“It’s never too late to be what you might have been.”       George Eliot

Remember when we were in school and the teacher wouldn’t let us move ahead until we had done a review?  Well, Earth school operates much the same way.  A life review, on our journey of expanded awareness, is something we New Age seekers ask of ourselves.  As our consciousness increases we are more likely to take an inventory of ourselves to see what we are doing and not doing to contribute to our world.  We may not feel like Socrates that the “unexamined life is not worth living”; however, we realize the great opportunity available to us when we take an honest look at ourselves.  This can, if our consciousness expands as a result of in depth inquiry & a genuine willingness to change, lead to complete renewal.  A re-birth.

Some people also say how can we know where we are going if we don’t know where we have been?  We need to mine our past, I feel, to its depths, so that we can get the lessons and keep on moving forward on the path to enlightenment.  There is a big difference between being stuck in the past and mining the lessons. Every once in awhile, especially during a period of change ( such as a divorce or a death or another form of loss) it is fruitful for our growth to take our own inventory while remembering the common wisdom that “experience is not what happens, but what we do with what happens.”

Some people sign up for Life-Writing classes when they are ready to do a life review.  This is a great idea for people who love to write, are ready to courageously and truthfully examine their past, and wish to socialize with others on this journey of remembrance and discovery.  I created and taught the Life-Writing classes at Monterey Centre in Victoria, B.C., where I taught for many years &  I facilitated the Life-Writers for 9 years.  Our local mayor asked me to put a book together for the change of the century capsule that would be buried and then opened  a hundred years from now.  So, a friend and I collated and edited stories from our classes and entitled the book VOICES IN THE WIND.  It was published through Trafford and some day people will find inside amazing stories of the past from the local folks who lived through some wonderful and also horrific times of history. I was very proud of my work on this project because it had nothing to do with choosing the best writers, we published a story from each participant and the education level was from grade 6 to PhD level.  Deep bonding occurs as a result of telling our stories and the nature of Life-Writing is that it is heart-centered and soul-revealing and the crucial part of my work as a facilitator was not to judge the writing but to help every participant feel safe and supported  and to witness and listen and learn.  What a privilege!  Sharing personal stories often results in not only identifying habits and patterns that no longer serve who we are now and who we are becoming but it offers us the opportunity to bring to light and release the ghosts from the past.  Dealing with our ghosts and feeding our hungry creatures, we often find that it is not only the easily identifiable ‘turning points’ of our life that may need our attention but rather, like detectives in a mystery – we find that it is often the seemingly minor details that reveal themselves as essential to our KNOWING ourselves as Socrates would demand.

Reviewing past phases of our lives can help us to become ‘whole’ in our present.  By examining our past & learning its lessons we have the opportunity to live a life that is integrated and highly conscious.  We understand where we have been ( our old story) and then we are in a wonderful position to create our ‘new’ story.  A life review, for many of us, has been and can be, a way out of pain and victimhood and the path to the authentic self.  Old scripts from parents, teachers, social leaders, peers and such are identified and released & I watched the majority of my Life-Writers blossom after jettisoning (Jungian-like) old notions and beliefs and ways of living that had made them prisoners inside themselves for years.  Eyes began to sparkle and colour returned to cheeks & some romances bloomed too!

A life review does not only afford you the opportunity to see where you could have done better, it allows you to open your eyes to your own accomplishments & to see them in the context of your life.  Your life is like no other, so, do not compare yourself to others.  As a retired nurse, I have witnessed tremendous accomplishment from people with various dis-eases and people struggling with depression and other ailments.  Sometimes accomplishment looks like getting out of bed and getting dressed and I remember the satisfaction this brought to me as well as to my patients.   And sometimes, in my own life, getting out of bed and getting dressed, was for me, my Mount Everest.  Maybe that has helped me help others?  This is the kind of understanding that emerges from the life review.  We see our triumphs as well as our failures ( although in Reality, we cannot fail).  We let go of blame and shame and sometimes we can even laugh at the silliness and drama in our lives.  Ridiculous scripts that had us in non-starring roles in our own lives!  Krishnamurti is once quoted as saying:” You think you are thinking your thoughts, you are not; you are thinking the culture’s thoughts.”  After a thorough life review we tend to have the opportunity to  ‘think our own thoughts.’  Life review, like Hatha Yoga &  many other disciplines, can lead to authentic thinking.  Both women and men, of my generation, may find that gender-performance played a huge role in their imprisonment and that society supported it.  Doing a life review, while sometimes very painful, results in us taking a deep dive and really excavating rather than slapping a band aid or poultice on our wounds.  It is not easy, but, worth it.

