Living on purpose gives us increasing consciousness, power & peace.  It requires us to ask of ourselves – what gives us joy?  How do we wish to express our joy?  We need to get out of our own way and let go of our fears, our story (unless it is the ‘new’ story) and also let go of our love affair with struggle and drama.  This, for most of us, is a process & a process more than worth doing!  I am a great believer in therapies such as Jungian analysis, yoga therapy, craniosacral therapy, shiatsu, Reiki, Angel Therapy(R), Matrix Energetics (TM), hypnotherapy & more.  Provided we find ethical practitioners.  I have found help through all these therapies.  They can all help us to ‘let go’ of what no longer serves us or our purpose.  They all aid us in dis-covering ourselves.  True Self is a Divine Being.

We are living in a time of great upheaval.  The status quo is dissolving away.  ‘Old’ ways no longer work.  We can see this across our planet.  Unfortunately, the conflict between old and new is causing suffering to the children of the world who are caught in this maelstrom.  Poverty, starvation and the effects of war are destroying the children who are the future of our planet.  We all need to begin to live on purpose, making whatever contribution we have to give – to ensure they and their children have a future on planet earth.  Because, it does not have to be this way.  Experts in all fields of endeavor tell us that solutions are available; however, this requires a complete paradigm shift.  A shift away from thinking competitively to thinking co-operatively.  The ‘new’ kids are born this way!  If we help them by offering our gifts from the depths of our hearts and souls (no matter what our particular gifts may be) earth can become the paradise that Source created it to be.  Remember the saying we all quoted in the 60s? ” It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.”

When we do not understand that we are divine beings – we do not act divinely!  That is why I operate Awakening Spirit.  To help people ‘wake up’ to their own divinity and begin to live on purpose.  Our pain in life, and the pain that we inflict on others, comes from living an inauthentic path.  Our lives are not really about resumes.  External validation is nice but means little if we do not love and accept ourselves as the unique and divine beings that we are.  Living on purpose is today’s radical choice for enacting God’s plan of love.

Are you asking yourself the right questions?  Questions such as: Who am I really?  Is the life that I am living expressing the truth of who I am?  Those who succeed in life ( according to their own definition of success) dream of what they want to BE not what they want to HAVE.  They dream of what they want to give and to share.

Sometimes our purpose is so obvious that we don’t see it!  Remember the philosopher long ago who said that he didn’t know who discovered water but he bet it wasn’t a fish?!  Your family and friends can likely help if you ask them to tell you not what can make you money but rather what are YOUR natural abilities and talents.  What gives you joy?  What do you love to do?  What comes easily?  Examine what you love to do and then find a way to do it.  Since the old ways of doing things are no longer working you may need to re-invent yourself.  There are new opportunities springing up around us.  Our attempts to conquer Nature rather than revere Her have gone terribly awry and there are people working to remedy this situation.  We are changing our ways as we realize that all change begins with ourselves and that we actually can control nobody else.

Is it possible that you haven’t seen, yet, how you can support yourself by doing what you love to do?  Well, while you are pondering and meditating, love what you are doing NOW.  This is alchemy.  It will raise your vibration and eventually lead to your authentic path.  When the universe calls, we must listen.  Purpose is the way that we choose to express what we are.  A ‘calling’ is a much narrower path.  We ‘answer’ the call or we experience pain.  The energy of a ‘calling’ is very powerful.  You will know it because little else works as the universe encourages you on your path.  It becomes, ultimately, the only pleasant choice.  When we resist we push against the whole universe – that is why, as so many spiritual teachers tell us, it is so utterly painful.  Go with the flow.  Choose the path the universe supports.  The path of least resistance.

