“Listen or your tongue will make you deaf.”    Tribe Unknown

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”    Mark Twain


Your guides thrive on your joy and success.  Give gratitude!    (Please read my piece called “Spirit Guides” July 31/14)


Ask for three clear signs that are gentle and easy to understand. Pay attention to synchronicity and Divine coincidence.  Deja vu often indicates you are in the right place at the right time.    (Please read my piece called “Synchronicity” Feb 26/15)

One of the many reasons that I do the work that I do and write these pieces is that having been helped so much by angels and spirit guides, I want to help others who may be unconscious as to the many spiritual planes and the amazing amount of help that is available to each and every one of us. So many of us struggle in fear and desperation, feeling lonely and abandoned – completely unaware of the loving angelic support available at all times. We are all children of God/Source and we each have a spiritual team committed to making our journey easier and more fulfilling if we would just ask. If we are unaware of this support and of the spiritual laws (of which there are many – the Law of Attraction being a major one) then we are actually at a disadvantage.

Previously I talked about intuition. Our sixth sense as some call it. I discussed how the creatures on Earth have their instincts to guide them in the best direction. For example, bats have sonar, birds have radar. We have our angels and guides. When we ‘awaken’ and ‘remember’ how to connect with our angels and our spirit guides, our lives begin, over time, to fall naturally into a pattern of ease and flow previously un-dis-covered.

In order to connect we must be willing to open our minds and hearts and ask for help and then be willing to receive the support in the way that it unfolds without limiting expectations. Although we all have the potential to receive Divine guidance, many of us have shut it down due to fears and negativity and a society that talks us out of it over time. When we awaken we begin to remember the gifts that we were born with and we realize that like any muscle our spiritual muscles need to be exercised. Just as watching an exercise video won’t give you core strength and abs of steel like superman, neither will merely reading about angels (usually) or wanting to be guided be sufficient unless you open the doors of awareness.

Start by paying attention to subtle clues. Not everyone has an Angel land in the corner of their room at night or sees Merlin walking down their hall in his robe as I did. Most of the spirit guidance is subtle so it is up to you to raise your awareness and your frequency so you can acknowledge and receive the help when it is offered to you. The angels and guides delight in helping us.

Are you feeding and nurturing your spirit? This is a crucial first step. Because, if you are disconnected from, and insensitive to your own spirit, then chances are very high that you are disconnected from your guides as well. People feed their spirits in many different ways but some of us listen to uplifting music, sing, chant, dance, meditate, play, pray, go for walks in nature, luxuriate in a scented bath, slow down, decorate our homes with flowers and potted plants so our souls are nourished. Whatever helps us connect to our inner core that we do on a regular basis helps us to connect with our guides.

If you wish to practice, you can start by noticing the different energies in your own environment . Find your quiet, safe location. Surround yourself in a bubble of white light for protection. Bring your journal. Consciously drop into your heart center  (the seat of the soul). If you are unsure of how to do this then imagine an energetic pebble dropping into the top of your head, landing in your heart. Feel the energetic ripples in your heart. Now, you are in your heart space. Next, focus on an individual such as a family member or friend (or one of your angels or guides) and let yourself feel their unique vibration. Anything that you express aloud amplifies your awareness, so if you are able to – go ahead and talk aloud. Next, write everything that you experienced in your journal. This exercise will help you to realize that everyone has a unique ‘energy signature’ and helps us to aspire to new levels of experience.  When I began doing this exercise, consciously, many years ago, I found it to be a very simple way to differentiate, for example , the energy of St. Germain (not a saint in the catholic sense – he often shows up at gatherings of lightworkers) from the energy signature of Vywamus ( ascended spiritual teacher/healer).

As a lightworker who communicates regularly with angels and as a “working psychic” as my sister calls me, I need to be aware of with whom I am communicating at all times.  While in your own life you may not need to know the name of every Archangel and ascended master, you do need to be conscious of the kind of energy that you are connecting to. For common sense reasons!  I am sure there is not one of us reading this that has not experienced the sometimes toxic energy of a living human being. Unless, of course, you never go out of the house (which is tempting for those of us who are very sensitive!). So, if you are purifying your life because you understand the Law of Purification and its importance, then just as you are breaking off communication with the toxic incarnates in your life, then why would you invite in spirit energies that are unpleasant or dark? So, in the event someone new to connecting with spirits is reading this – you need to be just as discerning regarding the discarnate spirits as you are with the incarnates. So, here are the guidelines to follow when connecting with energies:

(1)   Does the spirit feel loving?  Do you feel safe in this energy?

