“Trusting your Higher Self and bypassing your ego will initially feel like jumping off a cliff blindfolded. Your ego wants you to feel that way so it can stay in control. What you discover, however, if you decide you’re willing to jump off that cliff, is that as spirit, you can fly. You become free of your ego’s fear and begin to live as your spirit wants you to.”    Sonia Choquette


Ask yourself, when you have what you want, then what? How does it affect you and others in your life? What does it mean for you? And what is the next step beyond that? Does it fit with the overall plan that you have for your life? Does it fulfill you on all levels?


You can connect with others, attract and influence others by speaking to their Higher Self (but you must do this in integrity and not as a form of manipulation).  Do this at a time when they would be sleeping so that you can discuss with their Higher Consciousness what you would like to happen. Visualize your desired outcome, and see everyone happy and fulfilled by that outcome that is for the Highest Good of all.

I have found, with myself and my clients, that when we trust the guidance of our Higher Selves we have more freedom then we ever imagined possible.  Trusting our Higher Self allows us to live an authentic and loving life in a courageous manner. There is no more power than that (and it is the power from Source). Make the decision to allow your Higher Self to run your life and enjoy inner peace.

Your Higher Self is your direct link to God/Source. In fact, it is the central task of your guides and Angels to help you to strengthen this connection, consciously, in order that your limited and fearful ego does not run your life. When you are connected to your Higher Self your whole focus is on how to become a more loving, joyful and creative being. Your heart expands and your ego worries begin to dissolve. While it is lovely and delightful and fun to have helpers such as the faeries and guides – they are part of our team – we do not hand over our lives to them. We accept their companionship, assistance and support on our journey; however, it is desirable and spiritually wise to turn over your power to your Higher Self. Why? Because the ego thrives on control and when we allow it to take us over we can become overwhelmed with fears, doubts and insecurity. Through projections, stories and judgments about ourselves and others the ego isolates us and engages us in its maneuvers and manipulations that are not only futile but drain us of energy.  As spiritual teacher Sonia Choquette teaches, when we let ego take control we “become weak, fatigued, sick and old very quickly.”

Let your Higher Self be the leader. It never dies and therefore does not fear annihilation. When you remain connected to your Higher Self you know immediately when you are off your path.  When you are off your path you receive various signals (sometimes as physical feelings and/or symptoms) that you recognize as letting you know you are on a detour! You can then make course corrections.

One of the many fulfilling things that I do at Awakening Spirit is to help my clients to connect to and trust their Higher Self.  This, I have dis-covered,  is essential for lightworkers on their journey to their authentic selves and wishing to assist others. In my line of work I operate from my Higher Self continuously and therefore have the experience to aid my clients to move into theirs.  Our Higher Self has the bigger picture because of the perpetual connection to Source.

While I work with the Higher Self of every client, the client that comes to my mind today, is a client that I worked with for a year or so about a decade ago. This client, whom I will call Chad (not his name) is a lightworker and as is typical with lightworkers, a sensitive, caring and highly psychic individual with a desire to heal, satisfy and please everyone he could and when Chad came to me, as a referral from another professional, he was in crisis. Neither of us knew where our work and our journey together would take us.  However, both Chad and I trusted the Angels and we trusted Chad’s Higher Self to guide us. And It did.  Chad, with such courage and trust and faith transitioned over that amazing year into Chelsea (not her real name). Chelsea gave me a gift of a warrior-faery figurine that I keep on my altar and will forever. A symbol of our strong connection to our Higher Selves and our paths. Today Chelsea is a leader in her own community and fulfilling her lightworker purpose.

If you have, as yet, not established a strong connection to your Higher Self – there is no time like the present to begin!  Do you meditate on a regular basis?  Or do meditative practices?  You need to get quiet in order to connect with your Higher Self.  It need not be difficult.  However, at first, as a beginner, the connection is subtle – but – as the connection gets stronger it is obvious to you when you are in your Higher Self.  You will know.  Some people say it is like tasting honey for the first time because it feels so sweet and desirable and you keep wanting more.  For me, I feel bubbly and light and euphoric and because of my work and mission I have developed my own ways of moving easily and effortlessly into my Higher Self (you can too). It is practice, like everything else, and a desire to connect. Following the guidance is the challenge!  However, when we are in our Higher Selves we automatically want a win-win situation for everyone.  Even for people with whom we have nothing in common and with which we do not agree.  When we speak Higher Self to Higher Self we create miracles together.

If you are in conflict with someone, come out of your ego and go into your Higher Self and speak directly to the other person’s Higher Self – bypassing their ego.  If you are a beginner, try this when the other person is sleeping as it is much easier to slip past their ego. As we ascend, these skills are helping us move from the old belief that someone has to lose in order for us to win.  And, the future of our planet depends on us all ‘letting-go’ of this 3rd dimensional way of life and ascending into higher dimensions.

Love & Light,   Monica


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  1. Gillian June 30, 2016 at 2:27 pm Reply

    As tomorrow is the Trans March during Pride in Toronto, how lovely to read about Chelsea! Great blog.

  2. Hayley July 1, 2016 at 9:55 am Reply

    I agree! This is an excellent blog to round out Pride Month! Thanks 🙂

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