“Man has responsibility, not power.”    Tuscarora


Visualize yourself in the future living your desired life, and ask your future self what steps you need to take to get you there.  (Please see my piece called FUTURE SELF posted August 27, 2014)


Ask for what you want in a way that does not limit your possibilities. When you place an order in a restaurant you are specific enough to get what you want without trying to control every detail, then you trust the staff to prepare and deliver the meal to your liking – and if you don’t like it you can send it back or order something else. The same is true for manifestation and attraction. Once you’ve placed your order with the universe and taken the appropriate action – you must sit back and trust that it is coming. Be patient and allow the universe to give you what you desire  and to make it superb.

We are now almost at the end of my 100 tips regarding the Law of Attraction. The tips themselves were passed on to me, as you may remember, by my amazing teacher, the Amazing Grace. However, all commentary on them and all examples and writings beyond the tips themselves are from me and the angels and guides. I have very much enjoyed this journey which is coming to an end. By this point you will now understand the Law of Allowing, which is crucial to receiving what you are attracting and what you are banking in what Abraham/Hicks calls your “vibrational escrow.”  “Whenever a preference or a desire is born within you as a result of something that you are living, that vibrational signal shoots forth like a rocket of desire and begins amassing power and clarity in your vibrational future, in what we lovingly refer to as your vibrational escrow. It is held there expressly for you. No one else can swoop in and take it , depriving you of your own creation. It remains there pulsing – gaining power, momentum and clarification – as you continue to amend your desires through processing more contrasting experiences.”   (THE AMAZING POWER OF DELIBERATE INTENT by Esther & Jerry Hicks) In other words – it is not possible for anyone to take away your vibrational ‘savings.’ One of my daily affirmations is: “What is mine, will not go past me.” If it goes past me, it was never meant to be mine. I did not create it. We are responsible for our creations and can only receive what aligns with our own vibration.

“What I desire is on its way.

It will arrive precisely on God’s timetable, not mine.

What I am experiencing now may be disguised as a problem,

but I know that it is a blessing.

What I desire is on it’s way and it is coming to me in amounts

even greater than I can imagine.

That is my vision, and I will hold on to it in a state of gratitude,

no matter what.  And so it is.”  (given to me in a workshop, no author credited)


You achieve vibrational relativity with your desire before it arrives in your ‘real’ world. You need to close the vibrational gap between your desire and your beliefs before your desire/s can manifest. In other words, there must be vibrational compatibility between your desires and your beliefs. That is why, in so many of my pieces, I remind you to examine your beliefs very carefully so that they align with your desires. For example, if one of your desires is to live a long, healthy life and your parents did not live long, healthy lives, you need to believe that there is no relationship between your parent’s health and your own – because that belief is vibrationally compatible with your desire. So, how do you become vibrationally compatible with the stated desire of health and longevity? Well, my parents did not live healthy, long lives, but I am not either of my parents! My parents, as WW11 survivors, drank a lot of alcohol and chain-smoked in an attempt to relieve their stress. I do not.  My parents felt that as war survivors they were “living on borrowed time.”  I do not feel this way. My parents did not believe in psychotherapy and therefore did not have any.  I believe in psychotherapy and therefore had 5 years of it. My parents did not exercise as they began to age – I exercise frequently.  And so forth – and that is a bit of an example for you of how I allow myself to receive health and longevity. Does any of this have to be true? Not necessarily – but I must believe it to be true. (If you have any difficulty understanding how the science of this works then I suggest you read Dr. Bruce Lipton’s book entitled THE BIOLOGY OF BELIEF) In anticipation of someone reading this who does not know me and thinks I am criticizing my parents for their ‘failure’ to achieve longevity, then it may be worthwhile for me to tell you that I am surprised my parents lived as long as they did with what we now euphemistically call  their “challenges.” !  We have knowledge now that no past generation had, so my parents, I believe, would be alive today if they had had the knowledge we now have post-2012.  What most ascension teachers teach is that the “Cosmic Moment” occurred December 21st, 2012.  Everything that happened before then is so 3D!  We have the advantage of evolution. Time is on our side.

If we do not understand vibrational relativity then we are leaving a lot of what we have created sitting in our vibrational banks as our ‘savings’.  However, the great news is – it is waiting for us to achieve vibrational relativity with it and we know how to do that.  It requires awareness and mindfulness and self-love.  If we do not love ourselves – we do not allow ourselves to receive because we feel unworthy. Nothing is more important than feeling good – therefore whenever we focus our thoughts on things that help us to feel good – we are attracting positively. Balancing our energy is crucial to achieving/receiving our desires.  The angels can help.  Balance comes from higher consciousness and also leads to higher consciousness, and I have dis-covered that Archangel Zadkiel will respond and help you with balancing your energies if you ask.  Lightworkers are sometimes overly focused on giving and we forget that we need to receive in order to balance our energies.   Giving feels wonderful, so remember to allow others the joy of giving.

As you move into your future self, allow yourself plenty of time to meditate, pray, walk in nature and focus on some simple pleasures. Ask yourself some questions at this time. What are you carrying around with you? What are you attached to? Are you attached to your anger? Are you holding on to an addiction? Unduly attached to your possessions? Overly cleaving to your children? Attached to your beliefs and point of view? Our attachments can define us and confine us. Awareness is key.  When we become conscious of something we can transmute it. Anything unconsciously created can be consciously transmuted. St. Paul told us this principle: “Everything is shown up by being exposed to the light, and whatever is exposed to the light itself becomes light.” You do not need to judge or analyze, only remain present.

Every one of us on the planet is part of the transformation.  We are working on making way for the new by balancing our energy and that of our planet.  Moving beyond duality.  Beyond the old 3D existence.  Step out of your ‘old’ story and the planet’s old story.  Don’t allow the ‘dark ‘side of the Force to trick you into believing whatever does not serve your Highest Good, because your beliefs are creating your future self! I don’t remember which writer said this, as I read it awhile back, but she reminded us that we are actually more connected to the breath of a butterfly we have never met, then we are to the doomsayers.  Or something like that!!  Some things are lost in translation. But you get it.

Love & Light,  Monica


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  1. Gillian July 7, 2016 at 12:41 pm Reply

    Yes, I get it! Talked to a Doomsayer last night who was carrying on about being old and I delivered my usual mini lecture then let it go. Hard to believe we’re so close to 100 tips! Congratulations and thanks.

  2. Hayley July 7, 2016 at 11:37 pm Reply

    I love the idea that we are connected with butterflies more than doomsayers, how great! Thanks for an uplifting blog 🙂

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