We all have periods of our lives where we live with  a deep sense of uncertainty.  This often, although not always, occurs as part of a transformation when we are ‘broken open’.  This comes about in a myriad of ways but, for most of us, is definitely a part of the metamorphic process into our ‘new’ selves.  We emerge from  the cocoon and look around with our new eyes and see a different world.  Of course, the world has not necessarily changed; however, WE certainly have and that may be the only thing we are now certain of.

Yet, as 2014 quickly approaches, it does seem, to many of us, that the world around us is rapidly changing as well.  Old systems and paradigms are breaking down everywhere and so the sense of the earth moving beneath our feet is happening on both a personal and global level as we question everything we used to think we knew to be true.

Living with uncertainty is a spiritual challenge.  An inner pilgrimage into the deepest recesses of our Self.  A sacred adventure and an eventual acceptance and appreciation of the divine mystery.  And this journey can take place without ever leaving our own back yard, even though travel to distant lands can also lead to astonishing revelations.

It is often during this period of intense uncertainty that our long suppressed ‘homing device’ is activated and we re-discover our sixth sense.  We learn, again, to trust our ‘vibes.’  We notice so-called coincidences.  There are no coincidences.  Someone once said that, “a coincidence is what happens when God chooses to remain anonymous.”  I agree.  There are always signs on our path.  Sometimes, we need to quiet our mind ( as in meditation) or go on a retreat in order to hear something new growing inside us that is being drowned out by what the yogis call “our monkey minds”: incessant internal chatter.  Our uncertainty becomes a positive experience as it leads us, over a period of time, toward our new life.  It requires us to slow down both our internal and our external pace to enter that zone where time stands still.  In silence we learn to wait, listen, let go and let be.  Dr. Davis, author of  MONASTERY WITHOUT WALLS, says, ” if you can sit with that chaos, breathe and let it go more and more, you come to a very quiet peaceful place where you can deeply rest.”

It is wonderful, if you have the financial resources, to go on a retreat.  No radio, television, computers or cell phones to jangle the nerves and interfere with our own electromagnetic field.  Just blissful silence and Nature.  Susan Goldberg says, “starting with a slow, deep massage, followed by a long, hot soak, the therapist then wrapped me in a warm blanket and left me lying there as the sun set.  I felt like an infant being bathed and wrapped and laid in the crib.  It was EXACTLY what I needed.”  Ahhh….  my body is relaxing at the very thought of this!  Is yours?  Our body is the best barometer of our truth, so, we need to take excellent care of it.

However, many of us do not have the finances to go to a spa or retreat center.  Therefore, we set aside, every once in awhile, a day where we have a retreat at home.  We turn off all electronic appliances and gadgets and we let everyone know that we are ‘off duty.’  The ways to relax on our retreat are many and suit our individual natures; however, most of us include a long walk in nature, meditation, prayer, yoga, tai chi or qi gong, a lovely, long hot bath with sea salts for detoxing or natural oils, candles around the room, relaxing music and a good book.  If you have a friend who is a massage therapist, reiki practitioner or the like, you can ask them to come over for an hour or so and give you a session on your retreat day and you return the favour.  During one of my periods of greatest uncertainty I traded reiki sessions for shiatsu treatments.

Since change is the only constant, learning to live with uncertainty is a learned and necessary skill.  Like every other skill, it takes practice.  During this period of uncertainty it is wise to surround ourselves  with positive people and experiences until we are ‘strong’ enough to navigate through the negativity and darkness that is, seemingly inevitably, a part of our earth-life ‘reality’ .  We need to help ourselves – by communicating with warm, positive people who value themselves and also we need to establish or deepen our relationship with our own guardian angels and guides who love us unconditionally and want the best for us.

If you are not used to communicating with your guardian angels, begin by silently talking to them – that is communicating telepathically and be assured that they hear you.  In fact, they have been trying to get your attention.  Avoid speaking to them out loud unless you are alone or with other angel communicators – so that you do not need to worry that you might be admitted to a psychiatric facility.  Our guardian angels never leave our side, have been with us our entire lives and never leave us.  The angel messages are always positive, encouraging and loving even when they are guiding us away from danger – so there is no difficulty distinguishing them from the auditory and/or visual hallucinations of a disordered mind or the ego messages (fearful, hostile) of negative and dark incarnates or discarnates  (celestial angels have no ego – they are PURE love).

It is immensely easier to navigate your periods of deepest uncertainty and fear while also simultaneously and consciously communicating with your angels.  Let your earth angels (friends) and your celestial angels support you with their unconditional love.  Let them help.

With Love & Light,   Monica





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  1. Christine December 19, 2013 at 3:32 pm Reply

    Just what I needed to hear-read now, thank you .

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