“The reality you experience is a mirror of your expectations.”   Dr. Deepak Chopra

“Some people daily chant, ‘I ain’t got no money,’ and wonder why they don’t have enough money.  Others chant, ‘I’m not worthy or good enough,’ and wonder why they are discouraged and not able to have the relationship, career, and life they desire.  People ‘language’ themselves into manifestations they don’t really want.”   Rev. Dr. Terry Cole-Whittaker


The universe does not do things to you, it does things for you. The universe brings you everything that is resonating on your wavelength, it answers every question you ask  and fulfills every request you make, including those made unconsciously.  If you want to know what you have been consciously and unconsciously asking for, look at what is around you.  If you want to know what frequency you are radiating at, look at the people surrounding you, because like attracts like energy.  Ask and you shall receive so ask for what you really want.


Every word you speak is a command and an order that begins the process of manifestation.  Although there is humour in everything, the universe does not understand sarcasm or humour and accepts whatever you say as a literal request.  Words are thoughts made manifest.  Whatever you say or write you begin to create.

Where are you in your relationship with where you want to be?  Point toward what you want and keep going.  I attended a lecture with Esther and Jerry Hicks in 2007 as I wanted to watch Esther channel the collective, Abraham, and to receive their wisdom. It was inspiring to say the least.  Abraham told our class “One in alignment with Source, is more powerful than thousands.”  I think we can all agree that ascended masters such as Jesus, Mother Mary, Buddha, Isis,  Krishna, Kuan Yin,  etc., are aligned with Source.

Are you willing to feel good?  I hope so, because Abraham told us that nothing is more important than feeling good and when we are aligned with Source we feel good.  When we are manifesting it has to feel like it’s done before it’s done.  Esther told us it is about focusing our being into alignment with what it is we want.  If your eye is too much on where you are – you are blocking.  Envision it the way you want it to be.  Try to see things through the eyes of your Source and move in the direction of who you are becoming.  Jesus heals because He only sees wholeness and health.  He focuses not on what is but what is desired.

Esther and Abraham suggested we consider using this internal compass: “If it feels good I’ll consider it – if not, it’s off the table.”  “My reason for being is joy.”  That is how you line up with Source.

Do you desire to become a superhero?  In his book SPIRITUAL LAWS OF SUPERHEROES written with his son (Gotham Chopra)  Dr. Deepak Chopra discusses the Laws of Balance, Transformation, Power, Love, Creativity, Intention, and Transcendence as the background for providing us with 10 principles to help us to shape our brain by modifying our perception and behavior.   What a gift Chopra gives to those of us ready to put on the cape and move into our True Selves.

” * For every challenge the superhero’s solution is to go inward.  Exercise:  When faced with a challenge do not react.  Stop, go within, and ask what your creative opportunity is.  Live the question until you move into the answer.

*For everything that exists, its opposite also exists.  Exercise:  When faced with a crisis, identify the factors or qualities contributing to it.  Focus on the opposite.

*The superhero’s perception scans the whole range of existence from the smallest to the biggest of the biggest.  Exercise:  Look at every object in its wholeness. Know that it is the whole universe localized.

*The superhero is independent of the good and bad opinions of others.  Exercise:  realize that only the ego thinks in terms of superior or inferior.  At the level of being, you are above or beneath no one.

*The superhero never gives in to self-importance.  Exercise:  Do not be offended by people’s behavior.

*The superhero takes on the problems of the world.  Exercise:  Ask yourself how you can help, how can you serve?

*The superhero is always aligned with the evolutionary impulse.  Exercise:  In every situation, ask what the greater good is.

* The superhero executes action with impeccability, but is detached from the result.  Exercise:  Focus on the process, not the outcome.

*The superhero is the exquisite combination of dynamic action and stillness of mind.  Exercise:  Even in the midst of chaos and turbulence, be an alert witness to your own actions and reactions.

*The superhero is the best listener in the world.  Exercise:  Listen with your body.  Listen with your heart.  Listen with your soul.  Never judge while listening.”

Remember that you are always prophesying the future with your words and expectations.  Are you looking for signs of impending doom or are you paving the way for a beautiful and smooth transition into a new life as a superhero?

Love & Light,  Monica



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  1. Gillian May 5, 2016 at 3:59 pm Reply

    Thank you, Monica. I recently watched Batman v. Superman and there’s a scene early on where Bruce Wayne (aka Batman) runs straight into a cloud of smoke towards the danger that threatens everyone and I thought, “Yes, the hero runs towards the danger, not away.” One book I’ve read that suggests using video games and game imagery for healing even suggests we give ourselves superhero names!

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