“We are all captives of a story.”   Daniel Quinn

“Think only of the past as its remembrance gives you pleasure.”   Jane Austen


Your story will be your story until it becomes a story that was.

“Layer by layer

I removed all that I thought I was,

all that I thought I had to be

and in the moment

I was left standing

naked and vulnerable

without identities and labels,

I remembered,

I am that I am.”   (author unknown)


  If you accept the perfection of all that has been, then you embrace and attract perfection now and for the future.


Labels become statements of identity, but they are often projections from other people judging themselves in the reflection that they see in you. You don’t have to let labels get stuck to you – peel them off and realize that they were never yours to begin with!  Remove the labels that no longer fit you, and claim new ones – paste new labels to your mirror as affirmative affirmations of who you are now and who you are choosing to be.

Many spiritual teachers believe and therefore  teach that the first step to enlightenment is to give up your powerful attachment to conventional reality.  Is your attachment to ‘reality’ all that it is cracked up to be?  Look around the world and make your own decision!  You came into this world as a magical child.  Fearless, intuitive and connected.  Then, chances are good that you received, one way or another, in your childhood, a lot of negative programming and as you grew older many of the beliefs you hold to this day about yourself and this world are as a result of this programming.  What would happen in your life (and the world) if you trusted the unknown realm/s to the same degree that you trust the known one?

As we ascend up the realms in frequency we gain enlightenment and harmony in our lives. As we return to our original energetic state we also gain knowledge and become empowered.  We start to see a bigger view, so to speak. When we were in a lower vibrational frequency our vision was limited to our own line of sight and we were mainly seeing and acting from and with our ego which, as we know, limits the information that we are able to receive due to its many fear-based beliefs.  However, raising our frequency is an holistic task as it requires us to unite and incorporate our bodies, minds and souls and be prepared to make some or many life changes. As we literally change our tune, we change our lives.  We attract to us, that which resonates with our ‘new’ frequency.

If one of us can raise our frequency, then all of us can raise our frequency!  Let’s look at Gregg Braden’s Belief Code 24: “A miracle that’s possible for anyone is possible for everyone.”  (THE SPONTANEOUS HEALING OF BELIEF)  Do you believe this?  I do.  But then, I always have – I managed to hold onto that particular belief all through childhood and life and it has served me well.  Can you identify a miracle when you see or experience one?  An example of a miracle is the birth of a child, animal or any creature or idea.  The spontaneous healing of a person with so-called “terminal cancer.”  Einstein is commonly quoted as saying “reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”  Chances are excellent that miracles are occurring around you everyday and you are not aware of them because you think that they are rare. Like a white rhino or a unicorn (which actually is not rare but exists in another dimension).  So, begin right now to start observing the miracles around you and get really proficient at observing them and then you realize that all of life is a miracle.

I experienced miracles while teaching a Reiki First Degree class the past two days.  As a Usui Reiki Master every time that I pass an attunement to my student – I am channeling a miracle. The “attunements” are a process which must be passed directly from the Reiki Master to the pupil and it is what sets Reiki apart from other forms of laying-on-of-hands or touch healing.  It is the attunement that creates the healer.  Each attunement is a miracle and has to be experienced as they are beyond description but are definitely life-changing.  Diane Stein (a leading voice among metaphysical healers) says “the attunement process may be the most profoundly sacred thing on earth today as a new healer is awakened – reconnecting that individual to capabilities that once were universal.”  Reiki is such a loving, safe and gentle practice and there is still much ignorance about it in cultures such as North America where we do not usually experience deep & subtle levels because we are programmed to focus on struggle and tend to overlook miracles.  Reiki helps us to peel away the layers of ourselves and to dis-cover our True Self.

Research from quantum physics provides evidence that our expectations and observations will determine whether we see and experience health or illness.  Keep your focus on your inner world. Manifesting requires allowing your beliefs about reality to flow from your inner mind’s eye to the outer world. As you are manifesting do not pay attention to the ‘seeming obstacles’ that may pop up or else you will reverse the manifesting direction and flow.  What I mean by this is that you will then use images from the outer world to influence the pictures you are holding in your mind’s inner eye.

