“The best kind of love is the kind that awakens the soul, makes us reach for more, plants a fire in our hearts, and brings peace to our minds.”  (from the film The Notebook)


The Angels suggested that this week I write about life visioning. They drew my attention to the work of Michael Beckwith who founded the Agape International Spiritual Centre. I first became aware of Beckwith’s work through watching the movie The Secret in 2006 as he is one of its stars. Since then I have read some of his writings and listened to some of his lectures and found that he goes to the truth of the matter in a loving way in his work.

Beckwith calls life visioning, he created his own programme, “a proven technology for discovering, activating and evolving your deepest self.” If you have a vision board in your home or office you are already practicing a form of life visioning. Beckwith informs us that one of the things that life visioning does is “to break the habit of mediocrity” as many people succumb to lack and limitation beliefs. Beckwith created his own programme of life visioning to help people who feel stuck to discover their wealth, intelligence and creativity as they awake to the “Field of Intelligence.” Beckwith reminds us that the universe will answer at the level of the question! Hence, it behooves us to activate, explore and evolve our deepest Self. When we go ‘within’ we find an inner environment of love and health and we are guided to ask the right questions for our evolution.

During one of his on-line lectures Beckwith emphasized the importance of   “direct experience” and therefore he delineated for us his meditation process that will take us out of our surface mind so that we can be receptive to the answers from the Field of Intelligence.

(1)   Begin as you always do when you meditate and then feel yourself surrounded by unconditional love. (I always invoke Archangel Michael for protection, Archangel Haniel for increased intuition, Archangel Raphael to heal and open my heart and Archangel Uriel for clarity and epiphanies. Call in whomever you wish to attend the session). Now, relax fully and feel yourself truly bathing in the unconditional love. Breathe in the love deeply and then multiply it. Imagine sitting in a field of love.

(2)   Now, ask the question, “What is seeking to emerge at this time in my life?”  Relax, do nothing but continue to bask in the field of love, listen and wait with reverential alertness and be open and available for any spiritual broadcast. You may have both immature wantings and mature wantings and these all allow you to tap into love and joy.

(3)   “What must I become for this vision to emerge?”  (area of growth) You must embody it to get it. You need to be very honest with yourself.

(4)   “What do I already have that can be of service to this vision?”   (life experiences, consciousness)

(5)   “What must I let go of to have this manifest?”

(6)   Willingness    –   Activating the sacred YES!   Yes I am.  Yes I can.  Yes I am able.   Amplify this field of willingness  (not willfulness – which is a wall)  Yield to and surrender to it.  Your increasing consciousness compels you into consciousness.

(7)   Surround it all with prayer.  Affirmative prayer, not begging prayer.

Through life visioning we stop seeing the obstacles and realize that the Universe can deliver from many, many sources. Remember to be unattached to what Mike Dooley calls “the cursed hows.”

Practicing life visioning, certainly the way Beckwith does it, leads to insightful living that emphasizes that God is omnipotent and is always present.  Some of you may be a little unclear regarding the last step. As I understand it at this point in my life – there are two very basic forms of prayer. They are called affirmative prayer and supplicant prayer.   You are likely aware that the Bible and other religious texts have numerous examples of prayer where the person humbles herself/himself (petitioning) such as “please spare my life.”  Affirmative prayer would be “thank you beyond words for my complete recovery and glowing good health.”  In my own life I have discovered that both forms work!  However, when manifesting, we are advised to pray from an inner realization that in Truth all our needs are already met. Beckwith asks us not to think from what we are praying for but rather where we are praying from. When we do this we connect at the heart level with our Creator/Field of Intelligence  and pray from a place of gratitude, recognition and unification. Oneness.

I believe that you will find Beckwith’s 7 steps of life visioning spiritual technology to be of immeasurable value if you employ it. That is why I am sharing it as asked to do so by the Angels.

For myself, I find it easier when using many teacher’s guided meditations to record it in my own voice – tweaking it if necessary – and leaving really long pauses where appropriate.   Then, when I am ready and can go to my sacred space near my altar I light a candle that I dedicate to God/Source (you can also dedicate it to your Higher Self!) I say a short thank you prayer (affirmative!) and then push the button of my recorder and relax and just be open to whatever does or does not occur.  It is all good.  Because it is all in Divine Order.

Love & Light,  Monica


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  1. Gillian March 8, 2017 at 4:59 pm Reply

    Limitation beliefs have been getting the better of me lately. To heck with them! Good blog.

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