“Joy is the God within you

standing up.

Shaking himself off.

And beginning to smile.”

(Emmanuel, channeled by Pat Rodegast)


When you lighten up and combine the Law of Attraction with joy and gratitude you have a magnetic force that will keep attracting more abundance.  Remember that abundance does  not refer only to money as some people may think but to health, friendships, personal growth, finances, romance, career, family, recreation and opportunities to be of service through doing what you love.

As you know if you read my pieces, I LOVE our spirit friend, Emmanuel.  What does Emmanuel say about joy?

“This is not something to be denigrated

on the grounds that there is more to life

than pleasure.

Certainly there is more.

There is an infinity of more.

One is never finished

with the process of growth,

of seeking, serving, loving.

The delights of the physical world

are the delights of the spirit world.

It is all one.

Your human joy will not take you away

from your love for God.

Love is love.

If you cannot tolerate human bliss

how will you understand the bliss

of eternal Oneness?


If you were to check into the consciousness

of a rock

you would find a great deal of pleasure there.

You would find

a sense of Oneness that is comforting,

a delight in being a rock.

In the flow of its being

a rock is in a state of ecstasy.


Ecstasy cannot be scaled

on a rating from one to ten.

It is ecstasy.”


Laughter is the best medicine.  We need to laugh at ourselves more often.  We need to lighten up!  One of the Light Beings who helped me to lighten up after a crisis in my life was the Laughing Buddha, often called Lord Maitreya in New Age circles, he is said to be a master of the sixth ray of light of enlightenment and ascension.  I have spoken with Lord Maitreya many times and experienced his presence many, many years ago while gazing at a statue of him in a museum.  It (the statue) became animated as I telepathically communicated with Laughing Buddha!  Imagine my surprise and delight years later to find out that one of my teachers, Doreen Virtue, had had a similar experience almost identical to that of mine, years after.  My relationship with Maitreya has deepened over the years and when I moved into Hobbit Home in 2007, my buddy – with whom I had not yet discussed my relationship with Maitreya, sent me a lovely chime that featured Hotei and I hung it immediately up in my house and there was a lot of laughter and fun in Hobbit Home because of Hotei’s energy combined with mine.  Maitreya’s laughter is contagious, so call on him whenever you need to lighten up.  He was known as Hotei when he was a T’ang Dynasty monk renowned for giving candy to children.  I LOVE him, because he has rescued me many a time and reminded me to laugh.  When I channel him my heart feels warm and I begin to smile. I wish for you the joy he has given me.

Abraham (channeled by Esther Hicks) says that the seeking of joy is the most important desire of all.  Because in the seeking of joy you find perfect alignment with who-you-really-are.  The bonus is that you also find vibrational alignment with all that you desire.  Abraham ( I attended a lecture by him in Toronto) says that “in reaching for joy, you find the thoughts that attract the wonderful life you desire.”  Jerry Hicks, who is now on the Other Side, once told Abraham that he had noticed how little joy many of us in our civilized societies seem to feel.  Abraham’s response teaches us so much of what we need to know in order to manifest our dreams: “Most people offer the majority of their vibration in response to what they are observing.  And so, when they observe something that makes them feel good, they feel joy, but when they observe something that makes them feel bad, they simply do not feel joy.  And most people do not believe that they have any control over the way they feel because they cannot manage to gain control over the conditions to which they are having these feeling responses.  It is their belief in the lack of control of their own experience that is most responsible for the absence of joy that you are noticing.  And we must remind you that if you continue to notice their lack of joy – yours will be gone as well.”   (THE LAW OF ATTRACTION, Esther & Jerry Hicks)  Abraham taught us at the lecture that I attended that when we achieve joy we find vibrational alignment with the resources of the Universe.

I have written numerous pieces that will be helpful for you to review.  Particularly those entitled STAYING IN JOY, ARCHANGEL JOPHIEL, LIGHTEN-UP & PLAYING IN ANGEL COTTAGE.  I wish to uplift others to the joy that I have found communicating with angels.  Their energy is light and bubbly and expansive.


Joy is extremely attractive, so smile and laugh often.  A smile makes you look better and gives you the sense of being open, inviting and approachable.  Look in the mirror and turn on your inner light until you see your eyes sparkle.  Movie stars have sparkles in  their eyes says the teacher the Amazing Grace.


Hold your head up high and be proud of who you are.  Good posture demonstrates poise and holds a stature that commands respect, admiration and success.  We can combine our good posture and body language with who we are as beings of the Light.  Stand tall.  Walk with your shoulders back.  Flex those wings dear earth angels and be proud of who you are.  “Hello world!  This is me, a joyful being.”

Give yourself permission on the deepest level to live the life that lights you up.  Stand tall dear ones.  Sparkle!

Love & Light,    Monica





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  1. Gillian August 20, 2015 at 4:05 pm Reply

    A good week of tips for me as I can generally manage these two!:)

    • Monica August 21, 2015 at 12:20 pm Reply

      Great! Every tip incorporated goes a long way to change our energy in the direction of that which we wish to attract.

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