“The world is all gates, all opportunities.”    Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Celebrate what you want to see more of.”    Tom Peters

“I want a life that sizzles and pops and makes me laugh out loud… I want my everyday to make God belly laugh, glad that He gave life to someone who loves the gift.”  S. Niequist


Be willing to be great, and to live a great life. It takes more courage and commitment to live a great life than it does to live an average or ordinary life, but a life that is great is worth the effort.  Do great things, be a great person, and you will have great experiences. Think that life is great, believe that you are great and that is what you will experience.


Whenever you see or experience what you desire, say “Yes, Universe, thank you, I choose more of that for myself.”  When you see others who have what you want, be glad for them and tell the Universe that you want that also – do not feel envy, or resentment – because these energies are repulsive and will push it away from you.  Feel joy, excitement and passion, because if you can perceive it, then you can attract and create it – keep drawing it closer to you, and feel worthy.

So, what is greatness? Greatness is the quality that radiates from the inside out. It is who we are when we are honouring our values and living a life of purpose. Greatness is stepping into our True Self. Tony Schwartz says, “The true measure of greatness is our capacity to navigate between our opposites with agility and grace – to accept ourselves exactly as we are, but never stop trying to get better.” It is about who we are in all our dimensions. Letting go of ego and coming from a place and space of possibility is how many of us define greatness.

You may have a different definition of greatness, so Schwartz gives us a few questions to ponder and I suggest you answer them at your leisure in your journal.

(1) What are your top 5 values?

(2) Why were you put on this earth?

(3) What is your purpose in life?

Whatever your answers are, you are as worthy of a great life as anyone else is.  However, you do need to believe this.  These questions help us to dis-cover what “greatness” means to us as an individual and you could also explore what greatness means in terms of any groups you belong to.

Today I feel good, but yesterday I felt great!  I tried one of Pam Grout’s energy experiments. (Pam is a best-selling author and top manifestor)  Her experiment advised me to go out in my community and practice “love bombing.”  I was to write post-it notes telling people they are loved and to put them in places such as the subway, market, library books etc.  Well, in my village there is no public transportation let alone a subway system – so – I  went for a walk and left my post-it notes telling people they are deeply loved at the post-office, our local gift shop and our community bulletin board!  Pam asked me to see how I felt before and after this exercise – and, as I say, I felt good before and great after!  It was fun. Pure joy.

Expressing our love helps us to grow into our own greatness. We all have so much love to share. As we peel away the many layers that seem to keep us separate from each other and face our fears and doubts and dis-cover and make friends with our ‘shadow selves’ practicing forgiveness and compassion – we find that from our soul’s perspective all there is is Love.  For those of you who are like me, a lifetime student of “A Course In Miracles” then you know that this is actually the theme of the entire course. We begin to experience the Reality that the more love we generate, the greater is our alignment with Source and the field of potentiality.  We discover that everyone we meet and every situation in our lives including situations that are intolerable to us are actually, in Truth, seen from the perspective of our Higher Selves, opportunities to evolve into our greatness.  Then we begin to say yes to life!  We understand that the Universe is for us, not against us and that the quantum field is filled with blessings and miracles waiting to be allowed into our lives.

Are you giving away your power? The power that you could be employing to create your greatest life? If you even suspect that you are leaking power please read my previous blogs “Forgiveness is Freedom” (Sept 11, 13) and “You Have The Power!” (Apr 2, 15) because these hold powerful exercises and treatments that will help you to take back your power. Your power to create. Your power to be great.  All genuine power comes to us from our Creator. The power of Divine Love, wisdom and intelligence is available to us. The angels suggest that we give them any fears we have about being a powerful person.  Hand these fears over as soon as you are willing to take back your power and really own it.  When we own our power we are no longer victims and we take responsibility for every aspect of our lives. Often we decide to further open our intuitive channels and use our spiritual power to hear, see, feel and know when we are in the presence of angels.  We recognize our emotional power to empathize with others and to be non-judgmental and forgiving. We all have the intellectual power that allows us to tap into the universal wisdom of One Mind.  And, we know that when we take excellent care of our bodies we also have great physical power as well.  We all have the power within to heal ourselves and others when we open to become a channel of Divine love.  Real strength is very gentle and Real gentleness is very strong.

We all have awakened to the understanding now that wanting power over anyone or anything is an old and disappearing paradigm.  The old competitive, grasping and controlling ways are disappearing as we evolve into the higher levels and dimensions.  We are realizing our potential and our power to. As our ego-personality fears drop away we have the peace that comes from a closer and deeper connection with our Higher Self and our Creator.

In the last fews days we have all received a large energetic shift to enable us to evolve more and to increase our consciousness even further. Kara, who writes “the Ascension Notes” tells us that this is being even “further empowered by the immense solar activities (solar wind, solar flares, sunspots etc.), as this creates movement in us and in the Earth’s magnetic field.” Kara also informs us that “we have not had one day that has been free of solar activity for the past four years, except for one day in 2014.”  So, you can feel this vibrational energy is helping us to become aware of old patterns so we may release them and move forward at our own pace.  Keep your vibration high and focus on love.  Hey, why not even try some “love bombing”! You’ll be glad that you did.

Maybe we allow ourselves to be great and to say yes to life when we truly understand how much we are loved – and by truly feeling the unconditional love from our Higher Selves, our Creator and our Angels? Let us all be open to dis-covering and believing as Pam Grout does that “the world is limitless, abundant, and strangely accommodating.”

Light & Love,   Monica



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  1. Gillian April 14, 2016 at 11:14 pm Reply

    Today’s post reminds me of Gary Zukav’s Seat of the Soul wherein he talks about the old paradigm of external power and the new power of the multi-sensory personality. And love bombing — what a great idea! When I try it I’ll let you know :). Thanks!

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