Nothing leads to peace, I have found, like forgiveness does.  Even though looking around the world with eyes wide-open we observe  and sometimes personally experience what appears to be unforgiveable.  However, once we decide to forgive the person and NOT the act or behavior, forgiveness is within reach.  We forgive so we may be forgiven and also to release our burdens and move forward.  Forgiveness seems to be a spiritual muscle that needs work to stay operational.  Holding unforgiveness toward ourselves and/or others keeps us stuck in our pasts as though we are part of an old movie that does not stop playing.  This is not only pain-full, but, it can lead to chronic dis-ease.  Unfortunately, less conscious people around us, may drain our energy as they struggle to embrace us into their relentless drama of darkness.  Forgiveness does not mean that we continue to allow this.  We forgive and if we feel it is ‘right action’ ( we may need divine guidance) we let go of them with love and light and keep moving forward.  As we continue our ascension, some are choosing to stay behind now and this is their choice.  Some are once again falling asleep.  As our vibrational frequency rises  – we are now so used to accepting the light that we no longer have to do sacred ceremony to receive it and integrate it.  We become ONE with it.  As with everything, we choose.

Some of us prefer to do our life review alone ( although of course we are never alone as the angels and guides are with us).  Some of us may need the help of a counselor or therapist to get us through old re-lived traumas .  Part of our new wisdom is knowing our own needs and desires.  Taking care of ourselves and not just patching ourselves up with duct tape.  You see, we have grown so much.  We do not merely survive anymore, we thrive.  And, when we are not thriving, then, we know it is time for a life review.  Some of us can do this alone with our journal and angels.  Journaling is an age old tool for discovering our truth.  Some of us can compare our lives to a fairytale.  What is the fairytale of your own ‘old’ life?   What is the tale of your ‘new’ heroic journey ?  Literature serves us well.  You will find your personal journey has strong links with at least one universal theme.  Follow the breadcrumbs and find that this leads, eventually, to great healing and a surprising renewed energy and zest for life.

What do you do now that you have dug up your past?  You stay open to the possibility that you may need to remain an archeologist for life.  Especially, if you are a teacher.  Louise Hay describes the work of a good teacher:

” It is my opinion that many really good teachers do not come from joyful households

where all was easy.  They come from a place of much pain & suffering & they’ve worked

through the layers to reach the place where they can now help others to become free.  Most

good teachers are continually working to release even more, to release ever-deeper layers

of limitation.  This becomes a lifetime occupation.”           (YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE)

I met Louise Hay in a class quite a few  years ago.  It was a special moment for me as I had been studying her work and playing her tape on LOVE for my yoga classes for decades.  In her eighties then,  Louise was looking forward to her 90s as being the best decade of her life.  Calling her inspiring is an understatement.  I benefit from her work every day.  So can you.  It is never too late to become who you wish to be, if you are willing to do the work.  We are works of art in process and progress, I believe.  It is not adding to ourselves, it is releasing what we are not.  I remember watching an amazing sculptor on television decades ago.  He was asked how on earth he had taken a huge slab of stone and created such a beautiful elephant.  He replied: ” All I did was to take away everything that was not an elephant.”

Doing a life review now, will help you in ways that are invaluable.  When we cross over we do a life review.  We have help, counselors assist us if we are too harsh with ourselves, and the only judging that goes on is the judging we do for our self.  We look at the life review scanner and review our whole life.  Might as well start now!  I have memories of the Other Side, although, as yet, they are few.  I only remember sitting on the steps of the Hall of Wisdom & the feeling of bliss.   However,  my past life memories are numerous & so I understand and recommend the value of the life review – because lessons not learned are lessons repeated, this lifetime or the next.  By the way, from remembering the atmosphere on the Other Side, I can tell you that God is not the sociopath that He/She is often made out to be.  God is only Love.  Any darkness is projection.

Should you feel so guided, Archangel Jeremiel is the go-to-angel for life reviews (pronounced Jair-ah-MY-el).  I am blessed in that  Jeremiel is one of my guardian angels.  So, that explains why I have felt it important to do frequent life reviews since childhood!  His name means “mercy of God.”  He helps us with emotions during our life review and clairvoyance among other specialties.  Call upon him for help if you wish.  As you know, all we need do is ask.  Should you prefer a formal invocation (which is not necessary) whose could be lovelier than Doreen Virtue’s? :

” Archangel Jeremiel, please help me release fears, worries, and tension about my future… and

the future of the world.  (Tell Jeremiel about any situation that is weighing particularly on your mind.)

I ask for your prophetic  insights about the future.  Please clearly give me guidance about anything that I

may do or change to create the highest  and best future for myself and all concerned.  Thank you.”     (ARCHANGELS & ASCENDED MASTERS)


Be patient as a period of gestation usually precedes a renewal or re-birth.  It is also not a linear process.  Keep shedding, releasing, cleansing & praying.  God listens.  The winter of your spiritual life may be and feel quite icy.  But, be assured that under the snow the seedlings are beginning to push through.  Stay awake.  Trust your OWN process.  Keep the faith.  Don’t give up five minutes before the miracle.

Love & Light,   Monica












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  1. Hayley January 8, 2015 at 4:18 pm Reply

    Thanks for this intriguing and spiritual approach to life writing and ‘life review’!! You present a very rich and layered template for using these tools for personal fulfilment as well as ways to leave a great written legacy 🙂 Thanks!

  2. Gillian January 8, 2015 at 10:42 pm Reply

    This was a good blog for me as I dislike looking back. I can get stuck in the future. Just the idea of intentionally doing a life review is squirmy. I like it when you introduce us to “new” (to me) angels such as Jeremiel.Thanks!

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