(2)   Do you feel completely comfortable with what you are experiencing?

(3)   Does the spirit honour your free will at all times?

(4)    Is the spirit a messenger of God/Source?

(5)    Does the spirit or angel want to help you to develop a close relationship with God/Source?

If the spirit’s energy (an Angel’s energy is 100% loving) words, images or guidance fails any of these tests say firmly STOP and break off your connection immediately. It is only common sense, I believe, as we must always practice discernment. Keep and live by what feels right to you and discard the rest. Most of the time I am focused on communicating with Angels because I know that the energy from the Angelic Realm is of the highest frequency and why would I waste my time with low energies and frequencies?  That would certainly not serve myself or the clients that I serve. That being said, I have never personally met a discarnate that is as scary as an angry ‘living’ human being – although Hollywood movies would have us believe otherwise for our entertainment.

If you open up to your psychic abilities consciously and with discernment and respect and practice regularly and eschew drama, you will find that you are able to connect with your angels and guides and eventually other realms of existence.  Practice never ends. If you are completely a beginner it may take awhile to bypass your brain and your ego – but – it is only practice, as is everything else.

As you are likely aware, our guardian angels are intimately connected to us from the beginning of our lives until they help us transit to the Other Side when this particular lifetime ends.  We all have at least 2 guardian angels who never leave our side.

Most people do believe in Angels.  Not as many of us North Americans believe in faeries.  I was disappointed that I had to cancel my Faery Workshop this week-end due to a lack of interest in the small village where I live.  However, I was soothed by a British colleague’s comments that “had you advertised this in England, you would have been sold out in hours!”  And, even though I do not live in Iceland, I was heartened recently to listen to an interview with an anthropologist there who says that no new roads are constructed in Iceland without the express consultation and approval of the “Elf population”.   Wow!  I love the sound of Iceland!

Receiving messages from Angels requires a high frequency, therefore, do not be surprised if you are guided to make some lifestyle changes regarding nutrition, hydration, exercise, prayer, meditation, detoxification, etc., as these changes enable you to cleanse your channels of perception and allow your own way of ‘knowing’ whether it is predominantly clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience or claircognizance to open up to its full potential.  Some of us may tend to forget that there is a definite preparation period involved on the journey of increased awareness and connection with our angels and guides. The discipline involved to walk as a multisensory person in multiple realms while remaining grounded for our “Earth Walk” is considerable. Ask your Angels for signs and then stay awake!

Are you listening to your guidance? Are you acting on it? Your ego-personality may be quite disappointed with the Divine guidance.  For example, your guidance may be to move away to a place you think you will not enjoy, or it may tell you to embrace sobriety, or to go back to school, or to increase your water consumption or cut down or eliminate meat products or to let go of a toxic relationship.  Some of us listen but we do not act on our guidance and become obstacles on our own path. However, this is all part of the journey to authenticity and wholeness.  Part of the journey to trusting ourselves, our Angels and our guides.

Last week I was so happy to hear from a client of the past 10 years.  Let us call her Serephina (of course this is not her name). Serephina was a client of mine while we were both going through many changes.  The Angels guided Serephina to move to a new city in a new country where Serephina is currently thriving.  So, this is the first Spring in 10 years that I have not seen her.  For such a happy reason! Her postcard says, “You were right, I love it here in …    Now, I have to ask, did you send the angels to truly welcome me to this city?  You must come and visit.”   Following the advice of her Angels, Serephina spread her wings and is now in the environment she was searching for and has the intellectual challenge that she craved as well as the friends and supportive environment she dreamed of. And, to top it off – she is being paid handsomely for work that she loves.  Of course, Serephina provided the crucial element to her most recent success.  Faith.  Serephina had faith in herself, her Creator, her Angels  and in an abundant and friendly Universe. She walks with the Angels.  A new doorway opened and she walked through it with courage and faith.

Slow down.  Make space in your life for the relationship with Source, your Angels and guides and you will dis-cover that you are magically in the right place at the right time.

Love & Light,   Monica



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  1. Gillian May 26, 2016 at 4:20 pm Reply

    No… I’ve never seen Merlin swishing down a hallway in front of me, but I’ve certainly learned (from you) to express my gratitude to the unseen realm and as the years go by the time gap between the event and my expression of gratitude narrows. So sorry to hear about the Faery Festival. Love the Iceland story, though. Must tell my daughter who is intrigued by Iceland. Thanks!

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