“We walk by faith and not by sight.”    St. Paul

“My experience is what I agree to attend to.”    William James


Thank God often. God’s Will for you is what you will for yourself.  Thy Will be done.


Make choices based on moving toward what you want not away from what you don’t want.

My practice, Awakening Spirit, mostly attracts people walking the spiritual path (mostly women so far). Almost without exception these are lightworkers who come for a variety of reasons; however, most arrive to receive their messages from their Angels. Lightworkers are always concerned with helping and healing others and therefore when they come to me it is often because they are experiencing what Sahvanna Arienta calls a state of “meltdown.” Although a client may feel that this has come on “all of a sudden” that is rarely the case. It has usually been happening over a long period of time  where the love energy (flowing through the heart chakra) shuts down, resulting in a meltdown. Since every lightworker is unique, we respond differently during a meltdown. Some of us self-medicate with alcohol or drugs, some of us hoard items or pets (animals love us unconditionally), and others of us become workaholics.  There are many ways we can adopt behaviours in an attempt to distract ourselves from our own pain.  A meltdown occurs when we have shut-down to such an extent that we have cut-off our resources to connect to authentic forms of love. Disconnecting from all forms of love (Sahvanna, in her book LIGHTWORKER RELATIONSHIPS, identifies 6 types) which means we are living in a state of fear, results for an empathic lightworker in a meltdown.  Intuitively, when we reach this state we know that it is imperative to seek help so that we do not create in our lives an endless cycle of pain and sorrow. A “meltdown” can actually be the beginning of a whole ‘new’ life.

In the past I had a client I will call Lyla (not her name) who was experiencing a meltdown. Her life had fallen apart she said after many decades absorbed as a homemaker and mother to two active children. Lyla told me that when her children had both left home she had approached her husband, Bill (not his real name) and suggested changes toward a ‘new’ relationship of “equality” between them where her interests and ideas would be as important as his. Lyla explained that she had the need to re-invent herself and their relationship in order to dis-cover her authentic self that had become lost in the flurry of focusing and responding continuously to the needs of Bill ( who had a successful and busy career) and their busy family. Bill was hurt and very angry. He told Lyla that the marriage could only continue if everything remained the same as it was as Bill had been satisfied and happy with everything as it was. After numerous attempts to ‘change’ Bill ( we all know in our hearts that we can only change ourselves) Lyla realized that there was no opportunity or space within the marriage to move forward into a continuously growing relationship.  She made the difficult and courageous decision to leave.

As the years went by, Lyla established a new life. She did re-invent herself (employing the Law of Attraction) with the support of her Angels, guides, and the ascended masters. The last time she visited Awakening Spirit Lyla told me that she had realized that it is only when we love ourselves and strengthen our connection to our Creator that we become a powerful manifester.  Lyla asked for what would become her ‘final’ session with me before she moved away. We had a powerful session with the Angels. I decided, with the agreement of Lyla, to end our session by pulling a Rune.  So, the session ended with the Rune, Gebo, the Rune of Partnership. Gebo has no Reverse because “it signifies the gift of freedom from which flow all other gifts.”  (THE BOOK OF RUNES) Lyla understood the Partnership as the Partnership between herself and God. She had already ‘realized’ the gift of this particular Rune: “God always enters into an equal partnership.”  Yes, and God’s Love is always unconditional.

When we Co-Create with God/Source we are equals.  The Angels do not even ‘see’ our ego, they only see our Higher Selves.  Spend some time daily in rapt attention (such as meditation) to God/Source and this will assist you in balancing all the vibratory levels of love energy. As Sahvanna teaches and as Lyla dis-covered, this keeps “your energy well-rounded and stops you from becoming hyper-focused on romance (or children or any other type of vibration) .”

Lightworkers are very sensitive, empathic and we have an innate need to help and heal others – that is why we frequently choose wounded partners in an effort to heal them.  We dis-cover, over time, that no one can be healed if they choose not to receive the love/healing. Lightworkers avoid meltdown by honouring their own boundaries, loving themselves, accepting help themselves and remembering that God/Source requires no sacrifice of them – the Love is unchanging and unconditional. God’s Partnership is one of equality.

Allow yourself to receive love as well as to give it, otherwise it puts you into a state of imbalance that can lead eventually to a meltdown. As Sahvanna says: “Once you get to the sacred place of self-love, the only thing to follow is pure magic.”

Love & Light,   Monica




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  1. Gillian June 16, 2016 at 1:29 pm Reply

    I’m happy for “Lyla”! Great William James quote, too… As always, thanks for the blog.

  2. Hayley June 16, 2016 at 3:28 pm Reply

    Thanks for this truly inspired take on the spiritual dimension of boundaries -such an important lesson for everyone! 🙂

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