“One of the things that I learnt when I was negotiating was that until I changed myself I could not change others.”     Nelson Mandela


Ongoing negative thoughts and emotions bring you down and lower your frequency, then attract everything that is on lower frequencies, which can spiral downward into depression and despair.  Nothing good can come when you feel so bad, because once you are in a state of depression, everything feels bad even if it is good.  That is because depression is a state of being, not an emotion, and once you are in that state, you have to alter the frequency of your thoughts and emotions in order to alter your state of experience.  Negativity drains energy and life force – you must weed out negative thoughts and emotions diligently, with peace not judgment.  You cannot fight negativity with negativity or you will feed it and make it worse, you must simply be patient, kind and loving and love yourself better.  Anger is repulsive.


If it doesn’t feel right, it usually isn’t right for you.  Don’t over-ride or ignore your feelings because they are a powerful way for your intuition to communicate with you.  Trust yourself to know what is true for you, and listen to yourself before you listen to others.

Happy people do not merely react to life.  They consciously choose thoughts and behaviours that create more peace and value for themselves and therefore for others.

When we have identified our patterns of reaction we begin to create our destiny by design rather than by default.  Investigate your emotions.  If you notice an uncomfortable or negative feeling – you’ll find that the source of this is in what you are thinking.  So, if you are nervous, then ask yourself what you might be afraid of.  And if you are depressed, be a detective and attempt to dis-cover what you are dreading or what you might be feeling hopeless about.  Dig deeply for the thoughts that could be fueling your negative feelings and if necessary write them down.  For example, are you feeling positive about 2016?  If you are not, then write down in your journal your specific fears, negative assumptions and judgments that are holding you hostage.  Then – consider the positive thoughts and actions that are equally available to you and ask yourself, why not take the positive road instead?

If you are considering some changes for 2016, why not vow to yourself to try to become more conscious of your behaviours.  Are you still engaging in choices that dishonor or disempower you?  Please answer this in your journal.  If you are engaging in any disempowering choices, remind yourself that you can release these habits (ask the Angels for help) and make a higher choice.  This does not require perfection, but rather the intention to increase your awareness.  Sandra Anne Taylor, author of QUANTUM SUCCESS, has a wonderful affirmation for you: “Every day, I consciously create my reality by choosing the kind of energy and emotions I want to live with.”

Remember that your measurement of value, as a lightworker, is in the good that you create and the difference that you are able to make in society or people’s lives.  I watched a wonderful programme over the holidays where adventurer and survival teacher, Bear Grylls, (who climbed Everest at the age of 23) took President Obama to the edge of a glacier to discuss climate change.  During Bear’s interview with Obama he asked the president what he was teaching his daughters.  Obama said that he was teaching them the two things that he felt were most important – to “be kind” and “useful.”  For lightworkers, making a meaningful contribution to society and helping others to create a better life for themselves is one of our greatest rewards and we often take jobs that are not necessarily high paying (although they may be) but that allow us the opportunity to be involved in community service and to receive nonfinancial rewards that might be even greater than the financial rewards in other fields.  However, do not take this to mean that poverty and spirituality need go hand-in-hand, but rather, that the energy that you put out comes back to you in a variety of ways that are rewards sometimes much greater than money  – because  when you make a meaningful contribution to your world around you – it allows your own spiritual growth to increase, opens your heart further, and increases your compassion for yourself and others.

One of the tips that I can give you that I have learned the hard way is this –  whatever your work is, offer it only to those who value it.  My spirit guides confirm this.  You don’t need to take as long as I did to value your work and time and energy!  And, if you don’t value all those things – no one else will either.

Do you need assistance releasing negativity?  Most of us do.  We tend to ‘hold on’ to things when what we really need, most often, is to ‘let go.’  There are so many ways to release negativity and drama.  You might wish to read or re-read my blog called “Cleansing & Healing Negativity” (September 5, 2013).  One of my teachers, Dr. Doreen Virtue, has a multitude of tips regarding this – and she also explains to us how our North American culture promotes an addiction to drama and negativity.  In fact, in her most recent book DON’T LET ANYTHING DULL YOUR SPARKLE Doreen helps us to “break free of negativity & drama.”  Doreen mentions that in the past she was approached by three different television stations about appearing with her family in a Reality Show of her life.  Her life is so peaceful that the producers told her it was “boring” and would not attract viewers so they asked her and her family to fake fights and drama for the cameras.  Naturally, they refused, and did not create the show.  Some of us, as Doreen articulates, confuse boredom with peace – when we feel genuine peace for the first time!

