“Lightworkers are on the front lines of spiritual changes.”   Christina Lopez

“There is no greater virus than fear.”   Abraham Hicks

Don’t feed the fear. When you are called, shine a light on the darkness, but don’t absorb the darkness.”   Amanda Ellis


So, as a lightworker you can feel the new spiritual energy.  The Divine Feminine energy we have been talking about for decades has definitely arrived. We have been in masculine predominance for thousands of years, and one of the many things this pandemic is teaching us is to begin to learn to use our feminine side. When I talk about masculine and feminine I am not talking about gender, as you know, but energies because we all have both masculine and feminine energies within. We can compare them to the yin-yang symbol which is also known as the Tai Chi symbol. Yin and yang are complimentary forces that interact to form a dynamic system in which the whole is greater than the parts which make it up. The symbol shows a balance of two opposites with a small portion of the opposite element in each section. I am sure you know it. I have written a blog on this in the past. Yin is related to the feminine – non-action or stillness, intuition, and the heart. Yang is related to the masculine – action, expanding, and fast-moving. Ideally they work together in perfect harmony and balance each other.

Christina Lopez recently gave a great example of the difference between the male and female energy. She tells a tale of two people. A man and a woman. They are lost deep in a forest. In the ‘old way’ of being – the man ignores the woman and everything that she says, grabs a machete and starts hacking through the forest and gets no where because if you don’t know where you are going – you have to start over again and just keep hacking. In the ‘new way’ of being – the man turns to the woman and asks if she knows where to go? She takes out a compass and the man grabs a machete and hacks the path in the right direction.  I love this example because it is simple, and let’s face it – every woman my age ( the old way) has known a man who would wander forever rather than ask directions! (Hey, we need a sense of humour these days)

The new Divine feminine energy is here to stay. We are dis-covering it as we stay at home. We are slowing down, getting still, meditating, praying, using our intuition – asking for our Divine Guidance and learning to trust it and that we are surrounded by our Angels and our guides. Christina feels the new energy is now 70% feminine and 30% masculine. What do you feel as you sit each day to meditate? Always listen to your own intuition. Did the feminine energy sneak in while you were fussing about not being able to leave the house? I hope you are journaling as we go along this journey together, just physically apart.

I have noticed that the new energies require us to ground. We all have a myriad of ways to ground.  One way is to practice the yoga tree pose and put your roots deep into the Earth. Remember to put your roots at least 1-2 feet below the earth so that you are connected to your Earth Star Chakra which automatically connects you to the feminine energy. Remember that trees grow up and down and therefore connect us to Heaven and Earth. Another way is to eat potatoes, which I have also been doing. Deep groundedness is so important at this time.

When we open our hearts, duality no longer exists and the masculine and feminine energies unite, merge, and Unity Consciousness reigns. Most of us have been working on this for many decades. Christina says “masculine energy is angry right now because he’s been forced to stop and to speak in a loving way to your feminine energy.” She suggests putting your hands in prayer position over your heart and saying:” I unite my feminine and masculine in love.” She says our feminine side will become more structured when our masculine side becomes more quiet.

Over the Easter week-end I had a long dream that I did not remember when I woke up except for the actual end of the dream.  I was in the country watching as a barn door opened and out came a pure white baby calf with the coat of a lamb and the wings of a baby angel.  The new energy?  We are all creating something new, within if not also without.  None of us will be the same when the pandemic ends. Hopefully each of us will have grown so much spiritually and our hearts will be filled with love and compassion for the entire planet and everyone and everything in it. We are being asked to remember to live our light.

I decided/was guided today to pick four oracle cards for you dear ones.  Four is the Angel number. I asked: “What do my readers need to know today?”

(1) Mother Mary: “CARING: Heaven cares for me, and I keep my heart open to caring about myself, others, and the world.” This message is a reminder about how deeply you and your family are loved and that even if you sometimes feel alone – you are not – you are watched over and protected. “When life is stressful, though, as it has been lately for you, you may not feel the Blessed Mother’s loving presence.”  (Mary, Queen of Angels Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue)

(2) I asked Faery Queen Maeve to give you a message from The Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle Deck by Lucy Cavendish. The card is: The Merlin: “Guidance, Mentorship, Teacher of the Old Ways.” This is a message that it is time to find ” a teacher who claims not to know all, but who can guide you to the knowledge hidden within your own self, which seems out of reach and obscure to you at present. It will be time to study, and to be “corrected” when Merlin comes to you. His guidance can feel stern to some, but because he is not always available for long periods of time, it is imperative to make each moment count when you have connected with this wise teacher.” … “As Merlin is a bard, you may be drawn to remembering and telling stories and tales of your own life at this time. As he is a wizard, high magicks will attract you. As he is a guide you will find a mentor and become a mentor in your own time. As he is a keeper of natural laws, you will find you are living in tune with magickal cycles. And you will begin to read and know the messages for a time with such clarity that you may shock others – even yourself! Growing older need be no block to wisdom for you will not grow feeble nor doddery. You will know what is wise and what is not, and the difference between what is worth your time and what is not will shine out in sharp relief.”

(3) The Wisdom of Trees Oracle by Jane Struthers.  I asked the Green Man which tree had a message for you today. It is “Baobab.”  The Deva’s message is :” I am known as the Tree of Life because I can help people to survive the harshest living conditions. Whenever you call on me I will give you emotional strength and spiritual sustenance so that you can cope with whatever life brings you.”  This message from Baobab reminds you to have faith in the Universe’s ability to provide you what you need when you need it and it offers you spiritual protection. It asks you to make the most of your talents and resources every day.

(4) Isis has a message for you from the Isis Oracle Deck by Alana Fairchild.  “Truths Unveiled: … The Oracle of Truths speaks of a time soon to come when you will realise true perception. What you thought was trustworthy, legitimate or reliable may turn to sand, crumbling before your eyes. This may be a friendship, a job, an offer of some kind,or even the behaviour of a loved one, causing you to question the real commitment or respect in a family or romantic relationship.”  This message from Isis is powerful, as She is powerful. As I type this her energy is so strong it is making me dizzy!  My relationship is a long one with Isis going back to my time as an Initiate into her Order.  She is reminding you that when you see “the truth” that you act appropriately. Do not proceed with inappropriate expectations and then you are able to reassess your boundaries and your priorities so that you can get the most out of a coming situation rather than suffer undue disappointment…. “If you have been thinking that you already see the truth in a situation, this Oracle is confirmation of the accuracy of that perception and that further confirmation that you are seeing something accurately will soon be given, if requested. Ask for revelation and be patient. Clear perception is imminent and will help you make wise choices.”

If any of you reading this has difficulty or is unsure of how to sit and connect with Isis – there are numerous ways to perform a ritual – you can email me for suggestions. I suggest though that you only invoke her if/when you are truly ready for Truth.

These are powerful Divine messages for you today dear ones. Meditate on them and they will help you to live your light.

Angel Blessings,   Monica


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  1. T April 16, 2020 at 5:44 pm Reply

    Beautifully spoken

  2. Gillian April 16, 2020 at 6:52 pm Reply

    Wow, thanks for this long and detailed blog! I’m asking daily in meditation, “Let us not go back to the way we were.” The “we” here being humanity.

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