Focusing on anything lacking in our lives, ensures that lack continues.  Due to the law of attraction.  What we focus upon expands.  Therefore, focusing on lack brings more lack into our lives because we are implementing the law of abundance in reverse.  However, there is no denying that many of us have been raised with a dominant belief in lack and limitation.  We may not be aware of this, especially if some aspects of our lives are ‘full’.  However, if there are any areas of our lives that do not feel sufficient and/or abundant, then for the sake of our ‘wholeness’ it behooves us to examine our  thoughts, attitudes, perceptions, beliefs & actions.

My teachers, my own experiences and the experiences of my clients have taught me that this is an abundant universe.  There is plenty for everyone.  This is certainly not what I learned growing up in my family or at school.  I had absorbed if not a ‘lack’ mentality, then certainly a belief in limitation.  Even though I was not aware of this.  It is the lack of awareness that is the problem.  Once we can identify a problem we can access the solution.  This is one of the reasons that I opened Awakening Spirit, because I enjoy helping others bring to light their own areas of unawareness and help them to understand spiritual & metaphysical concepts that can raise the frequency of their vibration and help them ‘wake up’ to their full potential.  Often this involves working with their ‘inner child’ which is another thing I love to do.  Working hand-in-wing with the angels I am able to help my clients to understand the spiritual & metaphysical principles that aid them in conquering their fears, move through emotional and mental blocks and dis-cover that their true Self is a divine being.  This changes everything.  For one thing, the belief in lack begins to dissolve when we ‘wake up.’  What can be missing in a divine being?  Nothing.  The answer is no thing.  And, “as within, so without.”  We are so lucky to be living at a time in the history of Earth when we have complete access to so much information that used to be available to only a select few such as the small number of people in circles such as The Mystery Schools of Asia, Egypt, Greece & Persia.

Many of us have had past lives during ancient times and so a great deal of what we know, we are actually ‘remembering.’  Past lives in ancient Egypt & Atlantis have been helpful for me.  It has been part of my process of ‘awakening’ ; however, it does not need to be that way for everyone.  We are all unique.  I have been processing, clearing and healing past lives for over the last fifteen years – and although painful at times – it has also been very fruitful.  I have mined the ‘gold’ and left the past behind.  For me, healing past lives has been part of my preparation for this work that I do.  I needed to heal issues from my past lives in order to understand the journeys of my clients who sometimes spontaneously recall a snippet of a past life in an angel session or on the Reiki table.  Sometimes clients recover memories of having taken past vows of poverty and/or celibacy as nuns or monks and this has continued to have a ‘hold’ on them in their current life.  Unaware of this – they struggle with a strong undercurrent of a belief in lack in their life that is holding them away from what they desire in THIS lifetime.  One of the many benefits of having been trained with Dr. Doreen Virtue, is that I learned how to work with Archangel Michael to ‘release’ lack due to past life vows.

One of my recent clients – let us call him Stephen, whom I have been coaching over the past year, just reported back to me on his successes using the spiritual and metaphysical processes that I have taught him as well as asking ascended masters and angels for help.  Stephen first came to me and asked for my help when his company was drastically down-sizing to cut costs.  Unfortunately, as a person past the usual age of retirement, he was an ideal candidate – on the surface of things – to be shunted out of the company.  A significant number of people in the company had been forewarned that they were on the “list” and he was one of many.  So, in an ‘earthly’ sense, he had a reason to worry.  But, sadly, worry accomplishes nothing – except draining our energy, taking our power away and giving us more to worry about.  We need to substitute worry with prayer.  My counseling and coaching skills were utilized as I worked with Stephen to help him let go of his thoughts of lack and focus instead on abundance and visualize, along with me, a happy outcome.  Stephen needed the laws of attraction and abundance explained to him as well as concrete examples of others who had used these methods successfully.  I also tutored Stephen with regard to working with angels and ascended masters and asking for their help.  We assembled a team consisting of Stephen, me, Lu-Hsing ( a god of salaries, careers & success) and the angels.  Upon our request, Archangel Michael cut all Stephen’s etheric cords attached to negativity and fears around this situation & we asked for divine guidance and assistance in keeping with the Highest Good of everyone involved.

Stephen reported back that he had “survived” the down-sizing.  He credited this to his instructions from Lu-Hsing, during a crucial meeting, to step way “outside-the-box” of his usual pattern of response.  This completely altered, he felt, the expected pattern of events.  With instructions from Lu-Hsing and assistance from the angels and both Stephen and I holding a vision of a positive outcome (with no specification as to ‘how’ things would unfold) Stephen was given an entirely ‘new’ position within the company that was created especially for him and utilizes his unique combination of skills and experiences.  The last time that I worked with Stephen, he really needed a new suit,he said, for an aspect of his new position.  However, he felt he could not afford, at this time, what he wanted.  (A sense of lack still lingers!)  I asked Stephen if he would accept the help of  Archangel Jophiel in lifting his thoughts?  Having worked with Lu-Hsing with such success – he agreed!  I invoked Archangel Jophiel on Stephen’s behalf and he accepted her accompanying him to the men’s store where he wished to find a suit at an affordable price.  To make a bit of a longer story short – Stephen came out of the store having purchased the exact dark blue suit he visualized.  It was the only suit, on sale, left in his size and it had been marked down from $800 to $125.  Thank you Archangel Jophiel!  Thank you Lu-Hsing!  Thank you to all the angels who help us all every day!  I never cease to be in awe!

Love & Light,   Monica


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  1. Gillian May 17, 2014 at 1:27 pm Reply

    Thanks for the reminder to focus on what we want, not on what we don’t want. And the practical example of “Stephen” was very helpful. Looking forward to your next post.

  2. Hayley May 26, 2014 at 6:32 pm Reply

    It sounds like “Stephen” is very lucky to have such a gifted instructor in the metaphysical and “Stephen” also obviously did very well to apply the knowledge and manifest the reality in the physical! Good for both of you and thank you for the straight forward examples of positive affirmations and how to use them!

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