“The physical journey is to serve the soul journey.”    Dr. Zhi Gang Sha

“The best doctor is the one who can treat sickness before it occurs, instead of after it happens.”   Dr. Zhi Gang Sha


The  universe serves you and obeys your commands.  You are never alone, you have a team of angels and guides working with you.  You are the quarterback – you have an etheric team and don’t have to do it all yourself.

Tip 81:   ASK FOR HELP

You must ask for help.  Due to the Law of Free Will.

When we ask for help and allow ourselves to be clear channels, following the spiritual Laws of the universe, we learn to direct, channel and command energy.  Everything is energy.

When I am using the word “command” I am referring to fusing with God’s Love, God’s authority, for I believe that there is no other authority and therefore render myself a channel for these Forces to heal through.  It is “through me”  but not “by me” when I perform a healing session upon the request of a client.  Yesterday I was asked to clear a house of dark energies.  Archangel Michael did the clearing, but I did the asking.  It is the same when clearing a human being of dark energies and entities, we only have to ask.  While I have received formal training in a number of traditions in how to harness God’s Power to heal, I was able to command dark entities to leave when I was a child.  We all have this power within.  As a child and young adult I did it by using the authority of Jesus.  I would make a command in the name of the Christ.  I still sometimes do this, although now I work with a much greater variety of Forces/Energies.

Psychic healing can involve commanding.  I am sure we all have read about people  and know people who have healed themselves by commanding their illness to disappear or by visualizing their tumour disappearing or little creatures ‘eating up’ their cancer cells.  I have talked in the past about how I was healed of an infected bite I experienced in Honduras by listening daily to Yogic chants from a tape sent to me by my sister.  My doctor could not explain the healing (sound healing) as it was expected that I would be going for surgery and excision of tissue.  There are many ways to heal.  Dr. Zhi Gang Sha with whom I studied over a period of a few years heals through his knowledge and expertise as a doctor of conventional medicine as well as a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. At one of his lectures I attended in Toronto in 2010 Dr. Sha commented, characteristically, “heal and transform the soul first ; then healing and transformation of every aspect of life will follow.”  Dr. Sha is an extraordinarily gifted healer and a grandmaster of many ancient disciplines including tai chi, qi gong, feng shui and the I Ching.  In every book that he writes he offers Divine Soul Downloads for cellular healing.

Another system that involves commands is Kahuna Magic which is based on the work of Max Freedom Long, a religious historian and psychic who is credited with the first discovery of the secrets of the Kahuna priests. Huna recognizes the individual’s Higher Self’s ability to have command over the lower self ‘s (ego) and is a living and practical system that while grounded in ancient wisdom and techniques is always evolving.  “In Huna, one prays to the High Self, asking it to pray in turn to these still higher Beings if such prayer is required.  Such a procedure is somewhat akin to the Christian practice of praying to God through the meditation of Jesus, the son of God.”   (Kahuna Magic by Brad Steiger)

As a Usui Reiki Master I channel commands from the Divine Lineage of Reiki, and this form of vibrational healing is so simple that some healers describe it as a “form of Grace.”  I think that is a great description as this self-intelligent, divinely guided life force energy knows exactly what to do, where to go, and shuts off automatically when the recipient of the energy has accepted sufficient energy for a particular session.  While the sacred “symbols” (which Usui wanted kept sacred, as per the Japanese tradition) are all over the internet these days, they can only be employed by individuals attuned to them by a Reiki Master.  Since our culture promotes struggle and striving, it is often a process to educate people to the understanding that simplicity does not equate to a lack of power.  This is a form of healing that is so gentle and non-invasive that it can be combined with any form of conventional or traditional medicine.

As we are re-discovering ancient techniques and healing methodologies and spiritual technologies in this New Age, we often remind ourselves to “stay awake” because, once “awakened” then the challenge is to “remain awake” as we often feel like aliens who have landed on another planet!  There will be people living side by side us in a totally different world and I sometimes discuss this with my clients who are often the phoenix of their families and find themselves in a different universe.  Our increasing sensitivity makes us very vulnerable but our vulnerability is also our strength. As we continue to work with these powerful energies and ask for help from our angels, guides, ascended masters, we remind ourselves to be patient with ourselves and others.  There are people all over the world in different stages of the journey.  Some are choosing to stay asleep – that is their choice.  They have Free Will and are exercising it as we exercise ours to ‘awaken.’  Others are changing and yet still sometimes revert to the ‘old paradigm’ when they feel like a fish-out-of-water.  You might feel more comfortable by reverting to the old way of life; however, the process of metamorphosis is usually not comfortable. Allow yourself to feel strange or alien, because there will come a time when you will have your wings and will adjust to your ‘new’ self. And, when that time arrives you will not feel the desire to dim your Light in order to fit in with others.

We are becoming Lighter & Lighter as we ascend.  Currently, some lightworkers, including myself, find our eyes are blurry first thing in the morning and it takes a little while of sitting quietly before our vision clears.  Kara, of the Ascension Notes, tells us that “this is a DNA shift.”  Kara reminds us that we are fine-tuning. Remember that we are ascending in Divine Order and that “Path is not necessarily a career or thing we do but…Path is allowing your light to shine fully.”  When we are integrated, through the Law of Attraction we draw others to us who resonate with us.  “Gone are relationships based in anything other than Wholeness..,”

As we ascend new and/or enhanced directions will present themselves to us provided that we “remain awake”.  Hey, don’t fall asleep again just as things are getting interesting!!  Do not fall back into old beliefs of unworthiness or victimhood.  Be open, heart-centered and conscious so you can receive the Divine guidance that leads to your new opportunities.  “Ask and you will receive.”

Light & Love, Monica


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  1. Gillian May 12, 2016 at 5:19 pm Reply

    So much in here applies to what I or my intimates are going through! About 2 weeks ago I had “sudden onset floater” in one eye accompanied by flashes of light. A quick look at the Internet told me I should immediately see a doctor for a fundal exam, whatever that is. I just knew I didn’t need that. So I told my self, “No, it’s not that.” The flashes have stopped but the floater comes back under stress. So your comment about blurry eyes was appreciated. I had a very blurry eye two days ago… my left lens had fallen out of my glasses! 🙂

    • Monica May 12, 2016 at 7:59 pm Reply

      I felt like this was a sort of public service announcement and was pleased that less than an hour after my post one of my lovely clients in another country wrote to tell me she was experiencing the blurry eyes.
      It can be scary for those caught unaware that our DNA is shifting.

  2. Gillian May 13, 2016 at 12:40 am Reply

    Fascinating! I’d love to hear from other readers of Monica’s blog… have you experienced blurry eyes?

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