What doors are currently open for you?  What doors are locked?  Being angry at the universe is a waste of time.  As one spiritual teacher wrote, I cannot remember which one: “Your mother may respond to your tantrums, but, the universe will not.”  If something is not working – let it go and find another door.  For example, for quite awhile now I have been answering a ‘call’ to help children.  Mother Mary came to me and asked me to help.  It is a part of my purpose.  So, I advertised in a local magazine promoting health and wellness.  I talked about my ‘new’ work and that I was available to give talks and private sessions to highly conscious parents and their sensitive (read psychic) children.  I stated that I can help them cleanse their energies, increase their vibrations and self-confidence and also teach them how to protect themselves from psychic attack.  I had not even one response!  After waiting for awhile, I tried again with a few more ads talking about my ‘new’ work with kids.  Nothing.  Not even an enquiry.  So, knowing that helping children is part of my mission I asked the angels what to do?  I pulled a card from an oracle deck that I only use for myself.  It said: “ADJACENT DOOR.”  I was guided to look for an adjacent door, not the door ahead of me where I was currently looking.  I got it!  I went down to the basement where I had stored the children’s books that I wrote from 2007-2010 while I was moving around and they were in an old tote bag collecting dust and I decided to publish the first one called MOOSE LAKE.  It will be out shortly.  I realized that if parents would not bring their children to me – then I would, in some way, have to go to them.  One way is to publish a book that spreads my love of children to children.  MOOSE LAKE combines many loves: children, animals, writing, books & the landscape of my youth.  This is my attempt @ helping children – all children – but especially the ‘new’ psychic kids. We are responsible for offering our love and joy, but, we are NOT responsible for whether or not it is received.  In order to write, publish and promote MOOSE LAKE I first had to ‘let go’ of many old beliefs.  I had to greatly expand my ideas of  how I had wanted to help & also I needed to make myself completely vulnerable.  MOOSE LAKE is not just personal because of what is in it – but much more so because of what ISN’T.  What do we wish to leave to our children and grandchildren?  The world we grew up in or the world we are envisioning?  The book is not yet out and I have already been psychically attacked by someone I had thought was a ‘new’ friend.  I was told that I am ” no Joel Osteen.”  No, I am certainly not!  For one thing, I am not a man.  Not in this lifetime.  I am sharing this to remind you of what I just said earlier – you are not responsible if your love is not received or recognized.  Just as a child comes into this world and offers her/his love to a parent – if it is not received, as some people are unable to receive or unwilling to receive – you did what you came to do!

If you are fearful that you might have to let go of what has been holding you back, you may find yourself tempted to ‘hold on’ even tighter.  If you find yourself asking: Is this my purpose?  Then, it probably isn’t.  Similarly, if you are asking yourself: Is this the one?  Chances are good it isn’t.  You KNOW your core truth.  You just need to admit it to yourself.  Your truth gives you power & joy.  Never attempt to be ANYONE but who you are.  Not only does this not work, but, it is terribly painful.

The great spiritual teachers tell us that we are all ONE.  This is true.  It is why spiritual healing works.  However, in our individual expression we are all unique.  Each of us is an unique expression of the Divine.  When we ‘awaken’ to this Truth, we begin to act divinely.  So, what is YOUR uniqueness?  You are part of a global puzzle.  The actual path you take may not be unique; however, the way YOU do it IS!  Your purpose itself may not be global.  Nevertheless, as you touch your own corner you change the world.

One of my spiritual teachers, Grace, taught our class (15 years ago now) to ask these questions.  What is my motivation? Why am I doing what I am doing?  Because, we all have choice.  She asked us to ask ourselves.  “What is great about me?”  This is not ego she said, because, we are ALL great.  “God created us great.”  Grace asked us to OWN the energy of greatness & let it be the answer to everything.  When she asked us how we were on any given day she recommended that we say: “I am great.”  This says how we are and who we are & it also helps us to step into our ‘new’ role on our Ascension path.  If there are days that this feels untruthful then Grace has a suggestion for us.  “I am great & at the moment I am feeling a little tired.”  (It is ok to say how you FEEL, but, you are NOT your emotions so do not affirm it (I am) as a permanent state.)  For example, a friend asks you, “How is work?”  You might reply: “Work is great & I may be feeling a little overwhelmed at present.”    Affirm your birthright.  Affirm your greatness.  It is attractive.  Wear it.  Posture can be key.  Grace says that when we are in our greatness, we are in our present & therefore our power (power to, not power over).

