“Take away love and the earth is a tomb.”   Robert Browning

“One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life. The word is love.”   Sophocles


2018 is being called the year of amplification by many on the ascension path. We are almost half way through this year. What are you amplifying? Love or fear? Remember that these are the only two states and that our emotions fall into those 2 basic categories. As we move out of the old earth matrix of the third dimension it becomes so much easier to let our love flow. As we unplug ourselves from the old matrix and plug into our heart and our light we realize that all our Good is from Source and that when we are in alignment with our divinity  – we become a master of love.

For those of us making the quantum jump into the fifth dimension we must intentionally choose pure unconditional love because that is how we make the leap. This means doing whatever we need to do to overcome our fears and let go of our old codes/programming and letting our hearts and souls lead the way. We are bringing forth New Earth.

Some of us are continuing to experience ascension symptoms as our bodies cleanse and upgrade. These include a variety of symptoms but at this time folks are reporting difficulties with the sense organs – eyes, ears, nose and mouth. Sinus problems. Also digestive issues. These are transitory so get checked out with your doctor if they persist; however, most of you will find that the doctor can find nothing wrong with you because there is nothing wrong. What you need to do is to let your love flow. Relax into your changes not away from them. Because we live in a spiral galaxy that is at what some say is “a more intense spin time” we are having physical reactions to the energies. Some of us have blurry eyes that clear into beautiful vision. Follow the flow of the energy. Surrender to it. So much still remains unconscious. Ask yourself – what am I feeling at this moment? This helps you to tap into what is unconscious within.

Our greatest tool for healing the heart, which lets our love flow, is forgiveness. Forgiveness of ourselves and others. Lack of forgiveness keeps us stuck in the past. Stuck in the old programming of 3D. When we heal our heart and minds and our spirits we find that the need to know ‘how’ things will occur dissipates. Then, our job is to receive our messages from our Higher Selves, Angels and guides and take the next baby step, and the next and …  then we become internally 5D even while the world around us is 3D.

Don’t wait for others to create New Earth. We are creating it because we are finding that it is just becoming too painful to be in the old 3D paradigm anymore. It actually no longer works for us. We cannot do it. As spiritual teacher Tracey Kenline tells us “passion flow is the new cash flow.”  And we make our cash out of our passion. Out of our love and what we love.

Many are still entangled or asleep in the old matrix. We cannot wait for them to wake up as they may or may not. Our job is to not fall back to sleep. Stay awake. Follow your joy. Divine alignment occurs from following your joy. It takes faith, dedication, commitment and trust to create the New Earth. Let your heart and gut guide you to what is next for you. In 3D we always wanted to know the ‘how’ as it was linear. 5D is not linear.

No one ever said being a pioneer is easy! Certainly Tracey found this out. She did the quantum jump (as a trained psychotherapist) she says from the old matrix into 5D.  “I dropped old codes and lineage and moved into 4D & 5D and pushed ahead with intention and chose pure unconditional love.” Tracey describes the 3D life as being one where the heart is closed and therefore life is harsh. She tried to bypass 4D because 4D can be painful as we start to open our hearts and begin to feel people’s lack of accountability and we start feeling the pain of the world. For a time, this resulted in Tracey eventually dropping back into 3D because the processing involved in 4D (is so messy, entangled, co-dependent) was exhausting. However, when she became so disappointed with herself and  ‘gave up’ and dropped her ego – she moved into 5D.  How did this happen? Well, in 5D ego no longer runs the show! So, when she gave up the struggle and dropped her ego – 4D became the bridge we know it is. Tracey stopped wobbling back and forth between 4D and 5D and is now living in 5D.

Some of us are still struggling in 4D to dis-cover our gifts as we work toward coming into vibrational alignment with our divinity. This is largely due to the fact that many of us had to hide our gifts in the past being told that intuition was nothing when it is actually what keeps us alive as a species. To transcend the old matrix of illusion we create a new matrix of light and love. Anah Maa is a spiritual teacher whose father, she says, was a member of a masonic satanic cult (not a particularly unusual background for a spiritual teacher) and she suffered mind control and torture until she was eventually made a ward of the state and went back and forth between 14 group homes and prison. Anah teaches us that in the old matrix we were “programmed to live lies.” Anah does not shy away from discussing the fact that we are being told lies, that the air we breathe is full of chem trails, the food we eat is devoid of nutrition & life force and that the 3D paradigm is based on “divide and conquer.” Not so in 5D. In 5D we are masters of love.

The spiritual teachers that I resonate with are those who acknowledge that even ascended beings can have “bad days.” Ascension is not a final step, it is a step. It allows us to travel the inner planes which are on the 7th dimension and above.  For me, I can tell that someone has ascended if they have stopped constantly judging others and do not call themselves enlightened. I have never heard an enlightened person call themselves enlightened. Others may call them that. Just as you will not hear a saint call themselves a saint. I think, from reading Mary Mueller Shutan’s work, that she agrees. While there are always exceptions to everything, a person who calls themselves enlightened is highly likely to be having what Mary calls an “ego awakening.” There is nothing ‘wrong’ with experiencing an ego awakening. In fact, for those of us who were so mistreated and abused that our self-confidence and self-esteem had dropped into the basement – an ego awakening could be just what the doctor ordered! However, it is not to be confused with a spiritual awakening: “We are now tasked with maintaining this state. It is natural for this state to naturally ebb and flow, for us to continually need to surrender, to continue to fall, to continue to feel the love and light and divinity within and surrounding us. With families, jobs, and ordinary life, this can take some effort… But after awakening there is no shift back to any states of illusion. The deeper we go the more we learn from divine unfolding. The more love we are able to give the more we will receive until we are bursting from it. There is always bliss, and love, although sometimes it will be in the background as we attend to daily matters. There is always life to attend to, but from an awakened state there is no chaos. Things are how they are and we approach them with simplicity and compassion.” (The Spiritual Awakening Guide)

Those of us who awaken realize, with divine irony, that we are at the beginning of a journey that has no end. We are eternal beings. Sparks of the Great Spark. Always in a state of becoming. Becoming what we are and have always been. Everything we need to evolve ourselves, and hence humanity, is within. We just need to stay awake and remember who we are. Divine beings having a human experience.

Let your love flow.

Angel Blessings,   Monica

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