside.  We just need to dis-cover this.  There is much help on the journey to dis-cover yourself.  Ask the angels to help you – they are standing by and waiting to be asked!  Remember that the angels follow the Law of Free Will, so you must ask.

We can understand our lack of self-esteem as a cycle that can become ingrained if not identified.  Oftentimes our experiences and conditioning may have led to us developing negative thought forms (I see these clairvoyantly) that lead us to low self-esteem which then leads to more negative thought forms which lead to negative behavior  patterns.  As we travel through life we can adopt attitudes and limitations from our family, society, culture and religion.  These negative thoughts can harden into mindsets – which are fixed ways of thinking and rob us of autonomy.  We become unthinking robots.  Our potential shackled by chains upon our minds and spirit.  We then say, “I can’t do that,” or “I’m not good enough for this.”

The good news is that there are numerous ways to improve our self-esteem.  We can receive help from a psychotherapist or psychologist, a spiritual counselor, a hypnotherapist, or any other number of professionals who can access universal energy streams to help people heal.  We can call in Archangel Michael who increases courage, confidence and self-esteem.  Or the powerful Celtic goddess, Dana.  Historians say that Dana has the most ancient roots of any Celtic deity!  Dr. Doreen Virtue says that Dana was esteemed by the pre-Gaelic Tuatha De Danaans, a group of alchemists in Ireland. Legend says the Tuatha De Danaans became the leprechauns who today inhabit Ireland.  Invoke Dana and ask her to increase your self-esteem.  She will also, if asked, help you with alchemy and Divine magic.  Dana helps you to feel worthy – as this is one of her many specialties.  Do not forget to say thank you.  If you wish help from the mineral kingdom, then copper is an excellent choice.  Why not slip on a copper bracelet from the pharmacy as though it is for your arthritis ( just joking! although – not a bad idea!)  Everyone knows copper is wonderful for easing joint pain, however, it is also known for increasing self-awareness and self-esteem and aids in establishing emotional boundaries.  Citrine also is helpful.  My daughter gifted me with citrine earrings years ago in order to help me with abundance.  Citrine is a crystal that increase self-esteem – which then helps you work with your Higher Self to heal old patterns.  The wonderful thing to know and to always remember is that we can raise our frequency with the angels and when we do this on a consistent basis then we notice that people begin to treat us differently and new opportunities begin to come our way.  This is because the way people treat us is determined by our attitudes, energy and love.  As the saying goes, when we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.  Adopt this affirmation.  “I change the world around me by changing myself.”

Many of you are working with the Law of Attraction and some of you are now also at the integration phase of your sacred journey.  Since I am on a physical journey to California next week and will be attending a wedding next Thursday – I will be off-line & unable to post next week.  Therefore, I am giving you some questions to answer over the next 2 weeks in your journal that will help you integrate what you have learned providing you do the work!  If you ponder & answer these questions in detail – then they will be of service to you in your quest for your inner wizard.  They are very similar, but not identical, to the questions used by Jhenah Telyndra who leads  Avalonian intensive workshops throughout North America and the U.K.

(1)  What contributes to your state of balance and calmness and peace?  Do you employ any specific tools, techniques, or activities to attain your state of peace and balance?  How long does your feeling state of balance last?  Are you able to prolong its effect?  How?  Describe in detail.  Do you see the world differently when you are centered and balanced?  How so?

(2)  What is at the core of who and what you are?  What is your ultimate definition of self?  Do you express your essence of self in your life and world?  If so, explain in detail.  If not, explain in detail.  Much has already been explained to you on your sacred journey.  What is the obstacle keeping you from completely reclaiming what has been revealed?  How can you rectify this situation?  How do you envision the ultimate expression of (your) self? What can you do to facilitate its conscious manifestation?

(3)  What is your concept of the nature of the Divine/God/Goddess?  How would you describe your own relationship with God/Goddess?  What helps you to connect with God/Goddess/Source and receive your Divine guidance?  To which archetypal aspect/s or energy/ies of Spirit are you most drawn?  Why?  What lessons are you learning from these connections?  How comfortable are you with the idea that (your) self and God/Goddess are one?  What can you do to become more conscious of your connection with Spirit?

(4)  What is the nature of (your) service to the Divine?  How are you serving right now?  How would you like to serve in the future?  If you were a priestess or a wizard in ancient Avalon  (and it is quite likely you were if you resonate with the energy) what would have been your service to the island?  What does it mean to be a priestess or a wizard in today’s world?  How can you initiate the journey down the path to reclaiming the wizard/priestess within?

(5)  In Arthurian legend (which has consciously resonated within me since I was 6 years old and learned about Avalon in school) the story of Sir Gawaine and the Loathly Lady teaches that our lives are transfigured when we reclaim and obtain our personal Sovereignty.  What changes will occur in your life as a result of your authority over your own life and your vision of (your) self?  How can you empower your Sovereign nature?  How can you use your Sovereignty to midwife the birth and emergence of the wizard/priestess within?  Are you willing to do the work?  If so, why?  If not, why not?

“At this very moment you are a wizard.  You are perfected in spirit; you have never separated from God or nature.  All that has happened is that, in your struggle not to feel pain, you’ve started to block the present moment.  Memory and desire veil the spirit.  They do so because long ago you began to fear for your security here on this earth.  Insecurity is the motive for attacking the earth, for if we trusted that we are nourished and upheld, none of us would be quite so hysterical about surviving.

“Trust in trust, have faith in faith,” Merlin said.  “That is the only solution when you have lost trust and faith.”  In the heart of ourselves, each of us is nothing but trust.  Being and love are also innate parts of ourselves, but it is trust that allows us to breathe easy, to accept the earth’s spirit as our own.  And the technique for remembering this is as simple as the technique for remembering anything else.  Allow yourself to stop believing that struggle is the answer.  Appreciate in silence the life that is meeting you at every moment.  With this silent acceptance comes the tremendous energy that is hidden in the present, and in that energy are abundance, peace, intelligence, and creativity.  All these are the gifts of silence wrapped inside the spirit of the earth.”  (THE WAY OF THE WIZARD by Deepak Chopra)

Namaste.                                                     p.s. I will be back on-line December 10th with tips 37 & 38.  Until then,  Love & Light,   Monica

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    I know how much it took for you to do this amazing Blog, thank you. I have printed the questions, and will work on them .

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    Sometimes I think you and I are in sync, Monica 😉 Always love Deepak Chopra quotes! See you when you return.

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