“God is alive, magic is afoot.”   Leonard Cohen


Visualize yourself surrounded by a bubble of golden white light that is powerfully protective and attractive.  Light of Love – irresistible to all that you desire.


Do not push against the river – when you push against the Universe you cannot win.  If something is not flowing, find another way and let the entire Universe work with you.  Go with the flow, don’t dam it with stubbornness.  Be willing, not willful.

We lightworkers know that we can protect ourselves by surrounding ourselves with light.  Green for healing, white for physical protection, purple for spiritual protection.  We often layer these around us.  However, when we surround ourselves with light – remember that our light also raises the vibration of everyone in our vicinity.  It feels good, doesn’t it, to know that while we are taking steps to keep ourselves protected, we are simultaneously helping others.  Especially as the spiritual truth is that we are all ONE.

When we are in our ego we feel separate.  We may not then realize that we are supported by the entire Universe.  However, our Higher Self is always aware of this!  Therefore, you may wish to include this affirmation in your daily routine: “Everything happens for my higher good; the universe works in perfect ways.”  Every situation in our life offers us an opportunity to grow.  Everything that happens is an opportunity to become more loving, stronger and wiser. Every situation offers us an opportunity to let go of an emotion such as anger (that is not meant to be carried for long periods) and also to release an attachment that no longer serves us. Therefore, begin today to remind yourself that the Universe is perfect and that everything you do and everything that happens to you is perfect for your spiritual growth and progress on your path.  Because, it is. I am certain that if you look back at various times in your life, now that you have grown so much spiritually, you have a higher perspective and are aware that what seemed negative years ago you now see as offering you new growth and new beginnings.

A higher Wisdom is always operative throughout the Universe. If something you were hoping for didn’t happen – then know that something even greater will.  I am experiencing this right now in my life.  Although I do have regular clients (who are amazing lightworkers), I would prefer a few more because I love working with people in the physical.  I have a Reiki course coming up to teach next week and just did an Angel reading, some energy clearing and spiritual counseling this week – all of which I love doing and find most fulfilling.  However, I find myself feeling strongly that I am not able to use my skills and gifts as frequently as I would like!  So, I admitted this to myself and told the Angels that they needed to help me sort this out – I left it in their hands.  So, did they deliver more physical clients?  Not so far; however, what they have done has opened up new avenues for me on the “inner planes” which is so exciting and has started me on a whole new adventure!  Do I know where I am going on this adventure? No, not now – but I will be guided, as always, as we all are. So, I am realizing that if I had more clients to serve on this physical plane (which I still would prefer) I would actually not have the Earth time that I am now enjoying spending learning from Merlin and the Angels how to “serve” on the inner planes.  I am just at the beginning of this ‘new work’ as I continue my ascension; however, I am already finding myself increasingly occupied and fulfilled as I am welcomed by the Intergalactic Council as being ready for service on what I assume will be a life- long apprenticeship. I have communicated (in the past) with ten of the twelve Ascended Masters/Light Beings who make up this body, however, that was in a different capacity – channeling the occasional personal message for my clients.  For example, my client that I called “Chad/Chelsea” (this was ten years ago) asked me to channel Commander Ashtar  ( seventh-dimensional commander of the Intergalactic Fleet) which I did – and I passed on the info I was given. Chelsea’s parents were in possession of information that was passed on to Chelsea and she was expanding on her parent’s awareness of visitors from another planet.  Jesus (whom asked me many years ago to call him “the Christ” (so I do!)) is also a member of this Council and is the member that I am most familiar with since early childhood.  I only tell you these things – as part of the tip for today regarding being supported by the Universe.  The Universe knows our next step and will support it.  I am only beginning my next step but will keep you posted when it can be of any benefit to you. Meanwhile, rest assured that the Universe will support anything required for your spiritual growth and life purpose.

One of the things happening to me currently, as our ascension process unfolds – is the change going on that is changing our DNA structure from a two-strand DNA system to the twelve-strand DNA system we had in the Golden Era of Atlantis.  As this occurs our awesome gifts we had in Atlantis are being returned to us. They are being returned so we can serve the evolution of the planet in whatever way we are guided/choose.  So, as this is happening I sometimes feel like a violin being re-strung!  Do you?  For me, my ascension symptoms include better eyesight (both physical and clairvoyant) although for awhile it was blurry, stronger clairalience (clearer smell) and clairaudience (clear hearing) and I have been told by one of my guides that I now have “the feet of a gnome.”  I looked to see if they are big and hairy!! No, they look the same – I am just more grounded and more aware of being an “earthling” than I have since the age of four.  There will be signs for me and you of things to come and I will keep you posted if it is something I feel may interest you and/ or be of benefit.  My post that talked of the blurry eyes as being an ascension symptom helped three people as they were experiencing the same and were getting a little alarmed. Do not be surprised if you have different symptoms or none at all – we are all proceeding at the pace we signed up for!  There is no hurry dear immortal being.  All Time is NOW.  We all arrive at the same place at journey’s end.

Surround yourself with the Light and know that the Universe is supporting you in every moment.  Allow yourself to relax and enjoy the adventure.

Blessings,   Monica


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  1. Gillian July 14, 2016 at 3:05 pm Reply

    So much here — Intergalactic councils, 12-stranded DNA — to find out about I hope there’ll be future blogs about them. Can’t believe next week will be our final LOA tip!

    • Monica July 15, 2016 at 11:57 am Reply

      Kyron (channeled by Lee Carroll) says that “the DNA field is a knowing. It is not linear or static).” Kyron says we can activate our DNA, and there are many ways, however, the DNA itself will decide what layer or energy it is going to work with – not us! Kyron says that although we use 3D verbiage, which he says is fine, the truth is that “DNA is aware, and within its intelligence it will take what you give it and decide what to activate.” Fascinating eh? As you know, I am just at the beginning of my conscious activation through working with the Ascension Archangels – but – yes – I will write a blog when I feel I can offer something. Probably saying what has happened to me – such as my newly activated gnome feet – which are the result of a grounding/activating exercise I did. Thanks for your continuous support, encouragement and interest and comments.

  2. Gillian July 15, 2016 at 3:26 pm Reply

    “Take what you give it and decide what to activate” corresponds with what Bruce Lipton is trying to get into our consciousness… that DNA is simply a blueprint that can be implemented — or not — and that “having a gene” for, say, a certain cancer doesn’t mean you’re going to get the cancer any more than holding a blueprint means you’re going to get a skyscraper. All this reminds me of a movie I like from quite a few years ago called Gattaca with Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke. I only realized this year that the letters in the title probably refer to the four DNA bases Guanine, Adenine, Thymine and Cytosine. 🙂

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