“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”  Francis of Assisi

“Life is a song – sing it.  Life is a game – play it.  Life is a challenge – meet it.  Life is a dream – realize it.  Life is a sacrifice – offer it.  Life is love – enjoy it.”   Sai Baba

Dear Readers:  As you can see I am posting Tuesday this week – because I am out-of-town on Thursday preparing to attend a joyous event in my family life.  Next Thursday I will be back to my posting routine.  However, I did not want you to miss any tips as I know that some of you are not only reading these but are incorporating these tips into your life and thereby creating your ‘best life’ NOW.  I honour your dedication to your changes and I congratulate you on getting halfway through this on-line course on the Law of Attraction!

The quotes I use today hold special meaning for me because they are related to people that I have loved and lost.  One of my dear Yoga teachers was a devotee of Sai Baba (Marianne is now on the Other Side) and the other dear friend on the Other Side (Larry) communicates to me through the code words “St. Francis is my favourite saint!”  Of course, nothing is lost in the Mind of God and Love can never be destroyed – it only changes form.


Let go of past failure, past disappointment, and expecting disappointment in the future.  There is no such thing as failure unless you give up or fail to learn from your experience.  You are not the same person that you were before, so why would you expect to repeat the same experiences?  When you change in the present, you change the future.


Winning a game is done one goal at a time, but the ultimate goal is to win the entire game, not just to score each individual goal (do you like the hockey metaphor?  I’m a real Canadian, eh?) When you set your sights on what you desire, what is the goal beyond that?  What will your life be like when you have everything that you desire?  Focus on that, feel that feeling and get excited about that – then all of the other pieces will align and fall into place to manifest your complete reality on that frequency.

In order to create your ‘best life’ have the courage to make self-honouring options a priority.  Self-honouring and self-absorbed are not one and the same.  If you are not honouring your own time and energy then you are actually cutting off the flow of abundance.  Learn to be more loving to yourself and allow yourself to receive your worth.  Write in your journal this week about your personal values.  For what things do you feel the most passion?  What are the ways that you might go about aligning your goals with those items?  When you begin to direct your life force in a manner that ignites your emotions this will bring you a continuous sense of satisfaction while simultaneously helping you to detach from ‘how’ your success arrives!  “Every day, I look for opportunities to experience all the love, understanding, and self-mastery that I can achieve.  This is a part of my energetic plan.”  (Sandra Anne Taylor)

Give yourself permission to do what you want.  Waiting for others to give you permission is a repelling rather than an attracting choice.  A lot of moving forward often means a lot of ‘letting go.’  “I let go easily, trusting that nothing leaves my life unless something better is coming.”  (Sanaya Roman & Duane Packer)  As you ‘let go’ and surrender your need to control – your relaxed energy rapidly attracts your desires.

It is important to remember that due to the Law of Paradoxical Intent – that anything you chase will run away from you.  “Nothing enjoys the energy of pursuit” (Dr. Doreen Virtue) There is always an underlying fear behind a chase that flags to the Universe that you feel you may not receive your desire.  It is in actuality that fear that manifests as a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Always carry on doing your good works and focus on gratitude for all you have NOW and all you are attracting.  Attract your desires.  Do not chase them.

Howard Falco is a spiritual teacher who helps us to understand how our lives are created in every moment:

“The choices you make and the actions you take toward your dreams and goals are always completely up to you.  You determine which ones are right and which ones are wrong for you based on your true intent.  You also determine to a certain degree how much time it will take to accomplish your goals.  The key message is that you are who you are right now, until you declare and act differently.

Your I AM statements contain the integral instructions that drive the ongoing creation of your life.  These beliefs that form your personal story are constantly changing and evolving.  As you change your story, your ego follows along perfectly with a new script of actions that lead to a new reality.  If your ego fights change or hesitates in any way, this is an indication that you do not yet fully believe in the new you.

You can ask the right questions, you can allow the answers, and you can believe you have changed who you are; the truth, however, will be in your actions.  Without new actions nothing will change.  The only thing that stops you at this point is fear.  When standing at the forefront of any change, there may be the fear of leaving the known self and moving to an unknown self.  This is when your thoughts will try to hold you back by telling you what is not possible, what you are not capable of, and what you don’t deserve.  Again it will be reiterated that all these limiting self- ideas are false.  Your potential to experience more of your perfection is limited only by you.  No matter what has occurred in your life, in this moment you are worthy of any possibility.

When standing at the threshold of a new way of experiencing life, one word that has been used for thousands of years contains all the wisdom and power that is needed to turn your belief in who you are into a living reality:  FAITH.”    ( I AM, pgs 290-291)

Create a ‘new’ story that is about who you are becoming.  Work  both forward and backward and up and down and sideways  into alignment  with your new story.  Employing all you have learned and are learning regarding the Law of Attraction, manifestation and the spiritual Laws of the Universe.  Use all of your multisensory and multidimensional gifts to create your ‘best life’ NOW.  You are a divine being and therefore have unlimited potential.  (Please re-read my blog called “Telling A New Story”)

Allow yourself to be ‘without a story’ for awhile.  It is one of the most delicious times that I have experienced during transforming!  I do not want you to miss out on that!!

Love & Light,    Monica


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  1. Gillian January 19, 2016 at 3:21 pm Reply

    I love reading about Sai Baba – he’s discussed in one of my favourite books (The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot). I’m grateful for the early posting as I, too, have a joyous event this month and am glad to get my tips early! Thanks.

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