“Your universe is a mirror of self-reflection whose purpose is to give you the experience not only of who you believe yourself to be, but also ultimately the essence of who and what you truly are.”  Howard Falco


You cannot lie to yourself and you can’t continue to live a lie in an attempt to please others.  Be true to yourself and  speak your truth and express your truth, but speak carefully because what is said cannot be unsaid.  Come from the heart of love for yourself and others – let love and joy be your truth, and let your truth bring love and joy.  Integrity makes you whole.


In order to manifest what you want, you must know what you want.  Do not choose by default based on eliminating what you don’t want.  You wouldn’t place an order in a restaurant by stating all that you don’t want.  Get clear about who you are and what you want for your life.

In any moment of experience your resistance to the truth about ‘what is’ in the present moment is the source of the charged energy within you.  Your ego tries to keep any new undesired information from you because if you take on in that moment a new idea about yourself – an old idea about yourself must die.  Nevertheless, many of us are unwilling to let go of an idea we have of ourselves even if our denial of a ‘new’ reality causes us physical or mental pain.

“If you are protecting yourself from the truth on any issue in your life, in essence you are choosing to stay in disharmony with reality.  This is exactly what keeps your desired reality out of the present moment and in the concept of time called “the future”.  Time becomes a factor in relation to creating your dreams based on how much you deny or stay ignorant of what conditions need to be in place and exactly where you are in relation to the creation of those conditions.  Time begins to dissolve the more you ask the right questions, allow the answers in, and then take the action that aligns with the answers.  And lastly, this all needs to be done without the expectation of a certain outcome.  There is nothing “wrong” with intending an outcome but the most powerful creators know better than to expect certainty in a universe where anything is possible.  The rest they leave to the great power of faith.” (I AM by Howard Falco)

Be honest with yourself and true to yourself in all of your activities and actions.  Be willing to release to God and the angels anything in your life that isn’t working and that does not mirror your highest intentions for yourself.  Expect miracles when you decide to be ‘true to you.’

Love & Light,  Monica


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  1. Gillian March 24, 2016 at 12:24 am Reply

    Two short and sweet tips this week and lots of food for thought. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if school systems could give up focusing on outcomes? Tolstoy said it would happen but “it might take a hundred years”. Oops. :)Thanks for the blog.

    • Monica March 26, 2016 at 12:29 pm Reply

      Thanks for your continuing support and interest in my blogs! Your comments remind me to recommend Michael Moore’s stunning new film, as he shows us how
      other societies approach school and other topics with an enlightened approach.

  2. Gillian March 26, 2016 at 11:07 pm Reply

    I’ll try to see Moore’s documentary!

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