“Run my dear from anyone and anything that does not strengthen your precious budding wings.”   Hafiz

“Wizards never condemn desire.  It was by following their desires that they became wizards.”   Dr. Deepak Chopra

The quality of your life is up to you. Your daily expectations must align with your long-term goals. You must also see the joy in the process as well as the outcome. It is important to know when to use your will to change course. No job, business, activity or situation will be perfect forever unless you are willing to constantly revise it. Update it. Sometimes a small change is sufficient. Other times the only way you will be able to reach the next level is to totally release everything you have and start anew with something  completely different.

No matter what level of prosperity you may have achieved, there can come a time when your vision of where you want to be, does not match where and who you are. This can happen to any of us. Those who are billionaires and those of us just scraping by. Life goes in cycles. Trust the flow. Remember that the same thoughts, skills, attitudes, and job will only bring you what you currently have. If you are asking for more abundance and are thinking in more expansive ways  –  you may need to dis-cover new ways of thinking, feeling, a new perspective, new skills and new ideas as you get ready to begin a new cycle. Never see yourself as having failed. Nor even gone backward.  Instead see yourself as getting prepared for a new leap into your future!

Post 2012 is all about growth and change. What we feel and/or are guided to do now, may change within months rather than years. If you are no longer enjoying something you may need to revise or let go. Developing the new always draws more abundance into our lives than ‘holding on’ to the old does. Always love what you are leaving.


Nothing can be forced upon you. You must ask for what you desire and you must ask for help. All you need to do is be willing to receive. As long as you are willing, the Universe can deliver for you but you must be open to receive and you must choose what you desire.


Get out of your own way and don’t be an obstacle on your own path. Let go of stubbornness, righteousness, or the need to be right. Allow the universe to give to you, to help you, to support you, and allow creation to come to you, to work with you, and for you, and you can allow the outcome to be greater than you can possibly imagine for yourself.  Remember that the energy of allowing and the energy of pursuit are very different.  Allowing is the final step in the manifestation process.  In order to receive you must be free of any negative energy and have no doubt it will come to you. (My clients and I have dis-covered that sometimes their blocks to manifestation were a lack of forgiveness and/or doubt or a feeling of being unworthy of their desires.)  “I feel it, I believe it, I achieve it.”

We are taught the spiritual laws before we are born. We are remembering them. Our spirit guides tell us that we understood the powerful Law of Attraction but also the accuracy and fairness with which it responds to the free will of all creators. Do you remember a past life where you consciously employed the Law of Attraction? If you do write about it in your journal. If you do not pretend you do. Let your imagination conjure up a story that you write in your journal of a life where you consciously employed the Law of Attraction and let imagination work its magic! (You may dis-cover, down the road, that your seemingly imaginary life was actually ‘real’)  Either way, spend some time daydreaming and writing in your journal about your amazing results with the Law of Attraction as a deliberate creator. Reach for the best-feeling thought that you are able to find and you will reconnect with the perspective of your Higher Self and may break out in ‘angel bumps’ (goose bumps!) or feel the shiver of recognition and excitement.

Post-2012 demands a genuine shift in focus. No longer does the drive for external power &/or acquisitions satisfy us.  That is why some spiritual teachers say we are “raising our game” and realizing that the old 3D life no longer satisfies. And, because we lightworkers hold a reverent intention , we absolutely refuse to be part of that ‘old’ world. We absolutely refuse to judge others and their paths as we embrace the fourth dimensional living from the heart. We understand that continually criticizing and judging others generates an unattractive  attitude of superiority and that judgment of the self generates inferiority.  Two very agitating vibrations that move us out of harmony/balance and therefore move us further away from our goals. Gratitude and reverence help us to remain in the energy of our Source.

This mass awakening of human consciousness marks the end of life as we knew it. Earth being what U.K.  internationally respected spiritual teacher, Diana Cooper, calls “a crocodile infested swamp” is a special school in the Universe, offering courses in emotions, finances and sexuality that, apparently, cannot be obtained elsewhere. We intrepid lightworkers chose to be here for this time on the planet. We have noticed that here on Earth we have a physical body that is built according to our emotional and mental states and can be changed by changing our mental and emotional states.  We become what we focus on most.  As we choose to ascend we gain the assistance of many guides who are here to help us and the planet with their many different skills and specialties. The more evolved we are, the more evolved are the guides we attract. Is there a ‘new’ guide that has recently come into your life?  The first name that comes into your mind is your new guide. Write about this in your journal. If a guide does not come to mind, then ask Archangel Michael to come into your dreams tonight and to please give you the name/s of your new guides. Always keep a pen and notebook beside your bed so you can jot down your messages/dreams.

Remember that as we ascend we have, at this time, the chance to pay off all karmic debts and master our lessons. And, “just as you cannot manipulate or bargain with a wise parent,” Cooper reminds us, “we cannot manipulate or bargain with God.” When we take full responsibility for our own lives – we become a master. At this time in history we are turning away from the shadows and our pasts, and the shadows of our pasts, and manifesting ‘new’ realities.  Live in the Light.  Begin to tell and live your ‘new’ story NOW so that you can begin to unlock and/or amplify your quantum powers.  Allow the deep inner changes that you have been exerting a lot of effort toward. Exercise your free will.

Love & Light,   Monica   ps  Reading my previous blogs entitled “Mind As A Garden” (Jan 9, 14) & “Secret Garden Of Success” (May 1, 14) is recommended.


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  1. Gillian February 11, 2016 at 9:18 pm Reply

    Diana Cooper is a new name for me. Must look her up! As always, thanks for the blog 🙂

  2. Hayley February 26, 2016 at 10:56 am Reply

    I always need a refresher on the paradoxical nature of “allowing”, such a seemingly easy concept but very difficult to master! Thanks for being our Yoda! 🙂

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