As we are very aware, negativity comes in many forms and on our journey, we spiritual warriors, learn to ferret it out.  It can come in a quick moment of self-judgment or it can come in the form of expectations of catastrophic disaster.  Clearly this is not the energy that we desire in our lives.  However, we must attempt not to blame ourselves for worrying as this form of reaction only adds negation to negation and worsens problems.  A positive and helpful response is to simply notice whenever your mind is heading in an anxious direction and then gently release any assumptions of fear or doubt (I hand them to my angels to take to the light).  Open up to the possibility of a more relaxing and better outcome.  The choice to let go of negative assumptions is a very important and life-changing choice.

Our newly positive affirmations make us feel much better while simultaneously making our life force much more attractive.  Here is an affirmation from Sandra Anne Taylor that I employed daily for two years.  “My thoughts are all of my own choosing.  Every day, I am learning to release fear and engage in more optimistic conclusions.  I am becoming the master of my own mental energy.”  It works!

Do you have an intention for 2016?  If you do, go with it! If you do not, go with it!  However, if you do not, then you may resonate with this one: “This year I am injecting more power into my beliefs.  I believe in myself.  I believe in my power to choose and my capacity to change.  This year – and always – I only believe the most honouring and empowering conclusions.”  It might help you to remember that ‘true love’ is serving people’s souls, not their personalities.

If you happen to be an elder lightworker  – do not let age be an excuse for not fulfilling your purpose.  It is always about spreading love and light, but, how we do that is up to each of us.  A smile can change someone’s day!  I know because it has changed a number of mine.  We are never too old to do whatever it is we came to do.  Maybe at this phase of your life you are mentoring indigo, crystal or rainbow children or grandchildren? Or starting a new business as many people beyond 60 have.  Are you going to write your first novel?  Become a social activist?  A member of the purple hat club?  Find ‘true love’.?  Spread your light through volunteering?  Become a wizard?  How about entering show business at the age of 80?  I know about a woman who did and is having success making commercials.  Do not let the North American culture of ageism stop you from spreading your light and love.  All of the “isms” are now dropping away as we all dis-cover ourselves as immortal and divine. Support our new Prime Minister and his “sunny ways.”   Value every season of life.  It is all good, in Truth.  We have all the power we need to create the destiny we desire.  All we need do is recognize that we are the magic wand for which we seek.

I just stopped for a moment and asked the angels, “what message do you have for the readers of my blogs as they begin the new year?”  I then pulled an oracle card for you dear readers from my Angel Tarot deck (Doreen’s of course!) of the Major and Minor Arcana – 78 cards.  You received, from the angels, card 1.  “The Magician: You are ready!  You have the resources or the ability to manifest them.  Life is magical.”  This means that you either have what you need right now or it will soon be magically coming to you.  Yay!  I am so excited for you.!!  If you are already clear about your path then this oracle card indicates “no more procrastination!”.  In Tarot, the card number 1 is a very powerful and creative number from which all beginnings spring forth.  This card is also associated with Archangel Raziel (one of my guardian angels – just saying! he he )  Archangel Raziel, as Doreen reminds us, is an amazing wizard who sits at the throne of God and keeps a magical book of wisdom.  Raziel’s name means “the secrets of God”.  Raziel shows up in rainbow colours and at the last healing I chanelled with the angels Raziel showed up three times.  This oracle card is also associated with the planet Mercury – which is all about communication and intellect.  “The magician teaches us that anything we can think up we can create!  This is the basic Law of Attraction.  By visualizing our dreams and then taking action, we can have the life we want to live.  This is perfect for The Magician, who can get anything done!”  (THE BIG BOOK OF ANGEL TAROT by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine  (yes- they were born with those names!!)   Thank you Archangel Raziel !!

Some of us do a detox as a new year comes and some of us make a vision board ( see blog called “The Vision Board”  August 14, 2014) – however – these are best pursued if guided to do so or if you resonate with these suggestions.  I am creating a sacred ceremony for myself with the angels tonight – maybe you are too?  However you bring in 2016, may it bring you every blessing and make all your dreams a reality.

Love & Light,   Monica


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  1. Gillian December 31, 2015 at 12:33 pm Reply

    So cool that the last two blogs have been on “eves”…Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. I’m feeling drawn to doing a vision board this January so will re-visit the post you mentioned. Happy New Year, everybody, and as always thanks, Monica, for the blogs.

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