When I travelled (beautiful trip by train from Kingston, Ontario, to San Juan Capistrano, California) to take the Angel Therapy (R) Practitioner’s course with Dr. Doreen Virtue in Laguna Beach, California, I knew it was going to be an amazing adventure.  Which it was.  However, I had not anticipated one of the main benefits – how much I would lighten-up!  The beautiful ballroom in the St.Regis Hotel was, as one would expect with such a course, filled with angels as well as 412 other human participants from across the world.  Every participant was a lightworker (either undercover or out-of-the-closet) and I had finally found my pod!   It was a love fest.  Sahvanna Arienta says, ” each time we love another living creature , we tip the scales of the universal energy toward the light.  In this way, our positive thoughts accelerate the positive energy of the universe.  This is the goal of the Lightworker.”

We have choices to make every day as to how we are going to direct our energy from Source ( light or dark) into a concrete form through our thoughts, intentions and actions.  Lightworkers are aware that holding positive thoughts can change not only our personal reality, but, that of the entire world.  Therefore, we do our best to make conscious choices that attract and reflect light for the Highest Good of  ourselves, those around us and the planet.  It is not a small feat during these challenging times to employ our capacities to stay, as much as possible, out of our egos and focus with clear, conscious, constant and consistent attention and intention on love and light.  As Sahvanna indicates in her book LIGHTWORKER , at this time on our planet, there is an excess of dark energy.  She states:  ” Wars, crime, natural disasters, plagues, famines, as well as general discontent will all continue to increase if the darkness is not controlled soon.  Mankind is at risk of destroying itself (and the Earth) as it continually becomes materialistic, power-hungry, and filled with ego-driven , negative emotions.”

We need to lighten-up so that we can be channels for God’s love, healing and guidance.  There are many lightworkers in ALL areas of endeavor ( many are in arts and culture and science and technology); however, for those of us providing services such as spiritual healing treatments, angel readings, energy work and a variety of natural healing modalities, we are required to cleanse, clear, de-clutter and purify ourselves and our environment as much as possible.  One of my teachers, Dr. Steven Farmer, who performed the shamanic release ceremony that I participated in during one of my trips to California, states: “You must be very clear that you are a conduit or channel through which the spiritual force moves through you, enabling you to become an instrument for the power of Spirit.”  Being a conduit for Spirit means taking excellent care of ourselves.  As Dr. Doreen Virtue continually reminds us, it does not mean that we need to add anything to ourselves because we are already “perfect, whole and complete”; however, we may need to ‘let go’ of some things that once served us and re-examine everything about ourselves and our lives to see where we may need that lightening-up.

Sahvanna Arienta & Doreen Virtue are two of the internationally known lightworkers who provide leadership and spiritual guidance for many of us providing psychic readings and angel readings.  They both provide comprehensive and extensive guidelines and ethics for keeping our minds, bodies and spirits clear and focused and for gaining control of our psychic abilities.  They both publish books and speak regularly offering messages of spiritual enlightenment and deal with issues such as how to keep ourselves, our living and work spaces, relationships and personal energy fields clear of anything that would block or interfere with our channels of divine guidance.  They also make a clear distinction between lightworker psychics and ‘fortune teller’ psychics.  Sahvanna says: “A true Lightworker is not a ‘fortune teller’ who simply tells people what will happen next.  Lightworkers will guide those who come to them to their highest spiritual potential.  A Lightworker will not only assist in identifying outcomes, but will enlighten the paths of others’ soul journeys.  The fortune teller psychic and the Lightworker psychic perform two distinctly different practices.” (LIGHTWORKER by Sahvanna Arienta)  In a nutshell, Sahvanna describes the major difference… ” a psychic may TELL you your future, while a Lightworker will GUIDE you into your future.”

The lightworker psychic does their best to care for themselves by eating whole, natural foods free of additives, chemicals and pesticides and by drinking the highest quality water currently available to them.  Water is a great cosmic cleanser. They exercise their body so that they may detoxify through perspiration and also to keep the energy moving through their bodies so that it does not ‘get stuck’.  Lightworkers realize that life is meant to be enjoyed with a balance of giving and receiving and whether working or playing or just hanging-out with their friends – they ‘lighten’ themselves by play and laughter knowing that this elevates their vibrations and therefore helps to keep their channels open.  I was so honoured yesterday when one of my ‘new’ friends in my life told me that I am the only person in her life, currently, that she can actually ‘play’ with.  As a child plays.  Laughter and love are the best medicines and the best mood enhancers.  Just ask the Laughing Buddha, Maitreya!

Perhaps nothing is better though at helping us to lighten-up than forgiveness.  Forgiveness for both the real and perceived wrong-doings of ourselves and others lightens our load immeasurably.  I have seen this, first-hand, with my clients – whose manifestations begin to come to fruition when they forgive.  Forgiveness doesn’t mean that we are forgiving negative behavior, but rather, that we are exchanging pain for peace.  Letting go of the toxic burden of our baggage – we move forward into the Light.  De-cluttering our inner and outer spaces, freeing ourselves from our own negative self-talk, and minimizing or ceasing our interactions with negative people, objects, and places of darkness, allows us to shine our light brightly.  Earth life provides us with obstacles for our lessons and growth and our spiritual development expands each time we overcome a hurdle.  While I am writing this, the guides are showing me a clairvoyant vision on my inner screen that they wish me to pass on to you.  The vision is of a man dressed in a t-shirt, shorts, socks and running-shoes and he is carrying a heavy knapsack on his back as he attempts a hurdle on a track – he is struggling to get over.  On the  track beside him is the same man, approaching the same hurdle , dressed the same way – yet he carries no knapsack.  This man literally SAILS over the hurdle!  Thank you my dear guides – for your pictorial explanation.

Let go of what no longer serves who you are now and who you are becoming  – and feel yourself getting lighter and lighter.

With love,   Monica



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  1. Christine February 20, 2014 at 6:45 pm Reply

    Another beautiful Blog, thank you for all the reminders.

  2. Gillian February 21, 2014 at 3:06 pm Reply

    I love that you’ve included just some of the things you do to stay clear for your clients (i.e. diet, exercise). Also love that last knapsack image!

  3. Hayley February 24, 2014 at 10:29 am Reply

    Feeling lighter already –thanks!!

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