“Most people come to know only one corner of their room, one spot near the window, one narrow strip on which they keep walking back and forth.”   Rainer Maria Rilke

“Oh my, how the world still dearly loves a cage.”   Tess Lynch


Programme your mind for success and happiness, and choose your thoughts wisely and consciously.  Do not allow unproductive and unsupportive thoughts and repeating patterns continue to run your life.  Create new programmes by imagining a delete button to delete an undesirable thought/belief, then say to yourself “that thought/belief no longer serves me – what I now choose to believe is _____________________.”   You don’t break old habits, you must create new ones; choose new patterns consciously and repeatedly until they take hold.

TIP 62:   ALLOW “this or better”

The unlimited universe can bring you more than you could ever imagine so do not limit the Universe with your thoughts and choices.  Place your order for what you desire as a parameter for creation then affirm that you choose “this or better” and allow the Universe to deliver joy and prosperity that is greater than you could dare imagine.  Allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised – let go of control, which is a limitation.

At this stage, I am sure most or all of you have not only identified any negative patterns in your life but are also working on releasing them and replacing them with new habits that serve you.  Nevertheless, Anne Jones identifies for us four basic patterns that people seem to easily fall into:

*dependency on drugs or alcohol.

*Choosing partners who do not respect you – even abuse you emotionally or physically.

*Being in a job that gives you no satisfaction or feelings of achievement.

*Neglecting yourself physically through a lack of exercise, poor eating habits, and so on.    (HEALING NEGATIVE ENERGIES)

If you have any of the above patterns then there is more work for you to do regarding loving yourself.  Please read Louise Hay’s Book YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE.  It can change your life.

While you are releasing that which does not serve, you are simultaneously using your thoughts and feelings to attract the wonderful outcomes you desire.  The Law of Attraction is the law that governs outcomes.  As I have suggested before, keep a gratitude journal.  I write in mine daily and it takes only minutes.  Each day I write 10 things that I am grateful for that I have already manifested – I write these on the left side page of my journal.  For example, “I am so grateful for my home and garden.”  “I am so grateful for my communications with angels.”  Then, on the right side of my journal I say thank you for the 10 things that I am manifesting that have yet to appear in the physical.  For example, “I am so grateful for a safe, functioning, affordable car.”  “I am so grateful for more incarnated, kindred spirits in my life.”  Our wonderful outcomes depend on our being grateful before our Good arrives in our lives and also depend on the Law of Allowing.

Self-honouring is a piece of your energy puzzle.  It is unlikely that you are self-honouring if you are not self-loving.  Please read my previous blog entitled  “Self-Honouring Choices” (Sept 18/13).  One of the simplest ways, I find, to make self-honouring choices is to keep my thoughts uplifted – sometimes this is not easy for us humans – so I always invoke Archangel Jophiel for help with this.  Please read my previous blog about Archangel Jophiel if you need help uplifting your thoughts.  (“Archangel Jophiel”, Oct 1/14)

In order to change your destiny, you need to change your beliefs to line up with your True Self and then ask yourself every day, “Does this honour me?”  If your positive outcomes are to be long-term, then you must be genuinely committed to your intention to make self-honouring a way of living.  Last year I took a master class in manifestation  (on-line) by Melody Fletcher that was very interesting.  As I have discussed before – practicing boundary setting is so important and Melody confirmed that.  One boundary Melody says is “walking away.”  She told us that “some people have no deal breakers – things get worse and worse and they stay in the relationship.”  Some people walk away when they realize that if they don’t they are going to die.

What do you really want?  Melody says what we really want is always a feeling.  I agree.  I have dis-covered this to be true.  When we think we want money, we actually want what we think money will give us- it is actually the feeling of freedom, security, peace or some other feeling that we think money will give us.  Whatever your desires are – ask yourself what you will feel when you receive them?  Then, work on feeling that feeling NOW and be grateful and that will attract your Good.

Our beliefs are automated decisions that we made a long time ago – and so they are old software programmes running on your hardware.  NOW you are shifting your beliefs and creating a ‘new’ auto system that serves you, says Melody.  Our beliefs have many, many layers to them as they are like the roots in a forest so please do not negate the work you have done on digging up and releasing already!  I honour you for that work.  But, is there more to be done?  Be honest with yourself.

The way that people treat us and the opportunities that come our way is largely determined by how we treat ourselves.  So, if something is happening in your life that you do not like, ask yourself if what you are experiencing might be a reflection of how you treat yourself?  I saw an interview with movie actor Cameron Diaz not long ago and she was talking about her performance in the latest movie version of ANNIE and she said her character’s journey was the journey of self-love as her character treated the orphans the way she had always treated herself.  Remember that every uncomfortable situation in our life is teaching us something we need to learn.  If we do not learn the lesson we keep creating it until we do.

If you wish to project a consciousness that is not conflicted then it is definitely time to jettison your limiting beliefs and choose others that reflect the person you are becoming.  Beliefs that support your authentic, powerful self.  Have a good look at all your current beliefs.  Do an inventory in your journal.  Then, when you have time and are relaxed, read through your list and observe how each one makes you feel.  If your beliefs deplete you in some way then it really behooves you to change them.  I can notice immediately when I am holding a disempowering thought because I feel my energy literally draining away.  How does your body let you know when you are holding a belief that no longer serves you?  Write about this in your journal please.  Our body is always the best barometer of our truth.  Listen.  Spend some time this week writing down some new beliefs about yourself and your life.  (They will change again later as you continue to evolve and expand) However, choose your new beliefs in the direction of empowerment.  I would suggest that you read over the mythic story that you wrote last week about yourself rather than the basic autobiography that our ego tells.  Our ego is very fear-full and always looking out for our safety and anticipating danger – almost like a fearful, over-protective parent .  Thank your ego and love it for its concern but allow yourself to stretch outside your ego’s comfort zone.  A baby step is always sufficient.   I ‘back up’ my new beliefs with daily affirmations that aid me in creating the ‘new’ reality that I desire.

There is a story that Bruce Lipton (THE BIOLOGY OF BELIEF) tells about how he (as a cell biologist) discovered that despite what many of us still believe, our body is influenced more by our energy and the thoughts we have than they are by our DNA.  Lipton tells the amazing story of a group of patients with problematic knees.  The first group went through complicated knee surgery.  The second group believed that they too had had the surgery; however, the doctor conducting the research had made the incisions on the second group but did not actually operate so nothing about their knees had changed.  Both groups got better.  Both groups were soon able to walk and play basketball  and do everything that they had done before their injuries.  This will not surprise metaphysicians but perhaps some others?

When you care enough about how you feel you will allow yourself to try and look at things in a way that feels better and better to you.  Making the best of things rather than the worst of things.  You will allow more and resist less.  Then the circumstances of your life will begin to reflect these changes immediately.  The lessening of resistance feels like relief.  This is identical to the feeling when you are moving toward more allowing.  It is the awesome use of your EGS (Emotional Guidance System).

Love & Light,  Monica




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  1. Gillian March 3, 2016 at 2:06 pm Reply

    I love the Bruce Lipton story! I’ve heard a similar thing with heart patients…as long as they had a long ugly scar down the length of their chests, they got well. (Ethically awkward but so are lots of “real” medical trials.) Also love “allow this or better” as you’ve told us before and it resonates. Why limit ourselves to what we can imagine? Thanks!

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