“The spirit is the true self.”    Cicero

“The universe is more like music than matter.”    Donald Hatch Andrews

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”    Ralph Waldo Emerson

The spiritual power of attraction is the highest level of attraction and also the first level of manifestation.  Everything we create begins as an inspiration – which essentially means – letting spirit in.  Spirit means breath, and breath gives life, so to be inspired is to breathe life and spirit into an idea, to give it form and substance, and begin the process of manifestation.


Everything has a particular energetic frequency. If you desire love, then attune yourself to the frequency of love by feeling love and exuding love.  Many people who want love in their lives focus their thoughts on loneliness, which attunes them to the frequency of loneliness so they remain lonely.  If you desire wealth, attune yourself to the frequency of wealth, hold the energy of wealth in your body and carry yourself like a wealthy person.  Many people who want wealth focus on feelings of lack and poverty, which holds them at  the frequency of poverty consciousness, repelling wealth.  You do not have to be wealthy in order to feel wealthy, but feeling wealthy will attract wealth.  You do not have to be in love to feel love right now and exuding the energy of love attracts love.  Wellness has its own frequency as does disease – if you want to be well, focus on your wellness not your pain and illness.  Feeling well and joyful raises your frequency above the vibration of disease.


You are one with all that is: you are made of the same stuff as everything else on earth and you are created from the same energy as everything in the universe.  You are part of everything and everything is connected to you.  Therefore, you can choose to be and have anything you choose by being one with it and embracing it as part of you.

When you are in a lower vibrational frequency you are grounded and your vision is limited to only your own line of sight. In fact, the lower your frequency the more you are interacting with your ego-personality which limits the information you can receive in order to satisfy its fear-based beliefs. If you wish to raise your frequency, it will involve incorporating your mind, body and soul and therefore leads to life changes. Currently, you have been functioning on what Sahvanna Arienta would call your “soul melody” and Penney Pierce would likely call your “home frequency” (a certain octave of vibration) for most of your life.

The challenges of the New Age are triggering lightworkers all over the planet to ‘wake up’ and to consciously raise their frequency and the frequency of those around them so that we can receive the Divine guidance that, one person at a time, will save the planet. It is time to change our tune!

So, how do you raise your frequency?  (Please read my piece on “The Law of Purification”)  Well, the greatest frequency-raiser in the world is Love. While romantic love and the love that we feel for family, friends and pets is wonderful, the type of Love I am talking about is unconditional love and that type of Love (the type God gives to us) is the most frequency-raising state that there is. This is how Jesus healed, by allowing God’s unconditional Love to flow through him.  The more you radiate this unconditional Love to yourself and others, the higher your frequency will rise.

If you decide to raise your frequency, then you begin to purify your body as it is the temple of your soul and needs to be a strong and healthy container for high-level frequencies.  Treat your body with love and respect.  Cut out unhealthy habits such as cigarettes, alcohol and drugs because these are toxins and will slow you down and have you vibrating on a lower level. Clean up your personal nutritional system so junk food is at least minimized if not eliminated so your endocrine system will be less over-burdened. Over-loading your system with toxins slows your life force.  Naturally, proper hydration is important.  (Please read my piece called “Elixer of Life”)  I follow the yogic advice of all things in moderation.  I also do not believe there is a one-size-fits-all regime.

We are all aware that literature, music, and the arts are gifts to us from the higher realms. Connecting with the melodies of Mozart and paintings such as those of Monet that employ glorious colours, will raise your vibration.  As you raise your vibration  you will notice that your inner dialogue becomes more loving and respectful and you will catch yourself when you make self-deprecating remarks that do not honour who you are becoming. Negative self-talk holds us down.

Most of us discover that meditation is one of our non-negotiables in our lives. Ten to fifteen minutes daily is generally considered a minimum amount of time to connect with our Higher Selves.  Staying away from negative people who lie, gossip, or are envious and jealous helps us to maintain a higher vibration.  These people are not evil, only misguided, and their focus is not on what is authentic. They like to engage us in fear-based living.

If you love stones and crystals it is because you are in perfect alignment with them.  Crystal therapy is a wonderful avenue for raising your frequency. Meditate while holding a crystal and feel the vibrations it sends out in your hands. Since lightworkers do most of our work from our upper chakras (heart and up) crystals are wonderful friends because they resonate with the upper chakras. (Please read my piece “Crystals”)  When I do Angel readings for my clients I raise my frequency to go into the ‘Zone’ to receive messages and I find that while I can do this with my breath alone – with a crystal (amethyst) in my hand I need less deep breaths to take me there. On my bedside table is one of my new best friends, Celestite, which is one of the most effective stones for accessing the angelic realm.  I find that with this stone’s gentle and uplifting energy that I have a lovely sleep and that my astral travels are more gentle and favourable – I no longer find myself sometimes going into an unpleasant realm while I sleep.  Since celestite is also an environmental cleanser and a source of positive energy we have a special connection and I feel its unique divine buzz. Beautiful!

If you pay attention to the signs and messages that you receive every day you will be guided to ways that increase your frequency due to the fact that the Law of Purification is an important law. Never forget to add at least a dash of enthusiasm to anything you are cooking up for yourself with your angels. The word “enthusiasm” indicates intense excitement and the noun comes from the Greek word “enthousiasmos” from “enthous”, meaning “possessed by a god, inspired.” Research shows that originally it was used in a derogatory sense to describe “excessive religious zeal” under the Puritans. What is the opposite of enthusiasm? Research demonstrates that words such as “apathy”, “disinterest”, “indifference”, “frigidity”, “sadness”, and “depression”, as well as “aloofness” are considered opposites of enthusiasm. Unfortunately, some people also see “calm” as the opposite of enthusiasm. There’s the rub! Cannot we be both calm and enthusiastic? I believe we can, but, it is your belief that determines your experience, not mine.

We have the ability to embody high vibrational frequencies and to connect with high vibrational frequencies.  This is happening all over the world as there is a lifting of the veil and we are becoming increasingly more conscious of our True Self.

Light & Love,  Monica


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  1. Gillian April 28, 2016 at 5:23 pm Reply

    Good stuff, Monica! A couple of nights ago I actually substituted Mozart for Louise Hay (my go-to tape when I can’t get to sleep) and it worked. Thanks!

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