“Intuition is the language of the soul.”    John Holland

“When you have passion, intuition has no boundaries.”    John Holland


Did you know that angels grow and evolve the more they serve others?  So, far from pulling them away from more important duties, when we call upon them and ask for their help, we are actually helping them to evolve.  Ask your angels to help you to draw and attract everything that you truly desire.


Allow your guides to guide you and listen to your intuition and don’t second-guess or doubt yourself and never doubt your ability to manifest what you desire, no matter what happens. If your intuition is about not going somewhere or not doing something  listen. Intuition keeps you safe and guides you to joy.


We are all born naturally intuitive. Some people years ago called it the “sixth sense” but we all have it, even though you may feel that it is not open to its full potential as yet. Since there may be people around you who call it “woo woo” and speak of it in derogatory terms many of us were conditioned to suppress and not trust our “vibes” because even today there are still five-sensory folks who regard those of us who are sixth-sensory to be crazy or weird.  And some of us have shut it down due to the fact that we were killed in a past life for practicing “witchcraft” and therefore are very fearful in this lifetime but are not conscious of this.  With the help of the angels and ascended masters I sometimes perform etheric cord cutting and other treatments that aid my clients in letting go of past life fears.

Everything in nature gravitates to what will best serve its growth. Fish swim upstream, bears hibernate and birds fly south. Humans have the same instincts; however, the difference is that we humans have free will as to whether to pay attention to our intuition or not. We can resist.  But why would we?  We are aware that our psychic ability can heighten our creativity, help us make the most of our work and career, improve our relationships, re-connect us to our Higher Self and to our Source, enhance our physical abilities and deepen our connection to nature and the universe as well as enabling us to receive intuitive guidance on important life decisions.

One of many ways to get your intuitive muscles back into action is to keep an intuitive journal so that you can be reminded just how amazing and magnificent the soul is. It will remind you that it is actually unnatural to be so disconnected from your intuition that you can’t feel or trust it.

Prayer is another super way to activate your intuition because prayer instantly raises your personal vibration, brings more light into your body and opens your heart chakra. Prayer has such a healing effect on the physical and emotional body and calms anxieties and soothes nerves while easing tensions. This allows us to hear our guidance.

The more you open up your intuition the more you find yourself shielding from harsh energies and environments that lower your frequency making it difficult to connect with your Higher Self and your Angels. Since the ego numbs our senses, when our intuition really opens up so too does our sensibilities and we find ourselves needing more quiet, solitude and harmony and beauty in our lives and we naturally gravitate toward healing things and places.

Be cautious about revealing your newly opening up senses to others who are unaware of their souls because their derogatory comments and lack of support and respect toward you and their lack of interest in psychic matters may close you down again if you are feeling especially vulnerable.  Be very discerning and if possible find soul supporters who are able to share synchronicity stories with you as they will validate your trust in your intuition and this raises your confidence and also invites in even further information. Sharing your intuitive thoughts and feelings in a positive and appreciative way with those who are not averse but ‘on-the-fence’ may help them explore what is their natural birthright.

Learning to trust your intuition is an art form and like every other art form it requires practice and doesn’t usually happen overnight. You must be willing to make mistakes, fail, embarrass yourself and feel foolish but you learn through consistent practice to hear your intuition correctly.  Our intuition is always 100% correct but if it is filtered through impure channels or blocked by fear and negativity then it can be like the game of telephone that many of us played as children where everything is muffled by the time you hear it.  How many times though do we hear people say, “I knew it! I wish I had listened to my intuition.”

Here are some exercises to try:

(1) Write down all the reasons you can think of for not trusting and following your intuition.  In addition, write down   about your fears you have regarding what you think might happen to you if you trust and act on it daily.

(2) At least twice a day sit quietly, take some deep relaxing breaths with your eyes closed and ‘check-in’ with your gut feeling to see if you are doing what you feel you want to be doing.

(3) For one day at least but preferably one week, assume that your intuitive feeling about things is completely correct and act as if it is so.

Many of us over the years have been worn down by people around us who worked very hard to convince us that we could not trust our own impulses. The collective Abraham, channeled by Esther Hicks, says: “Most of you physical Beings do not trust yourselves, which is amazing to us, for that which comes forth  from within you is all that you may trust.”  (LAW OF ATTRACTION)

As a lightworker you have the power to circumvent your ego (which is composed of fear, separation and trusts no one) and establish absolute trust in your Higher Self and your Source.  When you disregard the information that comes to you through your intuition because you don’t trust it – then not only are you unable to make the best choices for yourself but you cannot be as effective helping others. Sahvaanah Arienta, in her book LIGHTWORKER, tells us the story of a detective who did not listen to his gut when he was assigned the case of a missing boy. “Two weeks after being reported missing the boy was found dead near a river bank in an apparent drowning accident. The boy’s stepfather told police that the 12 year old had played many times near the riverbank and that he had warned the boy that one day he could slip and fall in. After hours of interviewing the stepfather, the detective found no evidence of any foul play. Yet something just felt ‘off’. The detective could sense that the stepfather was hiding something, even though all facts seemed to point to an accidental drowning. Weeks later, the boy’s autopsy reported that the cause of death was strangulation. It then came out that the stepfather had a history of domestic violence. By that time, the stepfather had left the state, and to this day he is still at large. if the detective had acted on his instincts he could have found some reason to detain the man. But he doubted himself and instead let the murderer go free. Source gave him the right information, but not wanting to make a mistake in detaining the stepfather, the detective had more fear than trust in his gut feelings.”

There are so many ways of knowing and we are always being given messages but we need to listen to the whispers of our Angels. In my Angel Workshops I teach people how to identify their predominant way of knowing which makes it easier to learn how to receive their messages and how to  trust their own intuition and how to work with the angels  and guides in their own lives.  This enriches a person’s life beyond what words are capable of conveying.

Many Blessings,    Monica



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  1. Gillian May 19, 2016 at 1:31 pm Reply

    Yes, I think sometimes we just don’t notice our intuition. Deepak Chopra wants us to try pay attention and actually note the “coincidences” in our lives, much as you want us to trust intuition, because if we don’t keep track we simply forget. Once you start doing this, it’s quite remarkable. Thanks!

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