“We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.”   Martin Luther King

“Viewed in the context of the divine marriage in both men and women, the subordination of the feminine to the masculine, outwardly enacted as the subordination of women to men, is a horrendous lie.  For at least three thousand years women have carried whether consciously or unconsciously, their culturally determined role in relation to men, an inferior role that has left their masculinity wounded by patriarchal training.  As a result of the inferior role assigned to the feminine, men are culturally and personally crippled by a weak feminine energy every bit as disabling as the weak masculine in women.”   Robert Bly & Marion Woodman


What you focus on is what you’ll experience. Seek and ye shall find: when you look for the best, then that is what you’ll find. If something is difficult, painful or challenging, ask yourself, “What is good about this?”


Allow your inner masculine and feminine to work together for your highest good. Your feminine energy is creative and intuitive, inspires and guides, loves and nurtures, and is also the force of attraction and receiving. Your masculine energy creates and designs, reasons and resolves, builds and protects, and is the force of action and manifestation. When they join together in harmony and balance, you will attract healthy and balanced relationships with others, and you will be at peace with yourself.

When I am discussing masculine and feminine energies in this piece I am talking about them the way the Hermetists do. They refer to masculine and feminine energies that combine to create manifestations. Gender has nothing to do with physical, sexual attributes. Each person, thing and even every situation has both feminine and masculine energies. Just as a woman has inner male and female energy so too does a man. Feminine and masculine energies  are always combining and catalyzing each other which results in creations. In fact, THE KYBALION lists the Principle of Gender as one of the sacred principles.

The Principle of Gender operates on the three planes: physical, mental, spiritual. On the mental plane, masculine energy is expressed as conscious mind, and feminine energy is the unconscious mind.

Dr. Doreen Virtue teaches about the Principle of Gender and how it operates in the classes that I have attended with her. She points out that telepathy and psychic phenomena can be explained and improved through the Principle of Gender. “Telepathy occurs when a thought is sent (which is a masculine action) by one person and then received (a feminine action) by another person.” Therefore your telepathy can be further developed by practicing receptiveness – such as saying yes to offers of help, and to gifts and asking others to help you. It is not unusual to discover that lightworkers who are psychically ‘blocked’ and therefore unable to feel or see angels &/or other psychic energies are often such generous ‘givers’ that they rarely allow themselves to receive. This results in imbalance . They are unbalanced in their male energy making it difficult for them to relax and be conscious of the inflow of Spirit.

Another way that a psychic block can occur is when a person is trying too hard to have a clairvoyant vision. Striving is a male energy and receptiveness is a female energy  and an excess of male energy can block you from receiving your spiritual guidance. However, an imbalance of feminine energy is just as unhealthy, because too much feminine energy can often result in a passive personality who observes life rather than expressing and acting upon original thoughts and ideas. You can see that balanced energy is the healthiest for psychic development and also for the practice of Divine magic, of which I am a student.

Divine magic necessitates the strength ( which comes with consistent practice) to use your masculine willpower on a consistent basis and helps us find  our independence of thought and finances and freedom through its enactment of the Principle of Gender within.

As we awaken to our own ‘inner’ feminine power our world becomes more balanced and we move away from patriarchal dominance. Goddess energy revitalizes our respect for Mother Nature ( half of the species of sea creatures have gone since the 1970s due to human activities and carelessness) and also supports the ‘new’ kids – the highly sensitive and psychic children called, variously, Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow.

Although in the West Mother Mary is undoubtedly the most ‘famous’ Goddess there are so many more other goddesses who would love to support you in all areas of your life. Do you call them in? We have to ask. These goddesses work ‘hand-in-wing’ with the angels and come from cultures/religions all over the world. Work with the goddesses to heal and to empower your own ‘inner’ feminine wisdom which resides within every woman and man. The goddesses will help open up your intuition and allow you to become even more psychic and they will also clear your heart chakra which results in an increased ability to manifest. Goddesses incorporate the feminine nature of our Source.

I asked which goddess has a message for my readers this week and pulled an oracle card for you. It is Sarasvati (pronounced Sair- rah- SVAH- tee) the Hindu goddess of the arts who helps us with all  our creative expressions such as writing, music, dance and eloquent speech. As the wife of Brahma, Sarasvati values creative expression and knowledge above material possessions . Her symbols include a white swan and the vina musical instrument. Why not establish a connection today? Sarasvati asks you to express yourself through creative activities and to remember that you are “limitless.” For some of you, you may be guided to study &/or change to a career that gives you more creative freedom. Invoke Sarasvati when you need help avoiding becoming distracted about your creative projects and when you need help with focus. She will help lift you into a higher frequency beyond material concerns.

We know that the quality of our lives is up to us. Therefore, each morning, before you begin your day, spend a few moments visualizing happiness for the day ahead and imagine yourself enjoying each activity and bringing your love and vitality to it – because the images we see, daily, shape our experiences that we see in our future.

Love & Light,    Monica



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  1. Gillian June 23, 2016 at 11:22 am Reply

    Great stuff! I’ve received a job offer lately (one that I wasn’t looking for) and I must say it feels scarier than “going after” something. The last time I “received” a job offer (at a bookstore) went well and I’m still there. Who knows what will turn up? Yes, these “new” kids are great. Some are “agender” and prefer the pronoun “they”. What is the Kybalion? Thanks for the blog.

    • Monica June 23, 2016 at 2:52 pm Reply

      Congrats on the job offer! The original teacher of Divine Magic is considered to be an Egyptian sage called Hermes Trismegistus and his teachings were mostly in the oral tradition. In 1908 three Hermetic
      students wrote them down in a book called THE KYBALION.

  2. Hayley June 23, 2016 at 1:06 pm Reply

    Thanks for this great piece, I’m going to try and inject much more goddess into my mornings 🙂

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