“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”   Socrates

“The notion of treating people like possibilities rather than fixed structures is a healthy one, I think.”   Nick Herbert

Having a belief that the quality of your life is up to you is empowering.  If you believe that the quality of your life depends on a particular person, circumstance or experience then you are not owning your power.  Power to, not power over.


When you get what you want, what does that mean for your life?  What will change, and what will you need to change.  Is that really what you want?


Why do you believe what you believe, especially about yourself and about life?  Are they really your beliefs or do they belong to someone else?  A parent? spouse? friend? teacher?  Are your beliefs getting you what you want?  What do you choose to believe now?

It seems to be pretty much common knowledge now that we have our beliefs firmly in place by the age of seven.  Lectures that I have listened to by both Gregg Braden (pioneer in bridging spirituality & science) and Dr.Bruce Lipton  (THE BIOLOGY OF BELIEF) confirm this knowledge.  So, we need to ask ourselves if these beliefs are truly serving us NOW?  If not, then we need to shift them to align with the life we wish to experience.  Our new reality.  To do this we need to decide what it is that we wish to manifest and align our beliefs with who we are becoming.  Gregg Braden helps us pose an important question, “What do you really believe?” … “This isn’t a matter of what you think, or what you would like to think you believe.  Rather, this may be the single most powerful and revealing question that you may ever ask yourself: What do you really believe?”  (THE SPONTANEOUS HEALING OF BELIEF)

You see science is beginning to catch up with the ancient, spiritual and indigenous traditions that we metaphysicians know as truth.  Braden says, “the role of human belief is rapidly taking center stage in the new frontiers of quantum biology and physics.”  New scientific discoveries reveal that, just as spiritual traditions of the past told us, we are active contributors to everything that we see in the world around us.

As we change our beliefs many of us notice that our relationships go through changes as well.  Some ‘survive’ the changes and others don’t.  These changes are natural.  You will feel much better and things will go more smoothly if you allow things to unfold naturally and surrender all your relationships to the angels.  Sometimes we find that we no longer have common interests with old friends, and other times we find that we are able to ‘refresh’ the relationship, so to speak.  However, for most of us there are times when we need to ‘let go’ of old relationships based on the past and the beliefs we held at 7 years old and do this with love & light knowing that it is possible our paths may cross again down the road in this lifetime or another.  Let go with light & love (shame & blame is so 3D!) and wish the Highest Good for everyone involved and even though you may not know how it can be for the Highest Good of all – the angels know!  Your Creator knows.  Your Higher Self also knows.  As you are true to your Self – the people who negate who you truly are – at your core – will fall away.

Whatever your beliefs currently are, are they helping you draw to you the inner strengths and resources you need to successfully carry out your purpose/s?  The process of dis-covering yourself (you are a divine being) will result in your belief that you have everything that you could possibly require within to create the future of which you dream.  There can be nothing lacking in a divine being.  Because – as a spark of the Great Sparkler – there could be nothing you lack.  All the answers you search for are within.  Although it is wise for each of us to consult others we respect when we are new to something and at the beginning stages of acquiring knowledge about it, after gathering and reflecting on the wisdom and knowledge of others, rely on your own wisdom in making your decisions.  You have what it takes.  Trust yourself.  Trust your angels.

Rather than enduring bad situations – create new beliefs that result in you becoming more of a magnet to becoming your own most resourceful person and allow your creativity to flourish.  What are your beliefs about your life’s work and/or purpose?  I am not talking about an identity here.  As a divine being your work, whatever it is, whether paid or not, is as valuable as anyone else’s is.  Even if you currently believe that it is not as significant. Even if other people you see around you in your world appear to have a more glamorous job or are reaching a wider audience – that does not make your path any less important.  What are your beliefs around this? Do you think that your work is less important than that of another?  One of the many benefits of believing that you are a divine being, is that you let go of all belief in competition because you recognize you are here to do and be what no one else can do and be.  Your Self.

Always follow your joy.  If you are currently working on a project carry on as long as it gives you joy and set it aside for awhile if it is not.  You can return to it if and when the timing is right for you.  We are meant to enjoy life!  When we are enjoying, we are loving the process and not just ‘waiting’ for our end result.  For example, I listened to famous American coach, Jack Canfield, not that long ago.  You may know of him through his series, CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL, which I have not read.  Canfield told us that his first book of the series was rejected 144 times before it was published and subsequently sold ten and a half million copies.  It is a good thing, I feel, that he was enjoying his process – because otherwise, there might be ten and a half million people who did not receive the benefit of his work.  What if he had stopped, as many of us might have, at 144 rejections?  It may not be the purpose of all of us to reach such an enormous audience with our work, whatever it is.  But as long as we are spreading our love and light in our own way – we will have accomplished what we came here to this planet to do at this critical time.

Although I haven’t read Jack Canfield’s books, I have read, so many years ago now, WAITING FOR GODOT, the absurdist play by Samuel Beckett , in which two characters, Vladimir & Estragon, wait endlessly and in vain for the arrival of someone named Godot.  This play had obviously taken root in my subconscious mind quite strongly when I read it in my 20s,  because when I was undergoing Jungian therapy in my 30s – it came into my dreams and was recorded in my dream book which my Jungian therapist then read for some insights regarding my subconscious.  While in Jungian therapy I was always ‘waiting’ for something to happen! But, I realize now, I was really waiting for my beliefs to change.  I was waiting until I came to some revelations that would encourage me to change my beliefs; however, I was certainly not conscious of that then.  Apparently, when WAITING FOR GODOT came out, initially, it was denounced by critics as “a farrago of pointless chit-chat.” However, Adam Smith, (POWERS OF MIND) tells us that the convicts of San Quentin sat transfixed: “Godot is the outside.”  At the time, unknowingly, I was in a self-imposed prison of my own making – because my subconscious mind held the beliefs that took root during a traumatic childhood.  I needed to stop waiting for someone else to change what only I could change. The San Quentin prisoners were waiting to get out of prison.  Metaphorically, so was I!  What are you waiting for?

Whatever you believe you are here to do or be, love and accept yourself right NOW.  That is the way that you will make it possible for yourself to move in new directions.  An elder I know uses the ‘handle’ MIND.  Moving in new directions.  When we combine the powers of our mind with the love and compassion of our hearts and choose to change our minds, everything around us changes.  Remember the old saying?  When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.

Examine all your current beliefs.  Bring them to the light.  Bring them into consciousness so you are able to create your new reality.  Ignatius of Loyola, (founder of the Jesuit order) is recorded to have stated, “Give me a child until he is 7, and I will give you the man.”  We need to bring these  deeply held subconscious beliefs into consciousness so that we are not running our life based on old programmes from childhood.  Socrates knew that – and so much more!

Love & Light,   Monica


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  1. Gillian March 10, 2016 at 1:57 pm Reply

    Wow, good stuff! Puts me in mind of something I heard about “training” elephants. When an elephant is young, it’s tied to a stake in the ground by its leg. As a young elephant it struggles and struggles. Eventually it “learns” it can’t escape and so gives up. Years later, as a large elephant, it will remain passively tethered even though a grown elephant could easily pull up the stake. Brrr, gives me chills as does this post. Thanks!

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