Your spiritual vision will become sharper as you lose your judgments, unforgiveness and limiting beliefs.  Follow your True inner guide/s because the advice of that guide is always loving and positive – just as your angel’s voices are always loving and positive.  You will be able to detect advice coming from your ego very easily because it is based in fear, contempt and a belief in scarcity and lack.

If you would like another example about the power of belief – I will share one of Dr. Deepak Chopra’s examples from his book AGELESS BODY, TIMELESS MIND that I just love. Chopra tells us about a brilliant demonstration that was offered in 1979 by psychologist Ellen Langer and her colleagues at Harvard University who effectively reversed the biological age of a group of old men by a ” very simple and yet ingenious shift in awareness.” All of the subjects, 75 or older, in good health, were asked to meet for a week’s retreat at a resort in the country. They were told ahead of time that they would be given a battery of both physical and mental exams and that there would be one very unusual stipulation placed upon them.  This stipulation was that they were not allowed to bring any newspapers, magazines, books, or family photos dated later than 1959.  Later, when they arrived at the resort they understood the request because the resort had been set up to duplicate life as it had been 20 years earlier!  Instead of magazines from 1979, the reading tables held issues of “Life” and “Saturday Evening Post” from 1959.  All the talk had to be referring to events and people of that year. Every detail of their week was set up to make each subject feel, look, talk and behave as he had in his mid-fifties.  During this time the Langer team took extensive measurements of the men’s biological age.  A general profile was compiled for each man and measured physical strength, posture, perception, cognition, and short-term memory, as well as thresholds of hearing, sight and taste. “The Harvard team wanted to change the context in which these men saw themselves.  The premise of their experiment was that seeing oneself as old or young directly influences the aging process itself.”  These men even wore I.D. photos taken 20 years earlier and learned to identify one another through these photos rather than their current appearance.  They were also instructed to talk exclusively in the present tense ( am I not always reminding you to do that with your affirmations?) “I wonder if President Eisenhower will go with Nixon next election?”  Wives and children when discussed were always referred to as if they were 20 years younger and although every one of these men was retired – they were told to talk about their careers as if they were in full swing. The results of this experiment were really remarkable.  Too much info to include in this piece, but Dr. Chopra’s book is a fabulous read!  However, the group improved in memory and manual dexterity and were more active and self-sufficient and behaved much more like 55 year olds rather than 75 year olds.  Even their faces reviewed by impartial judges were seen to look 3 years younger (after one week!).  Fingers had lengthened and stiff joints were more flexible and posture, hearing and vision improved.  “The magic is in how the body follows this change of awareness across the barrier of time.”  Whatever we pay attention to grows more important in our lives and where we put our focus is part of the process of releasing ourselves from our old conditioning.

You will know when you are at the beginning of your enlightenment process because you will return to the innocence of  your magical child (still within).  There is nothing that you need to add to yourself, there only layers to let slip away into the mists of the past:

“Every morning young Arthur went down to the pool in the forest to wash.  Being a typical boy, he wasn’t eager to perform this task.  He was often distracted by the chattering red squirrels, magpies, or anything that might be more interesting than soap and water.

Merlin did not bother too much about the dirt that visibly gathered over his charge’s face, around his neck, and everywhere else.  But the day finally came when the wizard burst out, “I could plant beans behind your ears!  It doesn’t matter if you spend only a moment at the pool, but do something there.”

Arthur hung his head.  “I’ve been afraid to confess it, Merlin, but when I bend over the water I can’t see my own reflection.  I can’t see where to wash, or even what I look like.”

To the boy’s astonishment, when he looked up Merlin was beside himself with delight.  “Here,” he said, plunking a large emerald into the boy’s hand as a reward  (Arthur later used it to skip across the water.)  “I thought your disobedience marked a loss of innocence, but, I see I was wrong.  Having no reflection, you have no self-image.  When you’re not distracted by self-image, you can only be in the state of innocence. ”     (THE WAY OF THE WIZARD)

Keep peeling away the layers that keep you imprisoned.  Ask the angels help to stay on the path.  Return to innocence.  Rewrite your story from there.

Love & Light, Monica





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