“We can’t stay in the rubble – we need to help others out of the rubble so they can expand and connect.”   Bracha Goldsmith

Women in number are about to change our world.”   Amanda Ellis

This past week besides helping the people in my Covid bubble and beyond, I listened to an interesting discussion between astrologers Bracha Goldsmith and Pam Gregory. It is from their discussion that the title of this blog emerged and then the Angels showed me a picture of London during the Blitz – where my mother lived amongst the rubble of her city as an Air Raid Warden during WW11. She told me when I was very young that she couldn’t stop to indulge in feeling sorry for herself because while she was doing that she might have had a chance of saving someone from injury or death. She soldiered on.

We are soldiering on too; however, with a greater understanding due to the times we live in of the necessity of finding ways to also nourish ourselves. As lightworkers, we are natural ‘givers’ but we must remember to also do what we can to take care of ourselves. I have written a lot about that in the past – remember you have to fill your own cup up so you can share with others. We need to receive the nourishment of our own inner light. If you are not already a practitioner of Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Meditation and other such practices – now is a great time to begin or to add something new.

We are experiencing at these times what Bracha calls “a crescendo of energy.” I am sure you agree. There are many peaks and we are living in the rubble of the old systems and ways of doing things. Bracha and Pam talked about the fact that maybe even the old system of Astrology might have to change to something like Galactic Astrology since the whole galaxy is being upgraded. Their advice is, since 3D stays grim for some time yet – we don’t focus on it (what we focus on enlarges) but rather we become creators. Bracha channels the Pleiadians and I channel Eularia (an Arcturian High Priestess) so we both know, as do so many others, that there are numerous benevolent galactic beings offering their help and we are aware that some of us are already living 5D – which is bliss in every moment.

Many of us are already envisioning New Earth and holding that vision for us all. That is certainly service. Are you doing this? If you were going to create a paradise, what would it look like? Write about it in your journal. What is your relationship to Nature, people, animals, the galaxy, God/Source?  If you do this it will help to lift us all out of the rubble as your manifestation powers are stronger than you realize and there is strength in numbers. At this time we are all going deeper into our essence. Saying with Jesus “I am the light of the world.” As Eckhart Tolle reminds us “light stands for consciousness and without it – there is no world.” Consciousness is the eternal mystery of who we are. We are an emanation of God, like a ray of the sun.

During these times there is a lot of drama and a lot of noise. We are also warned to be wary of gaslighting. Gaslighting is happening on both the macro and micro level. Simultaneously the divine feminine is rising (in both men and women) and spiritual teachers are certainly aware of this. Amanda Ellis paid homage to Helen Reddy who recently crossed to the Other Side. “I am woman hear me roar.” The rise of the divine feminine has long been predicted and the rise of the divine feminine is the rise of the new consciousness. We are going into the void to mine the “wisdom born of pain.”  If you are too young to remember the iconic song “I am woman”, or you want to refresh your memory, NOW is a good time to look up the lyrics.

Amanda asks us to also be aware that “some people are masquerading as lightworkers.” Lightworkers are linked into an operating system of love, compassion and forgiveness.  Discernment is very important, always.  It is by going within and finding that still point and taking some long deep breaths that relax your body and bring peace to your mind that you can connect to your Higher Self which is eternally connected to Source. As you are aware of your breath, become aware of the words you speak –  as we all speak the world/s into existence.

The tools you use to handle these times do not need to be complex. Mel Robbins who recently lost her tv show, her book deal, her home and other earthly treasures – used 5 simple steps to prevent a panic attack about to happen:

(1) Tell someone how you feel.

(2) Do a brain dump – write!

(3) Text a friend

(4) Move your body

(5) Allow your feelings to rise and fall.    (Emotions means = energy in motion)

I always call in Angels and so can you. Just ask. Don’t tell them how to fix anything. Just ask for their help. They have the whole picture and work directly for Source and therefore for the Highest Good of all.

As we live in the rubble I pulled 3 oracle cards for you today – just asking what you need to know in this moment. Anytime it is a group pull – you will find at least one message strongly resonates and the others may or may not in varying degrees. However, remember – we always learn when we also listen and pay attention to the messages others receive.

First, I asked the Angels of Atlantis what they wanted to say to you today and pulled an Oracle card from the deck by Diana Cooper called Atlantis. It is: EDUCATION; Open up to learn. Then spread the knowledge. “Drawing this card suggests that you open yourself to new learnings by relaxing and absorbing information rather than in the old, logical, structured way. Alternatively, it may be time for you to teach others. In this case, draw from your own wisdom, not books.”

Secondly, I asked what my Higher Self – whose name is Aurora – had to communicate to you today for your Highest Good.  I pulled a card from my oracle deck by Rebecca Campbell called Work Your Light and it is ANSWER THE CALL:   What is your soul calling you to do?”  It might be scary, it might not make sense, … but you are in the right place now to answer the call . “Most people are waiting for a step-by-step plan before they take the first step. But intuition doesn’t work like that. It takes faith and courage to answer the calls of your soul. And that’s why most people don’t do it. But you are not most people.”

Thirdly, I asked for a message to you from my ET guide, Eularia, and it is from the deck called The Starseed Oracle by Rebecca Campbell. It is: EMPATHIC STARSEED; Energetic Sovereignty. Absorbing what’s not yours.  “Empathic starseeds are here to shift the world through their physical presence alone – they don’t need to ‘do’ anything beyond being here, thanks to the energetic change their physical presence causes.”  Empathic starseeds are super sensitive. They struggle with being on Earth in a physical body. Many are prone to addiction, depression or mistaking other’s feelings for their own. Natural introverts – they prefer time alone or in small groups. Crowds can be overwhelming for them. This message is suggesting you take the time you need before going out into the world in any way. Allow yourself time to recover energetically. Put the brakes on. Treat yourself as you would a precious baby. It is okay to look after your own growth and healing before you offer it to the world.  In fact, I would add it is crucial! This means you will be able to sustain it. Your soul inquiry is: “How can I take better care of myself energetically?”  Please re-read my blog called “Own Your Energy”.

Yes, the systems are breaking down and there is a lot of drama, chaos and noise and it will continue for some time resulting in a rollercoaster of emotions- however – we have the resources within us and all kinds of help from the Angelic Realm, the Elemental Kingdom, the Ascended Masters as well as increasing help from benevolent ETs. Do not be afraid to ask for help from others, but be discerning. Do not ask for help from someone already depleted, cynical or unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Living in the rubble, or the void, is where all creation begins.

Love & Light,  Monica

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  1. Gillian October 17, 2020 at 6:33 pm Reply

    Good post for the times! When world news blights my brain I find it calming to listen to Khamala Harris…her kids call her Momala but maybe we should call her Calmala 🙂

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