Right now, today, OWN your greatness & step into your power.  Move beyond fear & pain into JOY.

Purpose ALWAYS involves what you love.  Slow down, quiet your mind, meditate and spend some time in solitude in nature.  Silence is golden.  Listen to your guides and angels.  If you are facing some roadblocks, remind yourself of how many obstacles and difficulties that you have already overcome in your life.  Honour your achievements.  Remember past victories where you triumphed and empowered yourself.  If you did it before you can do it again.  If one of us has done it, we can all do it – because we are all ONE.  Do it your own way.  Get help if you need it.  Some people try to do it all alone and then get lost and wander off the path. Remember this truth.  The universe will support your purpose but NOT an identity.  Let go of what no longer serves you or your purpose in love and light.  Become aware of what you do not love because your purpose always involves what you do love.  Become a living expression of joy on earth because joy is who you are.  You may not always FEEL this way – but – it is who you are and is a universal purpose.  As all of us realize, we are aspects of consciousness becoming conscious of itself.  Our individual purpose is the path we choose regarding how we express and deliver our love and our increasing consciousness.  We are a reflection of our Creator.

There is no hurry on our journey.  We will all get there.  Some will do it this lifetime and others will choose to return.  The journey is a timeless one even though here on earth we have chosen to believe in the illusion of time.  The universe is here to support us as we evolve and become more conscious and the universe is not invested in how long we take to do it.  If not this lifetime, then another.  Everything we need is here to be dis-covered.  Within & without.  We create that which we focus upon and the universe delivers it to us without question in order that we may learn, grow and evolve from our own thoughts, desires, experiences, emotions and actions.  Source has given us the freedom to choose.  “Sufficient to have stood, though free to fall.”  Source waits, as a patient parent does, as we holy children stumble, fall, pick ourselves up, fall again and learn to stand on our own two feet.  We learn to call out for help when necessary – and it is always given.  We only need to ask and then be willing to receive in what seems unusual and unexpected ways.  Faith and trust are our steady companions.

We are all experiencing large shifts now if we are choosing to receive the light  & we are releasing even more now using the energy of the eclipses this month.  It is a great time to let go and move forward.  We are being called to our purpose.  But, we ARE our purpose, so relax into it.  It is not really something we ‘find’ it is something we ARE.  We may not all be here for a great mission, but, we are all great.  It is important that we all lead a meaningful life.  We are coming to a place where we want more meaning and more joy.  We want to become more of ourselves.  Our authentic self brings us joy.

Make your dream/s work for you.  As I have quoted before – “If God is your co-pilot, change seats.”  Be patient, willing, creative and committed and put your heart & soul into everything that you do, whatever it is.  This raises your vibration and attracts your Good.  Love what you are doing until you are making money doing what you love.

Angel Blessings,      Monica


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  1. Hayley October 9, 2014 at 2:02 pm Reply

    Thanks for this very compressive discussion of ‘following one’s bliss’. The section at the end where you point at that we are already ‘finding our way’ was particularly helpful! That thought really helps to round out your discussion and help us put it in perspective, I always look forward to your Thursday words of wisdom 🙂

  2. Christine October 9, 2014 at 7:27 pm Reply

    I look forward to Thursdays Blog as well ! 🙂
    This one was wonderful , they all are, but I found myself thinking yes yes all the time.
    I am also very much realizing how important it is that we install in children how wonderful and powerful they truly are. Maybe not “install” because I also believe they are born knowing that.But certainly encouraging that the truly grow up knowing that .Loving yourself is a must for us all. If we don’t love ourselves, we don’t care about or for ourselves , and that is when we don’t care about environment or any one else. It is a ME ME first society , but that is not Self Love. Thank you for another thought provoking Blog Monica .

  3. Gillian October 9, 2014 at 11:26 pm Reply

    Who’s Joel Osteen? Perhaps I’ll Google him. Congratulations on the superb interview with Bill Welychka last Thursday. You’re getting your message Out There and I know that kids and concious parents will find you.

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