“To live for results would be to sentence myself to continuous frustration.  My only sure reward is in my actions and not from them.”   Hugh Prather

As a spiritual warrior, I am always concerned with ‘right action’.  Right action is always its own reward.  Right action is not always self-evident for the ego-personality, so I always ascend into my Higher Self to ascertain right action.  I am sure you do too.  It almost always requires discipline to do this.  Discipline is part of the skill set required to increase the probability that our good intentions translate into the outcomes we seek.  The commitment to learning and practice.  The word “discipline” derives from the same root as the word “disciple”, which means “being open to receive.”    The fruit of discipline is grace  –  to which the universe adds its power and creativity to our own capability enabling us to manifest something that at one point felt beyond our reach.

We have control over our choices; however, we have no control over the consequences of our choices.  Right action does make it more likely that the consequences will be in keeping with our positive intentions.  Aligning with the Will of God and the will of our Higher Self, focusing our resources on the choice directly in front of us (the present moment) and setting our trajectory we then ‘let go’ like an archer (remember the Yoga pose?) having become clear on the target we pull back our bow to the point of stillness (achieved in meditation)  and we release the arrow and wait to see what happens as we observe with curiosity and amusement the results that come from our surrender.


Before you incarnated you set an agenda and a purpose for this life.  You have sacred contracts and karmic agreements to fulfill, and these override your Free Will desires.  When the desires of your body, mind, and heart align with your will and spirit, you can attract, accomplish and achieve anything.


Set goals that fulfill your body, mind, heart and spirit – create a life that fulfills every facet of your whole self.

In my practice called Awakening Spirit I am privileged to witness and assist people working with the Law of Attraction and to become aware of how some of us forget that some of our dreams are delivered to us through earth angels (lightworkers).  Yes Angels, faeries, spirit guides, Light Beings are much involved –  but an important link in the chain is the lightworker that issues an invitation, delivers a message, facilitates a healing, educates you or performs an action that results in putting you where you need to be at the exact time and place.  Divine Timing.  Being ‘open to receive’ necessitates an awareness of this.  Because we tend to think and react in habitual ways we may forget that a human being is part of the Divine system that delivers what we manifest with the Angels.  For example, I know a woman, let us call her Dawn (not her name) who had been working for some time to manifest a romantic relationship.  She was very clear as to the kind of man she wished for in her life as a partner. Dawn listed all the qualities of character.  She had done all the correct things to manifest this relationship and was beginning to become frustrated because this man she was manifesting had not ‘shown up’ yet!  Simultaneously, Dawn had just moved apartments to a new section of her city and was left with some twinges in her lower back that were bothersome.  An old friend she met for tea suggested she try yoga as a way of healing her back.  Reluctant to go to a yoga studio as she was not keen to don the Lululemon clothes that Dawn felt were obligatory now-a-days she almost did not go.  However, Dawn is very happy she did because that night she met and became instant friends with the receptionist at the studio who then introduced Dawn to her father and the rest is history!  Dawn and Dad married.  The universe delivered, albeit not in the way that Dawn had imagined.

Following our intuition rather than relying solely on past beliefs and behaviours we often dis-cover that in a mysterious and unpredictable way our personal desires have lined up with universal intent.  You know this is happening when, as time goes by, the line between your ego/individual self and your universal/Self becomes almost indistinguishable.

Emmanuel ( our Light Being friend) always says it best:

Whenever the feeling comes over you

that you have no choices

I urge you to call a halt to everything.

This is a trick you play on yourself

to avoid having to assume

the responsibility and therefore the joy

of life.


Envision instead what it is you truly want.

Test it.  Be careful of this, my friends,

because if you envision something quite casually

and do it with conviction,

even though you may not be sure you want it,

it will manifest.

This is neither magic nor false hope.

It is the reality of the power

of your creative impulse.

This is why it is so important to develop

self-awareness to the depths of your ability

so that no creation can come about in your life

without your having made the choice.


You have designed your life yourself.

You have created nothing in your outer reality

that is stranger to you.

The inestimable joy of human manifestation

is to see around you

in what seem to be outer circumstances

what you truly believe as a soul.


Look at your physical manifestation as a symbol

and view your body as an extension of your soul,

the spoken word of your being.


Your life is not your master.

It is your child.”       (EMMANUEL’S BOOK)


Many blessings to you,      Monica

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  1. Gillian June 9, 2016 at 11:39 am Reply

    “Discipline” and “disciple”, who knew? I love that! Being “open to receive” is such a lovelier image than nose-to-the-grindstone denial that we often, nowadays, associate with discipline. Thanks for this blog.

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