“The important thing is this: To be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.”    Charles Du Bois

“Our awesome responsibility to ourselves, to our children, and to the future is to create ourselves in the image of goodness, because the future depends on the nobility of our imaginings.”    Barbara Grizzuti Harrison.


People desire things because of the state that they believe it will give them – for instance, they desire love or money because they believe it will give them the state of joy.  At any time, you can access that state that you desire, you don’t have to wait until you have what you desire; if you desire the joy of love, you can embody that now.  More importantly, attuning yourself to that state and frequency will align you with what you desire, and will draw it to you.


You can be happy right now if you choose.  It doesn’t take anything outside of you to make you happy.  Simply smiling shifts your energy and raises your frequency and emotions.  Don’t take life so seriously!  One of my psychic teachers, the Amazing Grace, who taught me about the Law of Attraction and gave me these tips says, “gravity is a force that keeps you down.”  Lighten up so you can enjoy your life.  Who is more attractive?  Someone who is smiling or someone who is frowning?  (Read or re-read my blog called LIGHTEN-UP!  Feb 20, 14)

In the more than 2 years since I began writing a weekly blog for Awakening Spirit (my first was August 1, 2013) I have talked frequently about raising our frequency in order to attract our Good.  Awakening to the ‘new’ reality that a higher frequency reveals can help us to let go of toxic relationships , improve relationships, find ‘higher solutions’ to our problems while simultaneously manifesting our desires.  As you are aware, everything is made of energy.  This includes our bodies, thoughts, emotions and spirit.  Everything is also vibrating.  It is our personal vibration that communicates who we are and helps to shape our reality.

Our personal vibration changes depending on what we are thinking, feeling and doing.  As Penney Peirce confirms, we can let our personal vibration match the world’s chaotic soup of frequencies and feel buffeted about helplessly, or we can determine how we want to feel.”  (FREQUENCY: THE POWER OF PERSONAL VIBRATION)  I personally, wish to feel happy.  Therefore, realizing that it is a decision, I made the decision to be happy.  It appears to be working quite well as for a few years now my sister has been calling me the “happy medium” so that is my confirmation that I have achieved my desired state.  Of course, this does not mean that my frequency never oscillates, but rather, that I recognize happiness as a choice and support my choice by working on my energy daily and focus my vibration to where I want it to be.  This takes a lot of practice; however, it works and like any other discipline is worth the effort involved.

Peirce, who is an internationally respected clairvoyant empath, calls our age the “Intuition Age”.  Her work is so important and enlightening for those of us consciously expanding our awareness and developing our sensitivity.  Peirce particularly appeals to those of us who are consciously shifting our awareness and she reminds us that in the end it will be our subjective interpretation of what our personal intuition brings that will either free or inhibit our ability to act and grow.

So what is your personal vibration?  How does it function?  Our personal vibration is the comprehensive vibration that radiates from us in any given moment.  It fluctuates.  For example, one minute you may experience an amalgamation of bodily pain, emotional victimhood and mental stress and the next minute you might be physically engaged in a way that brings emotional pleasure.  Peirce reminds us that if we are upset, we might use our gut instinct and react, and if we are calm and happy we may have highly intuitive insights.

We can observe for ourselves that one aspect of our personal foundation affects the vibrations of other aspects of ourselves.  For example, if we have been depressed for awhile, our low emotional state may result in a ‘drying up’ so to speak of our imagination and our thoughts may have become more negative.  Hopeless even.  If this is the case – then our lack of self-love and enthusiasm might cause our body to become more sluggish.  However, if we exercise regularly such as walking or dancing, then we notice that we are experiencing more fluidity and flexibility in our thoughts as well as our bodies.  So, we learn to move up the scale so to speak!   We choose a quality that feels better.  We reach for better-feeling thoughts.

Most of us are quite cognizant these days that our personal vibration is affected by global vibrations and the vibrations of others around us.  For clairsentients in particular, but for all of us, our bodies are like tuning forks when we come in close contact with others who are anxious, negative or earthy and calm.  We notice that our body will start ‘copying’ theirs.  Most of us can identify what Peirce calls the “uppers” and the “downers” in our lives.  Locations are similar as places carry vibrations.  Think of a place right now that makes you feel safe and calm and another that makes you feel nervous and afraid.  Write about these, in detail, in your journal please.  Also write about one “upper” in your life and also one “downer.”  There is no need to be judgmental while doing it, just observational ; but, if you dis-cover that you are judging people – then be honest and note that too!  That is important information on your journey of expanding awareness.  We are all ONE.  Therefore as we judge others, so too do we judge ourselves.  Also, remember that your personal vibration is affecting others around you.  As a highly conscious lightworker/lightplayer you may choose to ‘set the tone’ for others.

Our personal vibration is generated from inside ourselves by our own choices.  Peirce says that our natural vibration – she calls it our “home frequency” is the way our soul feels.  It is the bright frequency that radiates from babies.  As we get older and further away from babyhood and childhood our bright frequency is obscured by mental and emotional chatter and clutter.  The good news is that we can make the choice to uncover our light at any moment!  Should we choose not to dis-cover our radiant light (this is usually an unconscious choice) then we keep operating at a low personal vibration and will likely attract places, circumstances and people with lower vibrations –  due to the Law of Attraction.  Or, as Peirce notes, we will assign people with naturally higher vibrations the job of making us feel better.

The more we put our soul in charge of our life, instead of our ego-personality, the higher our personal vibration becomes.  As you are aware, as we continue to move through our transformation process, our constricting and contracting beliefs are rising to the surface to be cleansed, purified and transmuted (hand them to your angels to take to the light).

Peirce recommends that you try this exercise that allows you to track your daily vibrations:

“* Think back over your day so far.  What physical, emotional, and mental state did you greet the day with?

* How did you move through the frequencies as the day progressed?

* What states are you living in right now?

* When you recall a typical day, is there a pattern of energy states that you tend to repeat without realizing it?  What is your typical early-morning vibration?  Mid-morning?  Early afternoon?  Late afternoon?  Early evening?  Nighttime?

* Think back over your week.  What were the  predominant vibrations you lived in?

* What frequency levels have you been dreaming in lately?”    (FREQUENCY, page 46, by Penney Peirce)

Answer these in your journal please and I advise you to do this at least twice this coming week.

We know that there is a lot to learn and digest and integrate regarding what Abraham calls “the science of deliberate creation.”  Much is beyond the Law of Attraction; however, this Law is crucial to manifesting and as you progress on your journey you will find yourself delving even more into the frequency principles that underlie the Law of Attraction.  Be grateful that in this Intuition Age we now have the knowledge previously only available to alchemists, magicians and avatars.  We are truly blessed.

Love & Light,  Monica






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  1. Gillian December 17, 2015 at 10:49 am Reply

    Reading this blog I’m so happy we who are in Canada currently have a Prime Minister who radiates joy and happiness and positivity while dealing with the toughest stuff. Great blog.

    • Monica December 17, 2015 at 4:18 pm Reply

      Yes! I am glad you made that point – because it is possible, though not always easy, to radiate happiness while also confronting our issues and dealing with our problems. I like what you say about our new Prime Minister and I think others are noticing this too. I liken the changing mood I feel in the local community to the way a school changes in atmosphere when a new Principal sets a different tone! Thanks for always adding something interesting to our on-going discussion.

  2. Trisha December 24, 2015 at 3:23 pm Reply

    Great blog..useful exercise to do especially during this holiday period!

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